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Top 10 Free AI Websites to Work Smarter and Faster in 2024

Bookmark these AI websites to increase productivity in 2024. Best alternatives for ChatGPT to summarize, create content & images and make videos & podcasts.

Just ten years ago, AI was both futuristic and fantastical. People talked about how much it could change our lives, but we weren’t quite there yet. 

Then, on November 30th, 2022, ChatGPT was launched. Just under a year later, in October 2023, the site generated 1.7 billion visits. 

ChatGPT is undoubtedly cool. However, the launch of the AI tool signified something much bigger; The AI revolution had officially begun. 

While it may be the most popular, ChatGPT is now only one of many great AI websites, which can help you from image generation to article summaries, automatic transcription, and even podcast editing, with less effort and more efficiency.

However, with so many available tools, it might be hard to choose. As an AI fanatic, I researched and tested all of them, so you don’t have to.

In just a few minutes, you’ll have the answers to these questions and more. 

So, strap in as I explore the 10 best free AI websites to make your life and work easier in 2024. Here is the shortlist, updated on 12 February 2024:

  • Adobe Firefly - Best for creating stylized yet realistic AI art
  • Canva Image Generator - Best for creating digital marketing materials
  • Tome - Best for generating unique presentations
  • - Best for researching with information from credible sources
  • Consensus - Best for gathering current sources and understanding sentiment in your field
  • ChatPDF - Best for understanding and analyzing large documents
  • - Best for perfecting existing documents
  • - Best for copywriting and realizing digital marketing strategies
  • - Best for noise cancellation and AI-generated meeting notes
  • Descript - Best for podcast editing

AI websites for Image Generation and Editing 

Adobe Firefly - Best for Creating Stylized yet Realistic AI Art 

Free AI Tool for Image Generation and Editing Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly creates realistic and artistic images based on a prompt. Unlike other image-generation AI websites, it allows you to edit elements of the images and fill in the spaces you create.

If you’re familiar with photo editors, you’ll get the hang of Firefly quickly. The menus are simple, and the AI is intuitive. Rather than talking to a robot, I felt like Firefly and I were working together.  

In February 2024, Adobe also launched a Community Gallery, where you can find inspiration and instructions on how to create your own AI art. You can 'remix' AI art you see in the Community Gallery and make it your own, if you don't want to get started from scratch.

Adobe Firefly’s free plan provides you with 25 credits a month. A credit is used every time you submit a prompt, initially or during generative fill. Firefly will give you 4 image options for 1 credit.

Adobe Firefly Best Features: 

Generative Fill - Firefly is currently the only AI tool that provides this. This makes the site perfect for customizing concept art and background images. 

Filters and Lighting - Firefly provides filters to make your images more realistic. In particular, the lighting and motion blur filters give the impression of changing shutter speed and aperture.

Intelligent AI - So long as you work within the AI’s capabilities, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what Firefly generates. I asked for some very specific things and was rarely disappointed. 

Bonus: Adobe Firefly is now available as one of the Apple Vision Pro Apps for Work.

Adobe Firefly Limitations: 

Editing Individual Elements - There’s currently no way (when using the free AI website) to select individual elements and move them around or rotate them. Plus, you can’t upload original elements.

Prompt Effectiveness - You can’t stray too far from what the AI knows. Submitting prompts based on characters or elements from movies/TV shows won’t get you very far. 

At its most expensive, the paid version of Adobe Firefly costs $9.98 a month. This offers 250 credits a month. It also lets you link to your Photoshop and Express accounts and download images without a watermark.

You’ll likely burn through the 25 free credits quickly. If you create concept art or other media, the paid version is worth considering.

Click here to try Adobe Firefly for free.

Canva Image Generator - Best for Creating Digital Marketing Materials

Free AI Tool for Image Generation and Editing Canva

Canva’s AI-powered image generator is only one of the platform’s many features. Using Canva, you can create social media posts, posters, flyers, videos, or presentations. Then, you can add AI images as elements to this content. For many this is a great way to get started with AI in the Workplace.

The AI image generation is found in the ‘Elements’ tab on the editing page. The generator is underneath the original images that Canva provides.

Compared to other AI websites, the image generator is basic. But, coupled with the ability to upload images, Canva offers more than enough to bring your creations to life, making it one of our favorite AI Marketing Tools.

Canva Image Generator Best Features:

DALL·E and Imagen - Should Canva’s image generator not provide you with what you need, you can access the AI websites DALL·E and Imagen through the ‘Apps’ tab. However, you only get three credits for each of these generators!

Templates - Got content creator’s block? No problem. Canva has several templates you can work from. You simply need to add your AI-generated images into the predefined spaces.

Grab Text – Do you not have an editable version of an image, but you want to edit the text? Canva launched a new featured called Grab Text that lets you do just this!

Canva Image Generator Limitations:

Limited Image Type - Despite being under the ‘Elements’ tab, Canva’s image generator will only generate full images. It’s best for backgrounds, not decorative elements. 

Inability to Edit AI Offerings - Unlike Adobe Firefly, what Canva gives you is what you get. Unless you download the images separately, editing the AI’s offerings is impossible.

Canva Image Generator provides you with 50 credits, generating 4 images per prompt. Submitting a prompt costs 1 credit. The pro version, at $12.99 a month, gives you 500 monthly credits. You also get access to Canva’s library of pro templates and elements.

With the ability to create unlimited documents of up to 350 pages each on the free version, this is one of the few AI websites where the pro version isn’t necessary.

Click here to try Canva Image Generator for free.

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AI Websites for Creating Presentations

Tome - Best for Generating Unique Presentations

Free AI Tools for Creating Presentations Tome

According to the BBC, over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every single day. Don’t you think it’s time for a change? Tome uses both AI image generation and AI text generation to create stand-out presentations on any topic.

Tome has everything you would expect from a presentation editor. Each AI-generated slide has four options to choose from. You can edit the text and media, regenerate info and images, change the slide layout, and add tables, charts, and shapes.

Tome’s basic package includes 5 Tomes per person in your workspace, smart themes, video narration, and 500 AI credits, which do not renew. You may think this is generous among AI websites. But, I created a 7-slide presentation and used just under half my total credits.

Tome Best Features:

Templates - If you don’t want to create a presentation from scratch, you can select one of their templates. These are organized by aim and are very aesthetically pleasing. 

Workspaces - When you first log into Tome, you’ll be prompted to create a URL for your workspace. Your team can work on Tomes together and view finished presentations. 

Analytics – In December 2023, Tome launched detailed engagement analytics, which lets you see where people stop viewing your presentation, where they linger, and where they click through too quickly to get your key points. This is huge for constantly optimizing your presentation and making it more effective.

Tome Limitations:

Basic Generation - Tome is great if you want a foundation, but what it provides is quite basic. You’ll need to edit the media and text it generates if you want your presentation to be top-notch.

Complex Interface - Any AI website that provides you with as much creative control as Tome will take a while to get the hang of. Spend some time exploring features to avoid problems.

The pro version, billed annually at $192, offers unlimited tomes and credits, custom fonts, removal of Tome branding, and the ability to export to PDF. If you create several presentations a month, I think this is one of the AI websites worth their subscription cost.

Click here to try Tome for free.

AI Websites for Research and Academic Writing - Best for Researching with Information from Credible Sources

Free AI Tools for Creating Presentations

One of the biggest limitations of other generative AI websites is their inability to cite their sources. solves this problem. 

Simply ask a question based on your specialism or topic of research. Perplexity will answer it with in-text citations and a list of sources. When clicked, these take you straight to the website referenced.

However, I found that Perplexity is at its best when researching scientific/mathematical topics. Factual errors are rare, but Perplexity still makes mistakes like other AI websites.

The 'biggest threat to Google yet' raised over 70 million dollars in January 2024 to get even better at helping you research using AI. Best Features:

Focus - Perplexity can cite sources from across the web. Or, it can limit sources to academic papers or social media like YouTube and Reddit.

Document Upload - After uploading a document to, you can ask questions about it. This is great if you need tricky concepts explained or want to find similar sources. 

Integration in Arc – Perplexity can now be set as the default browser in Arc, a new browser which is quickly growing as the best alternative to Chrome. Limitations: 

Secondary Sources - Often, Perplexity will only cite the source from which it retrieved information. Make sure you follow the references to their original sources.

No Innovative Output - Perplexity doesn’t respond well to commands like other AI websites can. I asked it to structure a paragraph differently, but it continued to generate information in the same layout.’s free version is limited to 5 daily questions with 100-word answers. Perplexity’s free version will give you a good starting point for your research as long as you phrase your questions well. 

For $20 a month, you can upload unlimited files and ask up to 300 questions daily. The paid plan also allows integration with GPT4. This is worth considering if you consistently run out of free questions. 

Click here to try for free.

Consensus - Best for Gathering Current Sources and Understanding Sentiment in Your Field

Free AI Tools for Creating Presentations Consensus

In 2021, the Journal of Marketing found that “Articles with more abstract, technical, and passive writing are harder for readers to understand and are less likely to be cited.”

Well, Consensus measures conclusions in recent studies and articles to answer your inquiries and help you find credible academic sources. For example, I found the above quote with the help of Consensus!

You can only ask certain types of questions, but Consensus’s home page is filled with advice on getting the best results. If you get stuck, the site has a comprehensive help section. Just click the ‘?’ in the upper right corner.

Consensus then provides you with a summary of its findings, a consensus meter, which answers your question (so long as it’s a yes or no question), and a list of all the sources it used to formulate that answer.

Consensus Best Features:

Lists by Quality - Consensus measures an article’s currency, how many times it’s been cited, where it was published, and its relevancy to your question to rank it. 

Study Snapshots - Individual articles and studies have ‘Study Snapshots’. This includes who was tested, the sample size, and the methods used. You can filter results by these categories, too. 

Copilot – This month, Consensus launched a Copilot, which helps you do research, create content, and give you answers in any format (including 'explain it to me as if I were 5'.)

Consensus Limitations:

Limited Findings - Sometimes, Consensus won’t be able to find enough information on a topic to give you a definite answer from academics in your field.

Specialism Limitations - Like other AI websites, specific questions about widely studied topics work best. Specificity will likely hinder you if you’re studying a slightly obscure topic. 

Consensus is simple but very good at what it does compared to other AI websites. If you’re writing a paper or an article with an educational tone, it provides an excellent basis for further research and a possible thesis/conclusion. 

You’ll receive 20 credits a month on Consensus’s free version. Asking questions and viewing study snapshots each cost 1 credit. The premium version, at $6.99 a month, offers unlimited answers and Study Snapshots. But, with the amount of sources provided, you should be able to get by with the free version.

Click here to try Consensus for free.

ChatPDF - Best for Understanding and Analyzing Large Documents 

Free AI Tools for Creating Presentations ChatPDF

Have you ever received a PDF and opened it to find 100 pages of text? ChatPDF makes it far easier to understand the information in your document. This AI website allows you to conduct a Q&A about your PDF.

Upload your PDF, and Chat will provide you with a small summary and some example questions. ChatPDF works best for PDFs on topics you’re researching. But, it’s also great for checking your work.  

Unlike other AI websites, you don’t need to create a log-in for ChatPDF unless you want to save your chat history. The free version includes 2 PDF uploads (of no more than 120 pages) per day and up to 50 questions. It also cites its sources! 

ChatPDF Best Features: 

Dual-Screen UX - ChatPDF’s layout is very easy to navigate. You’ll be shown your PDF on the left and the chat box on the right. You can highlight text in the PDF and ask chat to explain, summarize, and rewrite it.  

Generative Chat - ChatPDF managed several generative exercises. It created a thesis statement and essay conclusion based on my PDF.

ChatPDF Limitations:

Specificity - If you’re searching for mentions of niche concepts within a PDF, you need to use exact wording.

Customer Assistance - Although ChatPDF is simple to use, the only on-page help it provides new users is a small FAQ section. This prompts you to email

ChatPDF’s premium version, available for $19.99 per month or $139.99 annually, gives you unlimited PDF uploads of up to 2000 pages and unlimited questions. This is worth it if you and your team deal with many PDFs.

Click here to try ChatPDF for free.

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AI Websites for Content Creation and Copywriting - Best for Perfecting Existing Documents 

Free AI Tools for Content Creation and Copywriting offers autocomplete to add one or multiple sentences to the end of your text. “Paraphrase” will give you a rewritten version of a section of your text, and “Summarize” will provide a concise overview of part or all of your text.

Penelope also has a text generator. When I tried it, it generated 5000 words from a simple prompt. While this is great for volume, the text this AI website generates will likely need heavy editing. Not to mention, this costs a significant amount of the 30 free credits. 

When you first enter, you’re greeted with a short tutorial of its features. Despite this, it’s one of the most accessible AI websites to get the hang of. Best Features:

Tone of Voice -  Penelope’s paraphrasing tool allows you to select 5 tones of voice options: friendly, academic, persuasive, native-like, or literature. The output is always suitably stylized. 

Link Summarizer - Penelope has a link summarizer as well as text summaries. Simply copy and paste a link. You’ll get a summary of what’s included on that page. Limitations:

Relatively Limited Usability - You must copy and paste the text you want to edit into the right-side editor, then copy and paste the output back into your text. 

Unclear Credit Cost - I used all four tools to edit a pre-written text, and my credits didn’t decrease. This is why Penelope is great for editing text but not for generating full articles.’s upgraded version costs $8 a month or $84 annually. In this plan, you can access everything with unlimited credits for text generation. However, due to its unrefined nature, I’d suggest using the free version to edit text. 

Click here to try for free. - Best for Copywriting and Realizing Digital Marketing Strategies 

Free AI Tools for Content Creation and Copywriting

According to Coherent Market Insights, the global copywriting industry is worth $25.29 billion as of November 2023. This is only expected to grow, with the industry's estimated value in 2030 at $42.22 billion. is a valuable resource in this rapidly expanding industry. 

Much like other generative AI websites, you input a prompt, and writes your copy. It’s great for blog posts, social media ads, captions, and email and text marketing. However, it doesn’t forgo the fun things - it wrote a wonderful poem for me. would be great for teams of writers. But, the free version only includes 1 seat in your workspace, making collaboration a little difficult. Best Features:

Brand Voice Analysis - By feeding it examples of previously written copy, provides an in-depth analysis of your brand’s voice. This is used when generating copy and helps you create tone-consistent content materials for your brand. 

Infobase - If your copy includes a lot of niche terms or jargon, simply add them to the Infobase. By hashtagging the term in your prompt, will generate copy accordingly. 

Workflow Generator -’s workflow generator is perfect if, for example, you want to categorize your content, measure review sentiment, or nurture leads. Limitations:

Specific References - cites its sources and includes generic links when prompted. However, it won’t include specific stats or expert quotes from around the web. 

Customer Assistance - Thankfully, is very easy to get the hang of. However, there’s no way to access the customer support page from the editor.

In the pro plan, which costs $36 a month or $432 annually, you get 5 workspace seats for your team, unlimited text generation, and 500 workflow credits.

If your team creates copy daily, this is worth it, especially since the 2000 free words don’t last long. However, $36 monthly might be a little expensive if you're a freelancer. 

Click here to try for free.

AI Websites for Transcription and Audio Editing - Best for Noise Cancellation and AI-Generated Meeting Notes

Free AI Tools for Transcription and Audio Editing

According to Buffer's 2023 survey of remote workers, three-quarters of those who work from home spend 1-10 hours a week in meetings. is a polished example of AI websites that makes these meetings much easier. 

The AI meeting assistant works seamlessly on virtual meeting platforms like Teams, Zoom, Skype, Discord, Webex, and even Slack. As well as reducing echo and background noise, Krisp transcribes meetings and generates comprehensive notes. 

Krisp’s free version provides 60 minutes of noise cancellation, and 2 AI-generated meeting notes daily. It also has unlimited transcriptions. 

Aside from everyday meetings, Krisp is perfect for professors who want to transcribe their lectures, journalists who need to transcribe interviews, and podcasters who need absolutely silence Best Features:

Add Vocabulary - There were some terms Krisp didn’t pick up on from my meeting. I was prompted to add these to my vocabulary, meaning Krisp will correctly identify them in the future. 

Action Points - Underneath the clear and well-written AI-generated meeting notes, you can add action points and assign them to a team member. Limitations:

Download Process - Downloading Krisp and linking it to my Zoom was a little clunky. However, you’ll only have to do this setup once. 

Third-Party Noise Cancellation - While the noise cancellation works well, it only applies to your microphone. To reduce noise on your colleagues’ ends, they’ll need Krisp, too.

Editing and Sharing Transcriptions - The transcriptions cannot be edited. If they’re inaccurate, you’ll need to edit them elsewhere. There’s also no way to download the transcription as a PDF or SRT file.’s pro version, billed annually at $96, offers unlimited noise cancellation and meeting notes. However, this is charged per team member. 

The pro version is worth it if your team consistently leads important meetings. Otherwise, among AI websites, the free version is refreshingly comprehensive. 

Click here to try for free.

Descript - Best for Podcast Editing

Free AI Tools for Transcription and Audio Editing Descript

Descript is an all-in-one podcast and audio editor. With Descript, you can remove background noise, remove filler words, and add captions to your podcast video.

Generative AI comes into Descript with its transcription. You can then use the other features from the ‘script editor.’ I found that Descript’s transcription AI was slightly more accurate than Krisp’s.

The free version includes one watermark-free export, 60 minutes of transcription a month, and up to 720p video quality when exporting. Bear in mind that transcription rounds up. So, if you’re editing eleven 4.5-minute videos, you’ll have used your quota.

Descript Best Features:

Remove Filler Words - Through the ‘script editor,’ you can delete filler words highlighted in blue. Theoretically, you can also remove entire sentences. 

Regenerate - To smooth out the remaining audio, Descript offers a beta feature called Regenerate. This was impressive and worked well when I tried it. 

Adding Captions - Forget downloading transcripts and creating SRT files. Descript will add the transcript directly to your video as captions. You can then edit their placement, size, and color. 

Descript Limitations:

Relatively Complex Interface - While the editor’s usability is great once you’ve got the hang of it, this takes a while. It can be overwhelming unless you spend a few hours reviewing the tutorial.

Limited Free Version - Descript’s free version seems to be offered more as a way for users to try out the platform than to provide them with long-term assistance.

You'll need the pro version if you’re editing more than one 60-minute podcast every month. This is billed annually at $288. 

For example, at FlexOS, our team edits the Future Work podcast twice a month. But, with bite-sized 15-minute episodes, the free version of Descript would work perfectly for us.

Click here to try Descript for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions about AI Websites

What is generative AI? 

Generative AI websites are computer systems that have been trained on existing data. Using what they ‘know,’ they can generate similar content, such as text or images.

How can AI make my life and work easier? 

There are so many AI websites out there. They can automate routine and repetitive tasks, freeing up more time for you to focus on creative, interpersonal, and higher-level responsibilities. 

Furthermore, some AI-powered tools can help you streamline workflows and enhance decision-making with data-driven recommendations.

With the ability to continuously learn and improve, AI can increase efficiency, lower costs, and augment human capabilities across every industry and role.

If you want to explore ways to leverage the advancement of AI, check out our guide on how to use AI in 2024.

Should I use AI? 

As shown in our latest report, more and more people use generative AI at work, especially among GenZ and millennials. And ‍81% say the technology has improved their productivity, including 43% who say it significantly improved it.

AI websites like those I suggested on the list can quickly analyze data, summarize documents, write drafts, answer your questions, and even more. 

You can use these AI tools almost daily to save considerable time and be more efficient at work. (And it’s also great for learning new concepts or just having fun with the innovations!)

However, ethical questions remain about when using AI websites is appropriate. 

So, my advice is to use them mindfully and ensure that you review and refine their outputs. And avoid sharing confidential information to protect sensitive data of you and your company.

Need more AI tools to make your work and life 10x easier? Check out our Top AI Websites, How to Use AI, Free AI Tools, AI Productivity Tools, AI Recruiting, AI Accounting, and AI Marketing Tools. Want to learn more about AI? Check out our guide to AI in the Workplace, AI in Management, AI in HR, Women and AI.

Wrapping it Up

And there you have it: 10 free AI websites to make your work and life easier in 2024.

You may need to spend a little time getting the hang of these AI tools and exploring all of their features. But in the end, this is worth it. They’ll save you huge amounts of time in the future. 

Many of these AI websites are designed with remote teams in mind, so share them with your colleagues and find your favorites.

Have you tried any of the AI websites listed above? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts and tips for getting the most out of them!

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