Lead with AI – Cohort 2

A Revolutionary AI + Productivity Course for Founders, Executives, and Leaders
– with LIVE coaching and free AI tools. Kicking off on May 13.

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Leaders and Executives, Meet AI. Increase Your Productivity by 50%.

For founders and executives who finds the day ending with tasks still unchecked.

Three live sessions and daily self-study for two weeks to finally understand AI and build your own team of AI tools and ChatGPT agents.

Your chance to transition from overworked to hyper-efficient, by copying my proven playbook.

FlexOS - The 4-day Workweek Transformation

Your Instructor: Daan, an AI-Powered CEO.

It was early 2023, just one year ago.

A meaningful family trip made me realize that after 25 years of working full-time, I had built my life around my work. Instead of the other way around.

I rejected this idea. And I found a powerful ally in AI.

You're used to managing people, but you don't have a team of AI's yet. I'm here to change that and boost your efficiency by up to 50%.

With 3 live sessions with me and 10 daily exercises for two weeks, we'll transform your life like I did mine. (And if not, money back, no questions asked.)

Executives are raving about the course.

“My team and I are wild about it. Absolute, absolute, absolute game changers. I’m so thankful for what you did for us” –  CEO, D2C

“This is the push that I needed.” – CEO, FinTech 

“This course has opened my eyes to all the possibilities and got me more excited about trying out new tools into my workflow.” – CEO, Media & Publishing

“To have someone that I know and trust who has done all this homework was so great.” – Founder, Design Services Agency.

“Your passion around this has really passed on to the rest of us.” – CEO, Workplace Advisory Business

Full Program. Course Kicks off 13 May.

Week 1

Day 1AI for Executives 101 (LIVE)
Kickoff, Networking, and Course Introduction.

Understand the Fundamentals: AI, LLMs, ML, GPT, RAG, and XAI will no longer be merely spooky acronyms to you.

Day 2 (Email): Set Key Goals
Define success for the course, set clear, actionable objectives, and create action plans to achieve them. [Small Steps, Taskade]

Day 3: AI as a Thinking Partner & SuperPrompting
Integrate AI as a strategic decision-making partner by becoming a SuperPrompter [SuperPrompt Template, SuperPrompt Generator]

Day 4: Create Deep Work Blocks
Use AI to dynamically create blocks of deep work (focus) time to increase productivity + effectiveness significantly [Reclaim, Forest]

Day 5: Let AI Prioritize Your Work
Prioritize What to Do (And Remove the Rest) with AI Eisenhower [Eisenhower GPT]

Day 6: Create Better and Faster (Part 1)
No more blank page syndrome. Let AI create first drafts of emails and research documents. [Perplexity, You, Consensus, Copilot, Grammarly,, Hubspot]

Week 2

Day 7 • Training AI Team Members (LIVE)
Reflections & Learnings about Goals, SuperPrompts, Deep Work, Prioritization, Researching and Emailing with AI + Kickoff: Training Your AI "Agents"

Day 7: Train Your AI Agents
Understand and create fully custom "AI Team Members" with GPTs to automate your most common workflows. [ChatGPT GPTs]

Day 8: Stop the Messaging Madness
Eliminate one of two of our biggest time hogs by batching messages and using AI summaries to know what deserves your attention [Slack AI, Co-Pilot, Clean.Email, Concisely.AI, PUM GPT.]

Day 9: Let AI Take Your Meetings
Another major time waster is meetings. Let AI attend meetings for you and streamline others. [Otter, Fireflies, Zoom AI, Co-Pilot]

Day 10: Create Better and Faster (Part 2)
Let AI create Documents and Images. [Writesonic, Lex, Jasper, Grammarly, Firefly, Midjourney, Looka]

Day 11: Continue Improving with AI Time Audits
Get weekly AI reports to audit your time to improve and continuously align activities with goals. [Reclaim, Time Doctor, Clockwise, Activtrak.]

Day 11 • Graduation (LIVE)
Reflections and Learnings about Creating Agents, Messaging, Meetings, Creating, and Time Auditing. + Graduation.

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Invest twelve hours to Build Your AI Team and boost your productivity:

Daily Lessons

Daily Lessons

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AI-Powered Efficiency Tools
Discover how AI can reshape your workday, from meeting management to task prioritization with ChatGPT.

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Innovative Strategies
Learn to obliterate unnecessary meetings, optimize timeboxing, and harness AI for superior productivity.

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Practical Workbooks
Track your progress and apply lessons in real-time.

Interactive Components

Live Coaching + Community

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Three LIVE Zoom Coaching Sessions (Online)
Engage in interactive sessions before, during, and after the course with three LIVE coaching sessions on Zoom.

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Community Support
Share insights, challenges, and triumphs in our dedicated online community. Let other executives help you.

Post-Course Success Kit

Success Kit

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Extended Access
Revisit course materials anytime for continuous improvement.

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AI Tool Subscriptions
Access to essential AI productivity tools.

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Expert Webinars
Exclusive sessions offering deeper dives into advanced AI applications.

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Comprehensive E-Book
A treasure trove of AI productivity wisdom.

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Ongoing Support
Stay connected with a 12-month online support group and receive discounts on future courses.

One-Time Investment

One-Time Investment

A single payment grants you lifetime access – no hidden fees or recurring charges.

Guaranteed Results


These proven methods aren't just theoretical; they work in practice. If you don't save 20% of your workweek, we'll refund you FULLY, ZERO questions asked.


Only 25 Slots Available

Limited enrollment ensures personalized attention. Act fast to secure your spot – only 25 people will join this one-time opportunity!

Commit to Change

This isn't just a course; it's a transformation.

Prepare to reinvent your workweek, master your schedule, and unlock the elusive balance between professional achievement and personal fulfillment while letting AI do the work.

Secure your spot today for "Lead with AI" and step into a future of work where you and AI divvy up the load.

* One-time fee with results guaranteed or your money back!
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When does the course take place?

The course kicks off on May 13.

You can do this course fully on your own schedule, and additionally tap into live support and coaching sessions.

If you can't join a live session, you'll have access to the recording!

Attending live session IS NOT necessary to get the full benefits of the course.

Will it fit my schedule?

Yes, the course will fit your schedule due its self-serve approach.

You can follow along daily with the group, or batch exercises to one day per week.

The coaching calls are done at 8PM EST / 9AM SG to avoid overlap with your work calendar.

Can I expense the course fees?

Definitely, you can and should submit this to your company as an L&D expense.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, we can send you an invoice for tax purposes.

Sign up today before slots run out. If you don't get value from the course, you get your money back, no questions asked.