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A Revolutionary AI + Productivity Course for Founders, Executives, and Leaders
– with LIVE coaching and free AI tools. Kicking off on the 2nd September.

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Leaders, Become the AI Expert in Your Organization.

Feeling behind on AI? Join our course and community and master AI in just two weeks.

Three live sessions, daily self-study, and community of 80 global business leaders to  understand build your own team of AI tools and ChatGPT agents.

Take tangible steps to transforming your work and life, and learn how to train your organization to do the same.

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Your Instructor

Meet Daan, an AI-Powered CEO.

Featured by CNBC, Business Insider, and Forbes as an AI expert, Daan van Rossum, a LinkedIn Top Voice 2024, is ready to transfer his expertise to you.

"In coaching executives on AI, I often sense embarrassment about their fluency. This isn't necessary.

AI isn't software: it's a new collaborator.

Together, we will help you understand AI and build your team of AI's that can boost efficiency by up to 50%."

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Your Instructor - Daan van Rossum

Master AI and transform your productivity.

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Two weeks of daily lessons and exercises.
Support throughout the entire course.
Certificate upon completion.
Full Course + Live Training + Community
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All features included in the Basic Package PLUS:
Access to 3 Live Training Sessions.
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Joining Lead with AI gives you access to:

Interactive Components

Live Instruction + Community

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Three LIVE Zoom Coaching Sessions (Online)
Engage three LIVE sessions on Zoom in which you'll get training, can ask questions, and get to connect with peers.

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Community Support
Share insights, challenges, and triumphs in our dedicated online community. Let other executives help you.

Daily Lessons

Daily Self-Study

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AI-Powered Efficiency Tools
Discover how AI can reshape your workday, from meeting management to task prioritization with ChatGPT.

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Innovative Strategies
Learn to obliterate unnecessary meetings, optimize timeboxing, and harness AI for superior productivity.

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Practical Workbooks
Track your progress and apply lessons in real-time.

Post-Course Success Kit

Lifetime Access to Materials

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Extended Access
Revisit course materials and session recordings anytime for continuous improvement.

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Comprehensive E-Book
A treasure trove of AI wisdom, and your reference guide as a new AI expert.

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Ongoing Support
Stay connected with a 12-month online peer group of 80+ global leaders from companies like Apple, L'Oreal, Amazon, and Toyota.

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Future Cohorts + Sessions
Join future cohorts for free or with a discount, and get priority access to expert webinars.

FlexOS - What's Your AI Team?

New Build Your AI Team

As a leader, you've assembled a fantastic human team. But in 2024 and beyond, it's all about complementing this with a strong AI team.

From AI tools to GPTs (ChatGPT Agents), let AI take over your most repetitive workflows so you can focus on what matters.

During our two weeks together, we'll build at least 11 AI Employees, tailored to your work and business.

Executives are raving about the course.

“My team and I are wild about it. Absolute, absolute, game changers. I’m so thankful for what you did for us.”


“I’ve been using AI for quite some time, but clearly not using it in the best way possible. My GPT agent is helping me with a lot of very, very repetitive tasks.”

Founder, HR Services Firm

“I started this course because I have to keep up with my team, and it was very empowering.”

CEO, Fintech

“Your passion around this has really passed on to the rest of us.”

CEO, Workplace Advisory Business

“It’s made me supercharged for the output of what I can produce.”

Director, HR Tech Unicorn

“I am leading the AI strategy at my firm, so this has been fantastic.”

Principal, Venture Capital Firm

“I’ve loved this course and the interaction in the community. It’s great learning what everyone is struggling with and the tools they’ve explored.”

Founder, HR Tech Startup

Full Program. Course Kicks off on the 15th JULY.

Week 1

LIVE AI for Executives 101

• Session 1 (APAC & Europe)

Session 2 (US & Europe)

Day 1 (Email + WhatsApp): Set Key Goals and AI Action Plans

Set your why, define success for the course, set clear, actionable objectives, and let AI create action plans to achieve them. [Tools: Small Steps, ClickUp Brain, Taskade]

Day 2 (Email + WhatsApp): Become A SuperPrompter

Get 10x more out of AI by becoming a SuperPrompter [Tools: SuperPrompt Template, SuperPrompt Generator]

Day 3 (Email + WhatsApp): Think With AI

Start your first strategic conversation and integrate AI as a strategic decision-making partner with ChatGPT voice [Tools: ChatGPT Plus + Mobile App]

Day 4 (Email + WhatsApp): Meet Your New Executive Assistant
Use AI to dynamically create blocks of deep work (focus) time to increase productivity + effectiveness significantly [Tools: Reclaim, Motion, Clockwise, Forest]

Day 5 (Email + WhatsApp): Create Better and Faster (Part 1)
No more blank page syndrome. Let AI create first drafts of emails, research documents, and presentations. [Tools: Perplexity, You, Consensus, Copilot, Grammarly,, Hubspot, Gamma, Beautiful.AI, Tome]

LIVE WEEK 1 Recap & Training AI Team Members

• Session 1 (APAC & Europe)

• Session 2 (US & Europe)

Week 2

Day 6 (Email + WhatsApp): Train Your AI Agents
Understand and create fully custom "AI Team Members" with GPTs to automate your most common workflows. [Tool: ChatGPT GPTs]

Day 7 (Email + WhatsApp): Stop the Messaging Madness
Eliminate one of two of our biggest time hogs by batching messages and using AI summaries to know what deserves your attention [Tools: Slack AI, Copilot, Clean.Email, Concisely.AI, PUM GPT.]

Day 8 (Email + WhatsApp): Let AI Take Your Meetings
Another major time waster is meetings. Let AI attend meetings for you and streamline others. [Tools: Otter, Fireflies, Zoom AI, Copilot]

Day 9 (Email + WhatsApp): Create Better and Faster (Part 2)
Let AI create Documents and Images. [Tools: Writesonic, Lex, Jasper, Grammarly, Firefly, Midjourney, Looka]

Day 10 (Email + WhatsApp): Continue Improving with AI Time Audits
Get weekly AI reports to audit your time to improve and continuously align activities with goals. [Tools: Toggle, Reclaim, Time Doctor, Clockwise, Activtrak.]

LIVE WEEK 2 Recap, Change Management & Graduation

• Session 1 (APAC & Europe)

• Session 2 (US & Europe)

One-Time Investment

One-Time Investment

A single payment grants you lifetime access – no hidden fees or recurring charges.

Guaranteed Results


These proven methods aren't just theoretical; they work in practice. If you don't master AI, we'll refund you FULLY, ZERO questions asked.


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Become the AI Expert You Know You Can Be

This isn't just a course; it's a transformation.

Starting from the basics, you'll gain expert-level expertise of where and how to use AI.

Use these insights and practical applications to lead your team into the age of AI.

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When does the course take place?

The course kicks off in 2nd September.

You can do this course fully on your own schedule, and additionally tap into live support and coaching sessions.

If you can't join a live session, you'll have access to the recording!

Attending live session IS NOT necessary to get the full benefits of the course.

Will it fit my schedule?

Yes, the course will fit your schedule due its self-serve approach.

You can follow along daily with the group, or batch exercises to one day per week.

The coaching calls are done at times that avoid overlap with your work calendar.

Can I expense the course fees?

Definitely, you can and should submit this to your company as an L&D expense. We can send you an invoice for tax purposes.

Do I have to pay additional fees for AI tools?

No, you will not need any premium tools. All tools recommended in the program are free. We do recommend you upgrade to the paid version of ChatGPT to take full advantage.