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FlexOS in the News

FlexOS is a new Future of Work media brand featured by: The New York Times, Business Insider, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, The Economist, Forbes.

Generative AI Tool Use Growing Rapidly: Over 3 billion Monthly Visits to Top 100 AI Tools for Work

Claude and Microsoft Copilot experienced a surge in popularity, as AI use rapidly expands.

Using AI to break down language barriers -

With AI tools available to interpret conversations and streamline the translation process, businesses have the potential to expand globally and recruit talent from a much larger applicant pool.

20 Hottest Startups of 2024

The 2024 Hottest Startups list reflects the growing focus of investors and entrepreneurs on sustainability, with various sectors well represented.

No, GPT-4o isn't coming for your job. Yet.

OpenAI's new version of ChatGPT, powered by new tech, has people convinced that AI will kill entire professions. Experts say that's not true.

15 Essential ChatGPT Prompts For Project Managers

Here are 15 ChatGPT prompts that enable you to achieve successful project outcomes, and be more confident with your project planning and communications.

The CEO of a Vietnam-based company explains why his team has a hybrid schedule when most companies in the country are back in the office

Daan van Rossum, the CEO of a company in Vietnam, said nearly everyone is back in the office full time.

Managers are failing at this one critical aspect of hybrid and remote work. Here’s how to approach it

Managers, let this serve as a wake-up call. Bridging the availability gap isn’t an act of benevolence, it’s a strategic imperative.

Where in the World Are People Back in the Office?

A city’s density, the size of people’s homes and cultural norms are among the factors that affect hybrid work patterns.