Get your team together in the hybrid workplace

With the introduction of hybrid work, the People and Engagement Experience teams are at risk of being spread thinner than ever. FlexOS can be the extended employee engagement team that you’re looking for.

Engage & Retain Employees
In The Hybrid Workplace

Become the best place to work for your employees

Events & Get-Togethers

Empower employees to connect through social gatherings or join FlexOS personalized event.

Data Analytics

Powerful analytics to understand workplace usage and which teams are complying to hybrid policies.

Book Office Space

Enable employees to reserve their favorite spots or a conference room for on-site collaboration sessions.

Trusted By Top Companies To Build World-Class Employee Engagement

FlexOS Shows Employees When & Why To Come Into The Office
FlexOS Shows Employees When & Why To Come Into The Office

Events & Activities

Drive Community

Partner with us to bring people together with tailor-made events and activities. Empower employees to connect with like-minded people, on and off their direct team.

Meetups & Events

Drive connection and community by giving employees more reasons to come into the office. 

FlexOS Events As A Service

FlexOS event programming gives your team access to social, learning and professional development events. 

Employee Engagement

Personalized & Meaningful

We continuously survey your team to know what really interests them. Our AI learns what your employees love and care about so you don’t have to.

Personalize The Employee Experience

Reserve Desks

Meeting Rooms & Phone Booths

See which spots are available and where your team is working today. Stay in control of hybrid policy adherence and space management.

Reduce Real Estate Costs

Implement efficient desk sharing guidelines based on key workplace analytics from FlexOS.

Optimize Office Layouts

Understand how your offices and bookable resources are being utilized to prioritize the most popular types of spaces - like phone booths!

Check-Ins at Your Office Arrival

By Scanning Or Smart Lock

Employees Can Check In When They're In The Office
Employees Can See If They're Following Their Hybrid Policy

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