8 Best AI Presentation Generators in 2024 (Key Features and Use Cases)

AI gives you a helping hand to create visually appealing slide decks with ease and creativity. Check out a breakdown of the best AI presentation generators
Wendy Ng
Wendy Ng
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February 16, 2024
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In February 2024, FlexOS shared the Generative AI Top 150 list, showcasing the most popular AI tools over the past year.

When it comes to AI presentation generators, Tome, Beautiful.ai, and SlidesAI took the top spots. I found several other AI presentation tools that didn’t make the list but still boast millions of monthly users: Wepik, Presentation.ai, Visme, Slidesgo, and Sendsteps. 

Many were built from the ground up with AI technology, while others started as online presentation makers and editors before integrating AI to enhance their offerings. 

But all these AI presentation generators will help you create visually appealing presentations more easily and quickly.

In this article, I will take a closer look at each of these AI presentation generators, diving deeper into their key features and pricing structures, so you can decide which ones will work best for you and your team. Here is the shortlist:

Best AI Presentation Generators in 2024

Tome - Best for creating fully AI-generated presentations from scratch

Tome is an AI presentation generator with simple yet comprehensive creative toolkits and customization options. 

I love the way Tome can connect with other interactive and creative tools like Figma (for prototypes), Spline (for 3D designs), Miro (for whiteboards), Typeform (for surveys), Google Excel, and YouTube so that you can convey your message exactly how you want it. 

Tome supports your creativity and eliminates the struggle of starting from a blank page by generating outlines and options. It can automatically build a narrative and generate matching images to enhance your message.

Tome’s Best Features:

  • Page generation - If you’ve got your topic and nothing else, Tome will create your entire presentation for you. Its text and image generation AI is one of the most intelligent of all the tools featured here.
  • Customizable themes - If templates aren’t for you, customize your AI-generated presentations with a variety of different themes instead.
  • Narration - If you want to add a personal touch to your presentation, record video and audio narration with just a few clicks.
  • Engagement analytics - Tome gives you insights on who’s viewed your presentations, how often, and how far they’ve gotten so that you can know how deeply your audience is engaging. 
  • Premade templates - Tome has a vast library of AI-powered templates, making it easy for you to get started on making and polishing your slide decks with the help of AI.

User Featured Quote:

“Tome is an easy-to-use storytelling tool that produces professional-looking decks in just a few minutes! Love that it handles images and videos seamlessly which takes away a lot of headaches for using multimedia in presentations and documents. Super easy to share with other people and a great mobile experience!” - Yuchen Liu, Pruducthunt user.

Tome Pricing:

Tome’s free plan provides 500 AI credits and access to the account for two users. Bear in mind that when we tried Tome, it cost around 250 credits to generate an 8-slide presentation. 

On the other hand, Tome Pro provides unlimited credits and unlimited access to your account for $20 a month, or $192 annually.

Click here to try Tome for free.

Beautiful.ai - Best as AI-powered PowerPoints and Google Slides alternative

Beautiful.ai is among the great AI presentation generators with a minimalistic interface and easy-to-use menus. Therefore, it’s a good choice even for those who are not very tech-savvy.

One of the things that I enjoy about Beautiful.ai is that it makes the experience just like doing with PowerPoint or Google Slides.

With hundreds of smart templates for various themes in Beautiful.ai, you can easily design your presentations with ease and effectiveness. The slide editing, automatic formatting, and in-slide animation features help you design your slides to what you want but much easier and quicker.

You can even use the Designer Bot AI chatbot for additional assistance. Although it takes a bit longer than Tome, the results are more well-researched and presented. 

Beautiful.ai also offers collaboration features such as tagging your colleagues, leaving comments, and co-editing, which allows you to work on the presentation together with your team.

Beautiful.ai’s Best Features:

  • Adaptive slides - As you add your content and media, Beautiful.ai’s slides will change their layout depending on your needs, providing you with a built-in designer.
  • Brand-focused media - With access to in-app stock images and videos, you can filter for those that match your brand and keep your presentation consistent. Otherwise, uploading your own materials takes only seconds.
  • Designer Bot AI - Beautiful.ai’s generative AI can be found in DesignerBot, creating full presentations from a description of your needs.

User Featured Quote:

“It’s super easy to use and helps you have a professional-looking slide deck ready in jiffy. No more tinkering around with formatting and stuff. Finally the freedom to just focus on the content and not formatting. Plus its additional features to share and track analytics make it a must-have for sales teams.” - Satwick, Capterra user. 

Beautiful.ai Pricing:

Beautiful.ai doesn’t offer a free plan. However, if you want to take advantage of unlimited presentation creation, PowerPoint-like design features, and Designer Bot AI, you can try their Pro plan for 14 days for free.

After that, the Pro plan costs $12/month (have to pay annually). The Team plan, with a collaborative workspace and custom company theme, costs $50/month.

Click here to try Beautiful.ai.

SlidesAI - Best for designing Google Slides with an AI-enabled extension

SlidesAI is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify your presentation creation process. 

You can use this AI presentation generator as an add-on extension for Google Slides, which allows you to create a presentation quickly and easily just by inputting text or a topic.

When you input your text content into SlidesAI, the tool will generate accompanying slides in the best possible layout. With additional customization tools, you can work with the design AI to personalize your slide deck’s overall look. 

SlidesAI cuts the time it takes to create stunning presentations down to mere minutes. 

SlidesAI’s Best Features:

  • Stock image access - If you have text but no media, a SlidesAI membership gives you access to 1.5 million stock images, providing your slides with a unique character. 
  • Search citations - After you’ve added your text to SlidesAI, it’ll search for citations for your information, giving your content currency and credibility.
  • Text paraphrasing - If you need to give your presentation’s text an edge, use SlidesAI’s paraphrasing tool (Magic Write) to cut out the fluff and hone your tone of voice.
  • Topic to presentation - Although currently in Beta, SlidesAI does offer full presentation generation from simple prompts. However, access is only available to certain users.

User Featured Quote:

“It can automate that saves a lot of time, it can generate slides and suggest designs. It suggests content based on keywords or topics that I love about it. One more great thing about it is that it supports multiple languages…It saves a lot of time that could be used elsewhere, it really helps with formatting, designing, and populating content. It really automates many of the tasks, It presents data effectively, especially in the form of charts and graphs.” Sagar B, G2 user. 

SlidesAI Pricing:

SlidesAI’s free plan offers users 3 presentations of up to 2,500 characters and 10 AI credits a month. AI credits are used in SlidesAI for image recommendations, slide redesigns, and emoji creation. 

This increases to 10 presentations, with a 6,000-character limit and 50 AI credits for $10 a month (Pro plan), and unlimited presentations with a 12,000-character limit and 100 AI credits for $20 a month (Premium plan). 

SlidesAI also offers scalable pricing based on your team size. 

Click here to try SlidesAI for free. 

Wepik - Best for quickly drafting presentations with AI for free

Wepik is a versatile graphic design editor that offers users a host of pre-made templates and generative AI tools for various design needs. Wepik Presentation Maker is one of its products that utilizes AI and creation tools to simplify the process of drafting a presentation and customizing presenting materials. If you're familiar with Canva, you'll get the concept of Wepik!

To generate a presentation using Wepik, all you need to do is input a topic, define the number of slides, and choose your preferred writing tone and design styles (although they don't have many to choose from). Wepik's AI will then do the rest and generate a complete presentation for you.

Although it lacks advanced features for presentations compared to other AI presentation generators, Wepik Presentation Maker is suitable for those who want to quickly create a slideshow on any topic without having to switch between other tools for text and visual editing with the help of AI. 

And, best of all, it's completely free!

Wepik’s Best Features: 

  • Media generation - Wepik gives you access to stock-free media like Freepik and Flaticon within the platform. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the stock-free libraries, you can take advantage of Wepik’s AI Image Generator to create your own one-of-a-kind images.
  • Brand kit integration - Ensure consistency across your presentations by uploading your brand kit. Colors, tone of voice, and logos will be kept in line with your brand’s requirements.
  • Editing suite - Wepik’s editing suite is easy to navigate and filled with tools to perfect your presentation, from AI-enabled rewriting to enhancing images.

User Featured Quote:

“Wepik is user-friendly and intuitive. It has several pre-designed templates. A wide range of templates for different purposes, whether for social media, presentations, invitations, or other needs. I can easily upload my creations. The free version offers many features at no cost.” Stevie Alyda M, G2 user. 

Wepik Pricing:

Wepik stands out as offering registered users unlimited presentations, and AI credits for their generative tools, completely free of charge. They simply ask that users credit Wepik somewhere in their final presentation.

Click here to try Wepik AI Presentation Maker for free. 

Presentations.ai - Best for AI-created presentations from prompts

Self-branded as the ChatGPT of presentation generators, Presentations.ai allows you to create slide decks “at the speed of thought.” 

It’s no surprise, then, that Presentations.ai boasts a fully AI-powered presentation generator, allowing you to create unique slide decks from a single prompt, or choose a template and have the AI populate it. 

Presentations.ai’s Best Features:

  • AI assistant (Clip-E) - As well as asking the AI to create your presentation, it can help you during the editing process too. Simply enter a prompt such as ‘add a slide’ or ‘change the background color.’
  • Prompt adjustment - To hone your initial prompt, Presentations.ai offers a short questionnaire about your aims, and a choice of themes, ensuring your finished slide deck suits you and your brand.
  • Simplified collaboration - If presentations are your team’s specialty, Presentations.ai lets you discuss ideas, set and assign tasks, and make simultaneous edits from your hub on the site.
  • Easy editing - Should Presentations.ai’s output not be to your liking, use the intuitive customization toolbars or talk to  to fine-tune your content.

User Featured Quote: 

Jennifer Sharkey, a virtual presentations educator, shared that Presentations.ai is best to “test out potential presentation design ideas,” highlighting the tool’s unique approach to generating slide decks.

Presentations.ai Pricing:

Presentations.ai offers a free trial with 50 AI credits. When we tried it, a 12-slide presentation complete with media and animations cost 21 credits.

The Pro plan for a single user includes 2000 AI credits, access to premium templates, and the ability to export to Powerpoint for $198 annually. To add up to 10 people to your presentations.ai workspace, the cost increases to $396 annually. 

Click here to try Presentations.ai for free. 

Visme - Best for creating visually appealing designs without extensive editing effort 

Visme is an user-friendly AI presentation generators that allows you to creating and editing your presentations with a simple drag-and-drop interface. 

What sets Visme apart is its beta AI Presentation Designer, which is a chatbot that understands your needs and generates the slides accordingly.

If you prefer more control, you can choose from a variety of professionally designed templates and customize them using Visme's comprehensive editing suite. Its graphic design tools provide extensive customization options such as text, fonts, colors, shapes, icons, and background modifications, as well as the ability to add multimedia elements to make your presentations more engaging. 

Once you create a Visme account, you'll be prompted to enter your business's URL, which ensures cohesive and branded presentations.

Visme’s Best Features: 

  • Intuitive AI - You can spend as little or as much time as you like chatting to Visme Chatbot. The chatbot will make suggestions for the best possible layout, and prompt you to share key points you’d like to include.
  • Reusable templates - If you’ve worked hard on tailoring a slide deck to your brand, you can reuse the presentation template for other topics. Or, convert your presentation to different formats for easy posts on social media. 
  • Real-time collaboration - You and your team can work on presentations remotely, watching and commenting on each other’s edits in real time.
  • Image edits - Removing the background and adding filters to your images can all be done through the presentation editor, so there’s no need for fiddly tab switching.

User Featured Quote:

“Maybe you don't need to be a designer to be able to create cool and useful designs with Visme, but it's not about letting others do it, with Visme you can easily create and practice designs that look good and work. It is an all-in-one tool for professionals who want to reach their public successfully.” Monfa Cabrera, ProductHunt user. 

Visme Pricing:

Visme’s free plan offers users unlimited projects with a limited template library. You’ll also get 10 AI credits that can be used across all generative AI tools on the site. When we used the Presentation Designer, it generated 10 slides for a cost of 2 credits. 

The Starter plan, billed annually at $147, offers access to the premium template and asset library. The Pro plan, at $297 annually, gives users the ability to create a brand kit and view analytics for presentations. 

Click here to try Visme Presentation Designer for free. 

Slidesgo - Best for students and learners

Slidesgo is well-known for its wide range of free templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint. The platform is now having an accessible AI-enabled tool that helps users create compelling slides in a faster and more efficient way. . 

Similar to Wepik, the Slidesgo AI Presentation Maker generates slides based on a prompt, with options for five different tones of voice and six templates to choose from.

Notably, Slidesgo is a part of the Freepik Company. So, if the generative AI tools available through Wepik aren’t doing it for you, Slidesgo’s AI assistant will likely be more helpful.

Slidesgo’s Best Features: 

  • Wide range of templates - Slides offers a vass template library across various industries, including education, business, healthcare, and marketing, ensuring that there's something for every need.
  • AI writer - This built-in feature helps you generate more in-depth slide content.
  • Intuitive toolkits - In the editor, the toolbars will populate with the options you tend to use most, allowing for quick and easy customization.

User Featured Quote:

“The first and foremost is its availability of an AI tool that auto generates a really great presentation just with an input. The drag-and-drop feature of this platform is really great, letting me perform the tasks easily and efficiently. It supports all types of file formats, collaboration is also great. It has really cool features like real-time editing, commenting, and chat which makes me do the tasks smoothly.” Jasmine M, G2 user. 

Slidesgo Pricing: 

Slidesgo also offers some of the most affordable pricing of all the tools listed here. The free plan gives users unlimited projects and AI generation. 

However, the Premium plan, at $23.99 a year, provides access to 15,000 assets and templates, and the ability to export without a watermark. If you’re an educator or student, you can get Slidesgo for a discounted price of $13.99 a year. 

Click here to try Slidesgo for free. 

Sendsteps - Best for creating engaging and interactive presentations 

Sendsteps is among the best AI presentation generators that provides you with the flexibility to create your presentations. 

It offers two ways to make presentations with the help of AI, which are expanding your existing content (PDF, TXT, Word or PowerPoint) or starting from a topic. This ability is beneficial when you already have content and just need to turn it into a good slideshow. 

Simply describe your topic or upload a document, and enter some details about your audience and presentation. Sendsteps's AI will then create interactive and engaging content, design, and activities, ready for your presentation in about a minute. 

This way, Sendsteps saves you a lot of time and helps you connect better with your audience while presenting.

Sendsteps’ Best Features: 

  • Document to presentation - If you’ve already got the content you want included in your slides, upload the document to Sendsteps and it’ll be used as the foundation of your presentation.
  • Video tutorial - If you need some help getting to grips with Sendsteps’ editing suite, take a look at their in-depth video tutorial.
  • Slide notes - Beneath your generated slides in Sendsteps’ editing suite, you’ll find some handy tips for when it comes to presenting them to your colleagues or peers.
  • Interactive slides - What sets Sendsteps apart is its compatibility with training and education. With a sharable link, you can add quizzes or polls to your Sendsteps slides, engaging audience and encouraging feedback.

User Featured Quote:

“This product is easy to use during lectures. My students really enjoy it and they suggest me too use Sendsteps more during the lectures. Sendsteps also help my class to become more interactive and engaging.” Elza, Capterra user. 

Sendsteps Pricing: 

Sendsteps' free plan is quite sparse, offering users just 2 AI presentations and limited interactivity. 

Their Starter plan provides 8 AI presentations a month, content generation in 85 languages, and 10 interactive slides per presentation for €107.40 annually. Their Professional plan makes everything unlimited for €239.88 annually. 

Click here to try Sendsteps for free. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: the top AI presentation generators of 2024.

Offering diverse features catered to specific needs, each of these tools is backed by intuitive generative AI, bringing your ideas to life in seconds. 

With free plans and trials available for each, be sure to give them a go, share them with your team, and find out which ones you prefer.

If your favorite presentation generator wasn’t featured on this list, please share it with us!

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