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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman drops features of ChatGPT 5. It’s amazing

ChatGPT 5: Sam Altman unveils revolutionary AI with enhanced reasoning, video support, and personalized experiences. A new AI milestone!

Not many tools get a New York Times endorsement saying that “the best artificial intelligence chatbot ever released to the general public,” but that’s exactly what happened upon the launch of ChatGPT.

(If you’re new to ChatGPT, check out my detailed background about What Is ChatGPT?)

Things only got better with the release of ChatGPT-4, which brought innovations including multi-modality, allowing you to converse with the digital oracle not just in text but also through video and voice. (Cue the “Her” movie references.)

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This drove GPT adoption to levels of insanity, reaching 100 million weekly users faster than almost any platform ever, and taking the number one spot amongst the top AI tools.

All this is having a huge impact on how we work (which, coincidentally, is the topic for this newsletter.) 

According to our research, 60% of active Gen AI users use ChatGPT at least weekly, making it the undisputed leader of AI in the Workplace

Well, we’re about to enter a whole new era of chat-AI because Sam Altman (yes, that Sam Altman) sat down with Bill Gates and started dishing details of the upcoming ChatGPT 5.

What did he say?

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Sorry for the quick interruption, but....

ChatGPT is just one of the many ways the world of work will be turned upside down in 2024. 

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Okay, back to our scheduled programming!

Sam Altman shares ChatGPT 5 Details

Well, here’s the interview:

But if you’d rather ‘skip to the good part,’ here is what Sam shared:

  • Video Integration: Sam is a strong proponent of video's crucial role, suggesting that ChatGPT 5 seamlessly integrates video inputs and outputs. WOW!
  • Advanced Reasoning Capabilities: Compared to GPT-4's limited reasoning, ChatGPT 5 is expected to advance in complex System 2 cognitive abilities, allowing for deeper, more thoughtful analysis.
  • Consistency and Reliability: While GPT-4 might occasionally produce a quality response in several attempts, ChatGPT 5 aims to learn and remember optimal task execution methods, ensuring consistent, reliable performance.
  • Customization and Personalization: ChatGPT 5 will enable extensive customization, including personal data utilization, calendar and email integration, and connection to external data sources to cater to individual preferences and requirements.

These are huge improvements. Let’s go over them one-by-one to understand how this will impact us as ChatGPT 5 users.

Video Integration


Sam said that video is an important element of ChatGPT 5. This would take the multi-modal capabilities of ChatGPT 4 even further. 

“Clearly, people really want video. We've launched images and audio, which had a much stronger response than expected. We'll be able to push that much further.” – OpenAI CEO Sam Altman."

Imagine having video as part of the GPT 5 experience. 

You could let ChatGPT 5 generate concise video summaries of long meetings or presentations, saving time while retaining key information.

Or scan a room where you were holding a brainstorming session and let it provide context and suggestions.

And using the underlying GPT 5 technology, companies could power real-time, interactive video customer service, where AI visually demonstrates solutions to customer queries.

Consistency and Reliability

Reliability will boost ChatGPT adoption further. As Sam said: 

“If you ask GPT-4 most questions 10,000 times, one of those 10,000 is probably pretty good, but it doesn’t always know which one, and you’d like to get the best response of 10,000 each time, so that increase in reliability will be important.”

A big improvement.

Advanced Reasoning

Future Work Sam Altman Drops Features Of ChatGPT5

GPT’s reasoning abilities are often overlooked in the discussion about ChatGPT and AI’s power. 

Yes, ChatGPT is a great content creation tool – but where it really excels is helping you think through complex challenges. 

Perhaps no longer, as Sam said about this in the interview with Bill Gates: 

“Maybe the most important areas of progress will be around reasoning ability. Right now, GPT-4 can reason in only extremely limited ways.”

If ChatGPT 5 is significantly better at reasoning, more people will engage with AI even more deeply. Imagine having a senior advisor in any topic area to your availability.

ChatGPT 5 could then help you in strategic decision-making and critical thinking by pointing out angles you didn’t consider and how the best thinkers would approach a problem.

This would boost the quality of your work by a multitude. 

Customization and Personalization

Sam said:

“People want very different things out of GPT-4: different styles, different sets of assumptions. We’ll make all that possible, and then also the ability to have it use your own data. The ability to know about you, your email, your calendar, how you like appointments booked, connected to other outside data sources, all of that.”

The effectiveness of an AI that knows all your personal preferences and can manage your email and calendar would be incredible. 

We’ve already seen early data from Microsoft Copilot users showing a remarkable jump in productivity, so we know that ChatGPT 5 understanding your preferences and being able to execute them would be incredibly powerful. 

When will ChatGPT-5 be available?

A specific date is not yet available, but in the rumored remarks at the YCombinator kick-off event, Sam Altman would have said that startups should build as if GPT-5 is out, so it likely won’t be long. 

I expect it to be out by the summer of 2024, as Google Gemini will also drop around that time.

How can I get ChatGPT 5?

FlexOS Future Work Newsletter 68 ChatGPT 5

Like previous releases, we’ll probably see OpenAI announcing the new version at a press event. 

Of course, I’ll share this via this newsletter and on LinkedIn, as well. 

The Bottom Line

ChatGPT has changed our lives forever, and ChatGPT 5 will be a huge step towards becoming even more powerful.

Fueled by your data, with advanced reasoning, increased reliability, and even video abilities, ChatGPT will be indispensable.

I can’t wait to get my hands on it as we move to a world where we work less (hello, 3-day workweek!) and are more meaningfully productive.


For more on (getting started with) AI, check out my other articles: 

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