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About Your Host

Meet Daan, an AI-Powered CEO.

Daan, the founder of FlexOS, believes in a happier future of work and the role of AI in achieving it. He hosts this podcast and teaches the Lead with AI course (also available for companies.)

His thoughts on AI and the future of work have been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, CNBC, HBR, and FastCompany. He has also spoken at events by The Economist, SHRM, and MMA Global.

FlexOS - Lead with AI with Daan van Rossum

Learn from AI Pioneers

Gain insights from leaders who are successfully implementing AI in their organizations:

Episode #01

Matthew Kropp from BCG

Unlocking Human Potential With AI

FlexOS - Lead with AI | Matthew Kropp - BCG
Episode #02

AJ Thomas from Google X

Always Be Curious: Revolutionizing AI Adoption in Business

FlexOS - Lead with AI | AJ Thomas from Google X
Episode #03

Helen Lee Kupp & Nichole Sterling, Co-Founder of Future Forum

Transforming workplace dynamics with AI.

Coming Soon
FlexOS - Lead with AI | Duo: Helen Lee Kupp & Nicole Sterling
FlexOS - Lead with AI | Podcast

Supercharge Your Team with AI Insights

Lead with AI is your weekly guide to implementing AI effectively in your workplace. Each edition provides:

• Step-by-step tutorials on integrating AI tools into your workflow
• Case studies of successful AI implementations in various industries
• Expert advice on navigating ethical considerations of AI in the workplace
• Actionable tips to boost team productivity using the latest AI technologies

Available on:

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