AI Upgrades, The End of Full-Time Work, and Remote Jobs // Future Work 2023 Roundup

Let's embark on a journey through the best of what 2023 has to offer in the world of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration about the Future of Work.
Daan van Rossum
Daan van Rossum
Founder & CEO, FlexOS
I founded FlexOS because I believe in a happier future of work. I write and host "Future Work," I'm a 2024 LinkedIn Top Voice, and was featured in the NYT, HBR, Economist, CNBC, Insider, and FastCo.
December 28, 2023
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While I'm still on holiday, I'm sending you the top 10 articles I shared via this newsletter in 2023.

Let's get 2024 started with the wisdom from future of work experts on how we can work less, do more interesting work, and make more money.

1. Smart Leaders Create Their Own GPT Today (With 50+ Examples)​

OpenAI gave us a huge early Christmas gift with GPTs – personalized AIs that can let us work smarter, not harder. With GPTs, you can take any online task and let AI do it for you. Did you create yours yet?

Create your own AI

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2. Stanford Professor Nick Bloom: What the Media Gets Wrong about Hybrid and Remote Work

The number two article was my interview with Nick Bloom. He shares intriguing data showing how remote work is more popular than ever – no matter what you may read.

Stanford Professor Nick Bloom

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3. Zoom Return to Office and The Death of Remote Work

Another one on the overstated 'death of remote work.' Zoom called back their teams to the office for a VERY unusual reason. Readers shared this article fervently and discussed how companies like Zoom can get away with their RTO mandates. In the meantime, remote jobs are more popular than ever.

Zoom Return to Office and The Death of Remote Work

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4. Who Wants A Slice Of The $480 Billion Creator Economy Pie?

While we've been working our butts off, people are making millions with online content. But in the future, we may all become creators. So, let's get our slice of this $480 billion pie.

FlexOS Creator Economy

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5. Never again just one job. The rise of fractional work, gig economy jobs, and talent marketplaces.

One thing is for sure: few will have an old-school full-time job anymore. The advent of talent marketplaces and fractional talent is here to stay and will only grow further.

fractional work, gig economy jobs, and talent marketplaces.

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6. What Actually Happened with Sam Altman and OpenAI? (Long One)

Keeping track of the OpenAI / Sam Altman saga was hard, but I did. If you missed the juicy details, dig into this one.

Sam Altman and OpenAI

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7. ​After Offices: How Life and Work Will Change Forever

In the future, will we still have offices? Maaaaayyyybe, says author Dror Poleg, but they will definitely look different. He also shared the secret to thinking about productivity – and it's not what you think.

 ​After Offices: How Life and Work Will Change Forever​

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8. Employee Engagement Best Practices (ft. Christie Hoffman)

Why do people quit? Why do people disengage at work? Christie Hoffman shared it's all about the 'pyramid of employee needs.'

​Employee Engagement Best Practices

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9. Meeting Overload? Cut your week in half with this framework

It's not work that sucks, it's meetings. I dug into the data and found 4 key elements to deal with meetings better and free up time for real work.

Meeting Overload

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10. ChatGPT can now See, Hear, and Speak – How to Stay Ahead in the Age of AI?​

Another gift from Sam and the team at OpenAI: we can now speak to ChatGPT and use it to analyze images. How do we use these new capabilities to get ahead in the future of work?

ChatGPT can now See, Hear, and Speak

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We'll kick off 2024 together with an original new article. Have a great last few days of the year!

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