Impactful Cold Outreach With AI + OpenAI’s GPT Store Launch // Stay Ahead #06

AI can help turn your prospects into clients with impactful cold outreach. This week, OpenAI will launch its GPT store.
Evelyn Le
Evelyn Le
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January 9, 2024
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Welcome to Stay Ahead #6 from FlexOS!

Every Tuesday, we share the latest AI tools and news to help you work smarter, not harder. 

In this week’s edition:

  1. AI tools of the week: Generate more leads from cold outreach with the help of AI.
  2. Must-read news: OpenAI is launching the GPT Store this week, and Microsoft is adding a Copilot key to keyboards.
  3. Job board: Future-forward roles at Airtable, Smartsheet, Hims, and more.

Let’s dive in!  

Make Cold Outreach Impactful With AI

Cold calling and mailing are essential skills for any Sales team. But do you know that every 1 in 2 sales team members fear cold calling?

a meme showing contradiction between "me talking to my boss and colleagues" and "me making a cold call"

Meanwhile, 53% of business buyers and 69% of consumers feel treated as mere numbers in the sale process. 

Fortunately, these AI tools' coaching and outreach personalization can make you stand out. 

Receive Live Cold Call Coaching From Trellus

“Slow down a little,” “Stop talking for a bit,” Trellus gives your sales reps on-the-go guides through the calls with prospects, clients, or partners.

The interface of trellus.

Moreover, the tool can also note the call’s transcript, analyze your prospect’s answer, and suggest suitable responses for you to nail the conversation. 

Trellus is a Chrome extension. 

Price: Freemium.



Seamlessly hire talents around the world with deel. - The #1 Global HR Platform. 

deel. is every HR’s best friend to source, hire, onboard, and manage payrolls for global teams. 

The interface of deel.

Companies can confidently expand globally with this one tool. 

Book a demo with deel. today.

Level-Up Cold Emails with Lyne

Say goodbye to the generic dear {first name} and hours of customizing cold emails; Lyne can help you research and generate intro lines that can connect with your prospects personally.

The interface of Lyne.

The tool can generate an impressive amount of 1000 intro lines per hour. 

Price: Freemium (pay per credit).

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In the News 

Every week, we pick must-read articles about the future of work so you can stay ahead. 

This week, OpenAI will launch its GPT store:

OpenAI launch ChatGPT store
OpenAI will open its custom ChatGPT store next week

After being delayed for a month, OpenAI’s GPT store will be ready this week. The app store allows businesses and individuals to share and monetize their customized GPTs publicly. 

(Update: OpenAI is getting ready to release ChatGPT 5. Check out our guide to its new features)
Microsoft is adding a new key to PC keyboards for the first time since 1994

From developing and expanding its generative AI tool with Copilot, Microsoft is embedding a Copilot key into new PC keyboards. The company expects the key will be required on Windows 11 keyboards “over time.”

AI could improve your life by removing bottlenecks in decision-making

AI researchers find that AI can help people overcome “lossy bottlenecks.” As AI can understand your past behaviors and characteristics, it can help you make more informed decisions that suit you.

OpenAI Offers Publishers as Little as $1 Million a Year

OpenAI has offered some media firms around $1-$5 million a year to use their news article for training AI models. Meanwhile, Apple is also trying to strike deals with media firms to use their articles in any way Apple deems necessary. 

11 Non-Obvious Expert Predictions for 2024

From the rise of Generative AI to longer lives, I have put together 9 non-obvious predictions from leading researchers and thinkers + 2 of mine to see what’s awaiting us in the future of work. 

Jobs to Level Up

We want you to make the change we need in this world of work. And do it from wherever is best for you. Here are some jobs that caught our attention:

  1. Airtable: Manager, Customer Education, Scaled Success
  2. Smartsheet: Customer Success Manager II, Strategic Accounts (Remote Eligible)
  3. Hims: Manager, Website Optimization
  4. minted.: Senior Director, People
  5. Danaher Corporation: Talent Development Program Manager

Need more options? WeWorkRemotely, FlexJobs, and Remote are great places to get vetted remote-friendly roles. 

How to get a remote job. I read hundreds of first-person accounts of how people landed their remote jobs and interviewed someone who did it successfully. Read all the steps in my new article, “How to Get a Remote Job Today.”

How did we do?

That’s it for this edition of Stay Ahead, the newsletter that keeps you ahead in the future of work.

We’re here for you, truly.

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