HR Software Platforms To Consider in 2024

Modern companies run on the best HR software. These are the only platforms you need for HR administration, benefits, recruiting, and more. Plus: AI!
Grace Nguyen
Grace Nguyen
Senior People Operations, FlexOS
Leveraging five years in HR and a keen eye for innovation, I help people-centric leaders choose HR tech that boosts employee experience and aligns with organizational goals.
February 6, 2024
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You have people.

Those people deserve to get paid on time. They deserve time off. They deserve benefits. And much more.

We used to do all that with spreadsheets and outdated, slow, software.

Not anymore.

A new generation of HR software is here, many natively built for the realities of today: hybrid work and remote work, fractional talent, and AI in the workplace.

So, what is HR software? In shorts, it's the systems that help you run your entire organization and check off all the HR boxes.

These platforms, often forming the cornerstone of your employee management software stack, will help you work smarter, not harder – key for a thriving Human Resources team (I know how hard you folks have it!)

Here are the platforms I'd consider as a People Operations Lead if I had to choose one today:



Below are more details about the platforms I believe you should know about:

Best HR Software: HRIS

The first category of HR Software that I'll review here is HRIS Software.

While you may think of HRIS as a dusty back-office tool for employee data management, new entrants in the category like BambooHR, Rippling, and Deel have elevated things significantly.

The new-school HRIS is modern, sleek, data-driven, and supports teams regardless of their location. Some even actively support contractors, while others include deep integrations with finance and IT.

If you're not familiar with this category, make sure you check out:

#1 - BambooHR

Employee Management Software BamBooHR
BambooHR Streamline Employee Management Workflow

Best for: SMBs looking for a holistic HR solution that combines ease of use with a wide range of capabilities.

BambooHR helps simplify HR tasks, making it the go-to choice for small to medium-sized businesses. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive HR functionalities streamline many traditionally time-consuming HR processes.

This strong SaaS employment management software option uses an easy-to-follow outgrowth spreadsheet that can be exported as needed. All the info you need is quickly accessible through a centralized dashboard, streamlining operations for your HR management or team lead.

Key features include a centralized employee database, time-off tracking, workflow automation, recruiting integrations.

Pricing: BamBoo HR doesn't provide pricing publicly.

Click here for our detailed review of BambooHR

#2 – Rippling

Rippling HRIS
Rippling HRIS

Best for: Scaling remote companies that want one system for HR, Finance, and IT.

Rippling, established in 2016 by Zenefits founder Parker Conrad, goes beyond the typical HRIS and integrates Finance and IT capabilities with core HR functionalities.

This approach, which the company calls "Rippling Unity," emphasizes automation, easing complex admin tasks and enhancing processes like employee onboarding and time tracking.

Key features include comprehensive payroll services, benefits administration, and extensive app integrations (e.g., Slack, Salesforce), and fostering a simplified operational flow.

Pricing: Is not publicly shared, but Forbes reports it at $8 per employee per month.

Rippling's approach and capabilities position it as a favored option for SMBs valuing integration and ease of use, despite potential cost considerations for very small organizations or startups.

Click here for our detailed review of Rippling

#3 – Gusto

Gusto HRIS
Gusto HRIS

Best for: Startups, Scaleups, and SMEs who need reliable payroll services.

Gusto offers a full suite of HRIS functions, including benefits administration and compliance. Known for its user-friendly interface and automation, Gusto simplifies payroll processes with features like automatic tax filing and employee self-service, catering especially to businesses without large HR departments.

Compared to competitors like Trinet HR and ADP, Gusto shines in affordability and its focus on payroll and benefits, making it more suitable for smaller companies.

Key features include payroll processing with tax filing, time tracking with geolocation, recruiting and onboarding, and performance management.

Pricing: is competitive, with plans starting at $40 plus $6 per employee monthly

Click here for our detailed review of Gusto

#4 - Deel

Deel HR

You may not have expected Deel in this overview, but the EOR provider has invested heavily in their tech and now offers a full-fledged HRIS. And, since it's Deel, it's designed for managing global and distributed teams.

This means the platform makes it easier to handle payroll, PIT taxes, compliance, and hiring across over 100 different countries. You can also manage contractors and employee onboarding, payroll, and benefits – regardless of their location.

Key features include easy global payroll and taxes to employees and contractors worldwide, a very modern interface, and intuitive dashboards.

Pricing: Deel offers a free Deel HR plan for businesses up to 200 employees.

Click here for our detailed review of Deel

5: Paylocity

Paylocity HRIS
Paylocity HRIS

Best for: U.S.-based companies looking for a no-nonsense HRIS + payroll solution.

Paylocity was founded 26 years ago, but has stayed with its time. The platform offers payroll, time & labor tracking, HR services, and features aligned to the employee lifecycle from onboarding to learning and development.

Its offerings are often considered fair and offer good value for money, working well for teams of different sizes. Compared to other traditional payroll-focused platforms like ADP, Paycom, and Paychex, Paylocity stands out for its focus on the employee experience, including a mobile app with social features.

Key features include strong payroll support, early wage access, global payroll through Blue Marble, time tracking, and a great self-service option.

Pricing: Online reports estimate it at $18 – $32 per employee per month.

Click here for our detailed review of Paylocity

HRIS: All Options

These are just of few of the many great options for HRIS software. For more in-depth reviews, check out the guide below:

Explore our picks for the best HRIS software

If you're in the enterprise segment, then you'll like want to check out an HRMS or HCM like Workday.

Best HR Software: Recruiting

Recruiting has never looked so different than in 2024. Advancements in AI, automation, and shifts in hiring practices are all changing the recruitment game right before our eyes. To stay ahead means embracing technology to streamline the recruitment process, from sourcing to onboarding.

The platforms below are just a small selection of the impressive software out there. Especially with the advent of AI Recruiting and its AI recruiting software, there is so much choice out there, which I couldn't cover all here.

1: Greenhouse (ATS)

Greenhouse ATS
Greenhouse ATS

Best For: Companies of all sizes aiming to streamline their hiring process with a focus on DE&I.

Greenhouse stands out in the crowded field of applicant tracking systems (ATS) with its comprehensive suite designed to optimize every aspect of the hiring and onboarding process.

Users praise Greenhouse for its engaging candidate interactions, administrative ease, and engagement of the hiring team. Its standout feature is the robust DE&I tools, offering a proactive approach to mitigate bias and foster a fairer hiring process.

The platform's configurability to meet unique organizational needs further cements its position as a preferred choice for companies striving for workplace excellence.

Key Features: DE&I Tools, Configurable Workflows, Robust Integrations, and Strategic Hiring Plans.

Pricing: Specific pricing is not provided, but Greenhouse offers a scalable pricing model for varying needs and sizes of different companies.

Click here to check our detailed review of Greenhouse

2: Zoho Recruit (ATS)

Zoho Recruit
Zoho Recruit

Best For: Cost-concious SMEs looking for a customizable (ATS) that integrates well with other business tools, especially Zoho customers

Zoho Recruit facilitates sourcing, tracking, and hiring of talent across various platforms. Customization is at the heart of Zoho Recruit, allowing users to tailor the system to their specific workflow needs, automate routine tasks, and gain insights through reporting and analytics.

Companies who already use other elements of the Zoho ecosystem have the added benefit that Recruit integrated seamlessly.

Key Features: Customization, Automation of scheduling and interview updates, reporting and analytics, and integrations

Pricing: Zoho Recruit is free for one recruiters, after which the charge ranges from $30-90/month per recruiter.

Click here to check our detailed review of Zoho Recruit

3: Hireology (ATS)

Hireology Recruiting
Hireology Recruiting

Best For: Multi-location businesses that want to streamline the hiring process for HR and business leaders.

Hireology offers one system that manages the hiring journey from sourcing to engagement and making data-driven decisions.

The platforms specializes in multi-location businesses, was one of G2’s 2023 list of 50 Best HR Products, and serves over 10,000 businesses across sectors.

Key Features: Tools and analytics to make informed hiring choices, SMS and email for candidate engagement, integration with major HR and business tools.

Pricing: Not shared publicly.

Click here to check our detailed review of Hireology

4: Paradox AI (AI Interviewing)

Paradox AI Video Recruiting
Paradox AI Video Recruiting

Best For: Organizations who want to engage candidates with a recruiting chatbot and expedite the hiring processes is transforming the recruitment landscape by offering a unique, conversational candidate engagement experience through its AI Recruiting chatbot, Olivia.

Trusted by global giants like FedEx, McDonald’s, and Amazon, leverages natural language processing to make interactions natural and engaging. Candidates can interact with the virtual recruiter 24/7 via SMS, WhatsApp, and Messenger, ensuring accessibility and personal touch.

The introduction of Paradox Video further enhances the interviewing process, and giving the AI candidate experience a more human touch.

Key Features include personalized candidate conversations, multilingual support, visual assessments, scheduling, and automated offer letters..

Pricing: No public pricing available.

Click here to check our detailed review of Paradox AI

5: Phenom (Recruitment CRM)

Phenom (Recruitment CRM)
Phenom (Recruitment CRM)

Best For: Large organizations looking for a talent experience platform with personalization and AI-driven features, including internal talent discovery.

Phenom is a talent experience platform that uses AI to automate and enhance tasks such as candidate ranking, personalized job recommendations, and communication through chatbots and SMS. Customers like Kuehne Nagel and Brother have reported improvements in hiring efficiency and candidate experience.

However, Phenom's performance in areas like reporting speed and customer service has room for improvement. It primarily caters to the needs of large organizations with complex hiring and talent development requirements.

Key Features: an AI-driven "Fit Score," AI-enhanced career sites, talent marketplace, and interview intelligence.

Pricing: Not publicly available.

Click here to check our detailed review of Phenom

Recruiting: All Options

These five are just a few of the many recruiting software to consider. For more, check out:

Our complete guide to AI Recruiting Software, the best ATS software and top Recruitment CRM

The Bottom Line: HR Software

As you can read above, HR software isn't the clunky mess it once was.

Modern platforms like Deel and upgraded HR tools like BambooHR make it easier (I'd never say easy!) to handle your day-to-day HR needs.

I'd be happy to share more information – just contact me here.

Want your software here? We don't adjust our listings, but we can feature you: advertise with us.

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