Christie Hoffman

Christie Hoffman

Workplace Experience Expert and Host Flip Flops & People Ops podcast.

Christie is a workplace experience expert and the host of the popular podcast, Flip Flops & People Ops. With a focus on a true people-first mentality, her high-energy webinars and workshops provide practical advice, downloadable templates and memorable metaphors that make it easy to understand why driving employee engagement isn’t as hard as you think. She challenges companies of all sizes and budgets to explore clever ways to find and fix the broken moments of their employee experience to increase productivity, decrease turnover and turn their company into a great place to work.

Christie is the host of the popular podcast, Flip Flops & People Ops. She offers practical advice, downloadable templates, and memorable metaphors to help fast-moving organizations understand the fundamentals of what it takes to drive engagement.

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Christie Hoffman

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