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FlexOS - Lead with AI

A Two-Week Transformation to Turn Leaders into Hands-On AI Experts

69% of companies still don’t have an AI strategy. Get ahead and boost your team’s productivity by up to 50% with our exclusive and proprietary AI transformation program.

Nail the essentials of must-know AI understanding.

Learn how to apply AI to most common workflows to boost performance.

AI and Change Management – bring your expert knowledge to the company

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Let your team join alumni from these leading companies:

Executives are raving about the course.

“My team and I are wild about it. Absolute, absolute, game changers. I’m so thankful for what you did for us.”


“I’ve been using AI for quite some time, but clearly not using it in the best way possible. My GPT agent is helping me with a lot of very, very repetitive tasks.”

Founder, HR Services Firm

“I started this course because I have to keep up with my team, and it was very empowering.”

CEO, Fintech

“Your passion around this has really passed on to the rest of us.”

CEO, Workplace Advisory Business

“It’s made me supercharged for the output of what I can produce.”

Director, HR Tech Unicorn

“I am leading the AI strategy at my firm, so this has been fantastic.”

Principal, Venture Capital Firm

“I’ve loved this course and the interaction in the community. It’s great learning what everyone is struggling with and the tools they’ve explored.”

Founder, HR Tech Startup

About the Instructor

Meet Daan, your AI Trainer

Daan van Rossum, a LinkedIn Top Voice 2024, is the CEO of FlexOS, a leading media platform that helps people-centric business leaders stay ahead in the future of work, with a focus on AI, remote work, and workplace technology. 

FlexOS raised $1 million from investors behind Dropbox and Paypal, and was named a top 15 future of work brand.

Daan runs the Lead with AI course as he believes adopting AI contributes to a happier future of work – his life's mission. He is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about the topic, and delivers the course in a highly engaging manner: participants rate him a consistent 5/5. 

Daan’s thinking on AI and the future of work has been shared in The New York Times, Business Insider, CNBC, HBR, and FastCompany. He’s been featured as a speaker by The Economist, SHRM, and MMA Global.

Daan is also the creator of Future Work, a weekly newsletter and podcast about the happier future of work, with 42,000 subscribers and guests including Nick Bloom (Stanford, “World’s Leading WFH Expert”), Dave Ulrich (Top 10 Management Thinkers Hall of Fame, founder of Modern HR), and HR Tech guru Josh Bersin.

Prior to leading FlexOS, Daan was CEO at Dreamplex,  ran his wellbeing startup Bright, and spent nine years as an marketing and innovation strategy director with Ogilvy in Amsterdam, New York, Chicago, Singapore, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Your Instructor - Daan van Rossum

Embark on a transformative journey with "Lead with AI", the AI training program for senior leaders.

Interactive Components

Three LIVE Training Sessions (Online)

Engage with three LIVE sessions on Zoom or MS Teams 

In each session you'll get training, can ask questions, and discuss practical applications within your company.

AI for Executives 101: From Turing to ChatGPT 4o

Building your first AI Employee & build your AI team

AI and Change Management – bring your expert knowledge to the company 

The content can be customized for your company, and can be focused on Microsoft Copilot or ChatGPT Teams & Enterprise.
Daily Lessons

Ten Daily Online Lessons and Exercises

Build Your AI Team
Discover how AI team members can reshape your workday, from meeting attendance to creating presentations with Copilot or ChatGPT.

Get Practical
Daily exercises together with the team to tap AI for advice, do work, obliterate unnecessary meetings, and harness AI for superior productivity.

Learn at Your Own Pace.
Whether you prefer watching the video or reading the instructions, this course is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily work, offering you the utmost flexibility.

Post-Course Success Kit

Post-Course Lifetime Value

Extended Access
Revisit course materials and session recordings anytime for continuous improvement.

Comprehensive E-Book
Counting over 100 pages, a treasure trove of AI wisdom, and your reference guide as a new AI expert.

Ongoing Support and Community
Stay connected with a 12-month online peer group of 80+ global leaders from companies like Apple, L'Oreal, Amazon, and Toyota and join a monthly community call with new AI news and tool demos. 

Future Cohorts + Sessions
‍Join future cohorts for free or with a discount, and get priority access to expert webinars.


Lead with AI balances what leaders need to KNOW and what leaders need to DO. Graduates deserve their certificate for the key knowledge they’ve gained AND for the team of AI employees they’ve trained. Everyone leaves the course 20-50% more productive.

Week 1

LIVE AI for Executives 101

- The history or AI: from Turing to ChatGPT 4o
- Why is AI More Important Than Ever – For Leaders
- How to identify, prioritize, and evaluate your first AI use case
- Course outline
- Group exercise

Day 1 (Email + Video): Define Your Why + Set Goals

Understand your intentions and set tangible goals, with help from AI tools.
Tools: Ikigai GPT + Small Steps

Day 2 (Email + Video): Become A SuperPrompter

Get 10x more out of AI by becoming a SuperPrompter, the rich prompts that give AI the context it needs to deliver better results quicker.
Tools: SuperPrompt Template, SuperPrompt Generator

Day 3 (Email + Video): Think With AI

Start your first strategic conversation and integrate AI as a strategic decision-making partner with ChatGPT voice.
Tools: ChatGPT Plus + Mobile App

Day 4 (Email + Video): Meet Your New Executive Assistant

Use AI to dynamically create blocks of deep work (focus) time to increase productivity + effectiveness significantly.
Tools: Copilot, Reclaim, Motion, Clockwise

Day 5 (Email + Video): Email with AI

Cut time spent emailing by a large percentage by letting AI draft replies for you.
: Copilot, Grammarly,, Hubspot

LIVE WEEK 1 Recap & Training AI Team Members

- Recap of Week 1
- Q&A
- Training Your AI “Employees”

Week 2

Day 6 (Email + Video): Train Your AI Agents

Understand and create fully custom "AI Team Members" with GPTs to automate your most common workflows.
Tool: Microsoft Copilot or ChatGPT GPTs

Day 7 (Email + Video): Presentations with AI

No more blank page syndrome. Let AI create first the first draft of your presentations, from a simple prompt.
Tools: Copilot, Gamma, Beautiful.AI, Tome

Day 8 (Email + Video): Let AI Take Your Meetings

Our biggest time waster is meetings. Let AI attend meetings for you and streamline others.
Tools: Copilot, Otter, Fireflies, Zoom AI

Day 9 (Email + Video): Write with AI

Never again a first draft. Use AI to write five times faster.
Tools: Copilot, Writesonic, Lex, Jasper, Grammarly]

Day 10 (Email + Video): Image Generation with AI

Whether it’s for a town hall meeting or marketing materials, master AI tools to create images in seconds.
Tools: Dall-E, Canva, Firefly, Midjourney, Looka

LIVE WEEK 2 Recap, Change Management & Graduation

- Recap of the course
- Q&AGraduation
- AI & Change Management

AI-fluency in companies is a must:


of employees use AI, but most hide it from the company

Microsoft, May 2024

of leaders say they would not hire someone without AI skills. (Microsoft)


of employees say they need AI skills to remain competitive in the job market.

LinkedIn, May 2024

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Proven Success: NPS of 72 and glowing 5-star reviews from previous cohorts, including leaders from the most forward-thinking companies in the world.

Affordable Pricing: Packages that fit any budget, with lifetime access to all content, and post-course value including monthly live update calls and 12-months peer community membership.

No Hidden Fees: No additional costs for AI tools beyond what you’re providing to your team.

Limited Availability: Due to the hands-on approach, we can only take on two clients per months, with the first slots booked already.
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Q: Do I have continued access to course materials after the course ends?

A: Yes, you have extended access to all course materials and session recordings anytime, allowing you to revisit them for continuous improvement.

Q: Is there any additional resource provided as a reference guide?

A: Absolutely! You’ll receive a comprehensive E-Book, a treasure trove of AI wisdom with over 100 pages, serving as your reference guide.

Q: What kind of support can I expect after completing the course?

A: You’ll stay connected with a 12-month online peer group of over 80 global leaders and participate in a monthly community call with new AI news and tool demos.

Q: Can I join future course cohorts or sessions?

A: Yes, you can join future cohorts for free or at a discount, and you’ll get priority access to expert webinars.