10 AI Marketing Tools to Streamline Your Marketing Workflow

Find the top 10 AI marketing tools for 2024 that will save your time, increase efficiency, and enhance marketing efforts - from copy to data analysis.
Wendy Ng
Wendy Ng
Content and Operations Strategy Manager, FlexOS
4+ experience with Employee Experience background in Human Resources industry, Wendy is dedicating to share invaluable strategies, empowering managers to boost team productivity and engagement.
January 19, 2024
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Marketing can be a challenging field, especially when you're expected to come up with fresh ideas and craft strategies within tight deadlines. Doing it all on your own can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

In this day and age of AI, learning how to use AI can help you speed up your work, increase productivity, and become more competitive.

In fact, our recent report on "Generative AI at Work" shows that over 50% of all respondents, especially Gen Z and Millennials, use Generative AI tools regularly, and 81% of them claim that the technology has significantly improved their productivity.

There are a lot of AI marketing tools that can be your ally in handling tasks such as brainstorming, analyzing data, and creating content. In this article, I will share with you 10 AI marketing tools to reduce your workload, boost your efficiency, and make the most out of your marketing efforts.

AI marketing tools at a glance


Tool Name

Best Use Case

Content creation
Best for writing marketing and sales copy
Best for generating product explainers and training videos
Social media management
Best for social media scheduling and content repurposing
Best for social listening and curating audience insights
Customer experience
Best for targeting website visitors and helping with lead generation
Email marketing
Best for generating email copy testing and curating insights
Content research
Best for Reddit research
Best for generating and prototyping ad copy
Marketing Automation
Best to automate tasks using workflows
Data Analysis
Best for data analytics

AI marketing tools for content creation

1. Copy.ai: Best for writing marketing and sales copy

You can use Copy.ai, one of the world's Top 150 AI Tools, for everything from creating captivating website copy to brainstorming ideas.

Copy.ai's toolkit is impressive as it caters to a wide range of users - marketers, managers, sales representatives, and individuals looking to produce any content. 

The work becomes even easier with 50+ prompt templates for different purposes. To access the prompts, you go to Chat > Browse prompts, and the following window will appear:

AI Marketing Tools - Copy.ai 1

Copy.ai Best Features

  • Workflows: Copy.ai's workflow feature is mind-blowing. You can generate many types of copies in one single click. For instance, I was able to get blog post key points, LinkedIn and Twitter posts, by entering the blog post URL.
AI Marketing Tools - Copy.ai 2

The best part is you can generate your customer workflow for recurring tasks. For instance, if you share your blog posts in your newsletter, a customer workflow can be, "Given a blog post URL, generate 3 short-key points to be shared in an email newsletter, with a compelling call-to-action."

  • Infobase: If you find yourself repeatedly entering the same information to produce various outputs, Copy.ai's Infobase feature can come in handy. You can save repetitive details in Infobase and use them while writing prompts.

Copy.ai: Pros and Cons


  • Hundreds of prompt templates to choose from.
  • Up-to-date AI tool with knowledge of the latest trends and events.
  • Super easy tool to use with a clean interface and navigation menu.


  • The tool often generates content that ranks higher in plagiarism with many grammatical errors. So, you must check and validate the output generated. You can use Grammarly on top of this to enhance the quality of your writing.
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Copy.ai Pricing

Copy.ai's paid plans start from $49/month and go up to $4000/month. The free plan is a good option for beginners with 1 user access, 2000 words, and 200 workflow credits.

Click here to try Copy.ai

Alternatives to Copy.ai: ChatGPT, Chatsonic, Wordtune, Writer, and Jasper.ai.

2. Synthesia: Best for generating product explainers and training videos

Synthesia is another Top 150 AI Tool that helps you create how-to product videos, training videos for your team, and educational content with avatars that look and sound like real humans. 

With 140+ avatars from various ethnicities and 120+ languages, you can tailor your videos to different audience segments, taking video content to a more personalized level.

Here’s a short video I generated using Synthesia. The avatar speaks fluently and clearly and gives a human-like feel.

Synthesia Best Features

  • Video customization options: The tools give you full freedom to customize your videos. You have the option to modify the type of avatar and accents, including gestures, alter the tone and voice, add or remove background images, and edit the transcript. This feature is incredibly useful in making videos appear more authentic and natural.
  • Voiceovers: When creating training or demo videos, recording multiple voiceovers independently can be a tiresome task. Synthesia's voiceover feature, where you can provide the text and generate high-quality voiceovers in over 120 languages, can be beneficial in this scenario.

Synthesia: Pros and Cons


  • The AI avatars have top-notch quality, varying across ethnic backgrounds and speaking various languages in different accents.
  • The videos can be exported in MP4 format or embedded via a link. They are generated in full HD, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • 200+ editable video templates.


  • The limit for generating videos will increase monthly if you create a new video to check your avatar's mouth and facial movements. Keep the video generation limits in mind when optimizing your account type.

Synthesia Pricing

The Synthesia team has two paid plans: Starter: $22/month and Creator: $67/month. For enterprises, they offer a custom plan.

Click here to try Synthesia

Alternatives: HeyGen, Flickify, Umen5, Pictory, and DeepBrain.

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AI marketing tools for social media management

3. Buffer AI: Best for social media repurposing

Consider Buffer AI as your social media management partner. The AI helps you brainstorm ideas to create new posts, repurpose existing content to fit the chosen channel, and rewrite copy with a few easy clicks.

For instance, I generated a LinkedIn post using Buffer's AI assistant. When the AI generates the post, you can rewrite, rephrase, expand, or shorten the post.

AI Marketing Tools - Buffer AI 1
AI Marketing Tools - Buffer AI 2

Buffer AI Best Features

  • Content rephrasing: One cool and helpful feature is that you can repurpose a single post into a different format native to the social media channel. For instance, if you want to repurpose a webinar's key points, Buffer's AI can create a Twitter post, expand on it to make a compelling LinkedIn post, and generate captions for your Instagram posts.
AI Marketing Tools - Buffer AI 3
  • Canva integration: You can easily connect and send your social media graphics directly from Canva to Buffer. This integration is a great time-saver and simplifies the process of managing and scheduling your social media posts, especially if you have to do it for different channels with slightly different images catering to each one.

Buffer AI: Pros and Cons


  • There's no clutter in the interface, and it's easy to understand.
  • Free to use and is already integrated into Buffer’s toolkit. So, it’s easier to learn how the tool works if you are already a buffer user.


  • There is only one idea generated per prompt by the tool.

Buffer AI Pricing

You can access all the features of Buffer AI for free no matter which plans you’re on. If you’re not a current user, Buffer’s pricing starts from $6/month per channel.

Click here to try Buffer AI

Alternatives: Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and SocialPilot.

4. Audiense: Best for social listening and curating audience insights

Audiense is an advanced AI intelligence tool that helps you keep track of your social presence and target audience. 

By analyzing data from the tool, you can gain insights into your audience's behavior, understand social conversations that mention your brand, and make informed decisions to adjust your brand strategy.

Audiense Best Features

  • Social listening: This feature allows you to monitor brand mentions, hashtags, and industry trends. You can use this data to create targeted marketing campaigns for specific audiences.
  • Audience intelligence: With this feature, you can gain insights about your audience, including their interests, demographics, and who and what influences them. Using this information, you can create data-driven personas and audience segments and understand niche audiences using this information.
AI Marketing Tools - Audiense

Audiense: Pros and cons


  • Audiense offers insights about your target audience (demographic and psychographic details) and brand (community mention, keywords used).
  • The tool analyzes the data super fast and delivers insights in no time.


  • The interface is not intuitive, and the navigational menu is often confusing.

Audiense Pricing

Audiense social intelligence feature pricing costs £1199/month. Apart from social intelligence, they also have custom plans for their digital and demand intelligence feature.

If you only focus on X, you can use its Twitter Marketing plan for FREE, or the Pro plan for £39/month with full access to analytics, audiences & engagement.

Click here to try Audiense

Alternatives: Vista Social, Buffer AI, and Loomly.

AI marketing tools for customer experience

5. Drift’s Conversational AI: Best for targeting website visitors and helping with lead generation

Drift's Conversational AI is changing how customer representatives interact with customers, reflecting a larger shift in 2024 AI trends that are shaping the future of customer service and engagement.

This AI chatbot targets website visitors at every touchpoint, and based on their funnel stage, the tool personalizes the conversation. 

For instance, if a visitor recently attended a webinar, the AI chatbot will suggest relevant resources to engage the visitors. This helps you keep visitors on your site longer and increases the likelihood of conversion.

AI Marketing Tools - Drift Conversational AI

Drift’s Conversational AI Features

  • AI-powered engagement score: AI analyzes visitors' various activities (browsing patterns, content downloads, etc.) and generates an engagement score. You can use this score to qualify leads from low to high-intent visitors and start a conversation at the right time.
  • Conversion analysis: The AI stores and analyzes conversations and detects common themes and patterns. This data is a goldmine for marketers to develop campaigns that resonate with the target audience.

Drift’s Conversational AI: Pros and Cons


  • Drift integrates with various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and marketing platforms. This facilitates seamless data transfer, helping you streamline your processes and have a unified view of customer interactions.


  • The cost of using Drift, particularly for advanced features and larger usage, may be a concern for smaller businesses or those with budget constraints.

Drift’s Conversational AI Pricing

Drift offers Conversational AI features only in its custom enterprise plan. To get a quote, you need to contact their sales team.

Click here to try Drift’s conversational AI

Alternatives: Intercom, Zendesk, and Hubspot.

AI tools for email marketing

6. Phrasee AI: Best for generating email copy testing and curating insights

Phrasee AI greatly helps with email marketing tasks, such as writing email newsletters, generating subject lines, running split test campaigns, and analyzing them. 

Here is a snapshot of how Phrasee AI scores email copy during A/B testing. The breakdown is easy to understand and reveals which copy targets which emotions and performs well.

AI Marketing Tools - Phrasee AI

Phrasee AI Best Features

  • Phrasee score: This feature helps you view your email marketing data centrally. The tool analyzes the metric data (opens, clicks, conversions) and generates a single optimization score for every email you send. Even if any metric data is missing, the tool adapts based on the available data.
  • AI-driven copy optimization: Phrasee AI works in the background by analyzing your abandoned cart email performance and modifying the message to get the best result. You set up your campaigns once and let Phrasee track them with minimal instructions from you.

Phrasee AI: Pros and Cons


  • Phrasee AI is more advanced and capable of generating relevant and personalized email copy.
  • Run A/B tests using AI vs. human-generated copy to find the best-performing message.


  • If you’re looking to use Phrasee for tasks other than email copywriting, it might fall short of that.

Phrasee AI Pricing

To get a quote, contact Phrasee’s sales team for a demo and pricing structures.

Click here to try Phrasee AI

Alternatives: Braze, Onesignal, Bloomreach, Seventh Sense, and Zaplify.

Bonus: Seventh Sense (For Hubspot and Marketo users)

Seventh Sense uses advanced AI to analyze your audience and recommend the optimal delivery times for each recipient (and automatically send your email to people at 'the right time' for you). 

It considers behavioral data like open and click rates to determine when your contacts will most likely engage. 

With Seventh Sense, you can implement highly personalized send times tailored to each subscriber’s habits. This ensures your emails consistently hit inboxes just before an individual recipient is most active, rather than inefficient batch sending.

If you're using HubSpot or Marketo for your email campaigns, integrating Seventh Sense seamlessly optimizes your email timing for improved open, click, and conversion rates.

Seventh Sense Pricing

Seventh Sense only works with HubSpot and Marketo. Seventh Sense’s pricing starts from $80/month with 5,000 contacts for Hubspot users and $450/month with Marketo users.

AI tools to boost productivity

7. Gigabrain: Best for Reddit research

Gigabrain compiles a list of relevant Reddit threads related to the keyword. You can use this tool to learn about key trends, collect recommendations, get people's opinions, and reduce your research time.

AI Marketing Tools - Gigabrain 1
AI Marketing Tools - Gigabrain 2

Gigabrain Best Feature

  • Reddit threads summary: Gigabrain has this awesome feature that summarizes all Reddit threads related to the keyword in no time. Best part? It adds clickable links to the main source. So, you can jump to the main thread and fact-check the information or get in-depth information.
“I love that it offers a TL;DR summary with links (just like Bard's AI assistant) so I can pop into relevant threads to get the information I need. Reddit is a goldmine of information, but just like any other forum, you must know how to mine it. Gigabrain takes care of all that, and I can finish my article in no time.” - Tanaaz Khan, Freelance content strategist & writer for B2B SaaS brands

Gigabrain: Pros and Cons


  • Super easy to use. You download the Chrome extension and start using the tool.


  • The tool sometimes needs help understanding the contextual meaning behind the keyword. This often leads to inaccurate or unreliable results.

Gigabrain Pricing

Gigabrain is free to use.

Click here to try Gigabrain

Alternatives: Synthesis YouTube and Artifact

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AI tools for advertising

8. Adcreative.ai: Best for generating and prototyping ad copy

Adcreative’s AI technology helps you generate targeted ads tailored to user's preferences and needs. The tool analyzes large data sets such as browsing history, search queries, and social media activity to generate ads targeting a certain segment.

Besides creating ads that perform, Adcreative.ai helps you analyze the ad's performance and generate competitor insights.

Adcreative.ai Best Feature

  • Competitor insights AI: This feature helps you monitor your competitor's marketing efforts. You can monitor their traffic source, best-performing landing page, international reach, and demographic details of their buyer. You can test campaigns to compete with them or modify your strategy using these insights.
AI Marketing Tools - Adcreative.ai

Adcreative.ai: Pros and Cons


  • Helps you generate ad posts native to social platforms - Meta, X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Good for prototyping: It is useful for quickly creating basic creatives and experimenting with different ad ideas, which can be helpful in the early stages of a campaign.
  • AI-powered recommendations on design and copy, always working alongside you.


  • Some users have reported issues with the quality of the creatives generated by the AI. These issues include poor composition, awkward text placement, and random combinations of elements. This means that you still need to use your creativity or elevate other generative AI tools to finalize the most engaging and high-converting copy.

Adcreative.ai Pricing

The tool offers a 7-day free trial, and the paid plan pricing starts from $21/month. The more brands you connect to, the pricing increases as well for every plan.

Click here to try Adcreative.ai

Alternatives: Canva AI, Adroll, Celtra.

AI tools for marketing automation

9. Zapier AI: Best for creating automated workflows

Being one of the best marketing automation platforms, Zapier has made its platform 10x easier to use by introducing Zapier AI. All you need to do is tell AI what Zap (a series of trigger automation) you want to create, and it'll automatically create one for you.

For example, I asked Zapier AI to create a Zap for a task in my to-do list whenever I start an email in my inbox. It created the perfect zap, which I can set up easily.

AI Marketing Tools - Zapier AI

Zapier AI Best Feature

  • 5000+ Integrations: By integrating different software and tools, Zapier AI becomes super easy to use for various use cases. 

For example, connecting your Gmail and ChatGPT accounts enables ChatGPT to assist you with email replies by creating drafts of replies based on the emails you select. You can edit these emails directly from Zapier, saving you time and effort.

Zapier AI: Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and intuitive interface perfect for beginner marketers, sales professionals, managers, and solopreneurs.
  • Premade Zap recommendation for all the selected apps. This is helpful if you find it difficult to develop Zap prompts using AI.


  • Zapier's automation-based pricing is expensive for a solopreneur or a small business owner.

Zapier AI Pricing

You can get access to Zapier AI for free if you’re a Zapier user. Zapier offers a 14-day free trial, and their paid plan starts from $29.9/month and goes up to $103/month. If you want a customized plan, Zapier offers that too.

Click here to try Zapier AI

Alternatives: Pipedream, Bardeen, and Workato

AI tools for data analysis and visualization

10. Tableau AI: Best for data analytics

It can be challenging to segment customers, analyze marketing channel performance, and monitor brand sentiment all alone. Doing so can result in ineffective dashboards, inaccurate information, and unmet targets.

Tableau AI solves this issue by creating detailed dashboards for different purposes, such as campaign performance dashboards (check the image below), blog performance dashboards, KPI dashboards, and more.

AI Marketing Tools - Tableau AI 1

Tableau AI Best Feature

  • Tableau pulse: This feature offers you data at your fingertips. You can follow certain metrics, and the tool will give you a personalized digest of metrics while you’re working. 

For instance, by integrating Tableau with Slack, Tableau Pulse will send you a daily summary of the metrics keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening with your campaigns. To deep dive into certain metrics, you click on them, and you’ll see an expanded version of the metric.

AI Marketing Tools - Tableau AI 2

Tableau AI: Pros and Cons


  • The tool is easy to use and doesn’t demand a high technical prowess to use.
  • Tableau offers a visual representation of every data piece, making it easy to understand and analyze.


  • Tableau's visualizations and insights depend highly on the quality of the underlying data. The output may not provide meaningful information if the data sources are inaccurate or incomplete.

Tableau AI Pricing

The paid plan starts from $15/month per user, and the pricing goes up to $75/month.

Click here to try Tableau AI

Alternatives: Power BI Documenter, DataSquirrel AI, and TalkToData.

Final Thoughts

AI marketing tools are super helpful for making your life easier as a marketer. They generate content, crunch numbers, automate tasks, and generally rock. But here's the scoop—don't go all-in thinking they're the superhero of the workplace. They're not quite human-level smart. 

Keep it real, find that sweet spot where AI does its thing, and you, along with your team, bring in the human touch. Mix both, and you've got a winning recipe for marketing success.

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