Why Is Hot Desk Booking Likely to Stay in Singapore?

Employee Using Hot Desk Booking App On Phone

Why Is Hot Desk Booking Likely to Stay in Singapore? During the pandemic, governments have been forced to limit the movement of their citizens, which promoted many businesses to opt for the hybrid work model, and Singapore is no exception. More and more companies are embracing hybrid work arrangements to adapt to changing work trends […]

The Benefits of a Hot Desk Booking System

The Benefits of a Hot Desk Booking System As new working models such as hybrid and flexible work have taken over, a lot has changed in the office culture. Employees have discovered various ways of working with increased flexibility, job satisfaction, and productivity. Let’s take the hybrid work model as an example; it allows people […]

What is Hot Desking and Is It Right For Your Office?

What Is Hot Desking? The office environment has undergone significant transformations in the last two years, with companies promoting a more flexible work culture rather than strict 9-5 schedules. Not only do flexible work arrangements allow employees freedom in choosing where and when to work, but they also offer companies to adopt cost-saving and resource-efficient […]

How To Get Started With HR Analytics

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Data-driven Practices are Fundamental for HR Strategy Data-driven HR practices have become a top priority of organizations as they have started recognizing their benefits. More than 90% of the Fortune 1000 companies are increasingly investing in data initiatives, and by the end of 2023, the data analytics market is projected to be worth over $100 billion. Research states that the leading […]

Nudges in Hybrid Work: How Organizations Can Nudge People Back to the Offices?

Nudges In Hybrid Work

During and post-COVID-19, workplaces all around the world have gone through an incredible transformation. With more and more companies recognizing that the future of work is hybrid, this new model enjoys widespread acceptance. As life returns to normal and feels like before the pandemic, organizations try to entice workers back to offices. However, employees’ relationships […]

The Why & How of Hybrid Workplaces

Savills, ADP and FlexOS hosted an event on "The Why & How of Hybrid Workplaces"

Companies can benefit significantly from hybrid work since fewer employees in the office means less need for costly office spaces. This, of course, means that the best hybrid offices need to undergo some changes, not just to attract but, more importantly, to retain employees and keep them motivated.  FlexOS had the honor of welcoming Nguyet-Minh […]

Office Design, Employee Wellbeing, And More

Office Design, Employee Wellbeing, And More

FlexOS recently held a webinar to gather insights on what are some of the biggest pain points that employers are facing in their hybrid workplace and workforce. From our poll with the attendees, 3 of the biggest concerns of HR practitioners are the design of the hybrid offices, building connection and community in a hybrid workplace, and the […]

Measure & Increase Your Hybrid Guidelines Adherence

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Recent research from Microsoft shows that only 28% of companies have established team agreements to clearly define what’s expected. Good hybrid guidelines or policies clearly document when and how often employees should come to the office. Additionally, they codify how employees are expected to engage with each other, their managers, and the company. It includes […]

9 Tips for Successful Hybrid Workplaces

Tips and tricks

Hybrid work is a very new phenomenon for most companies, and getting started isn’t easy. Writing clear hybrid guidelines is definitely the first step. What’s next? The following tips will help you on your way. 1. Shift from attendance-focused to output-focused Companies can no longer use attendance as the measure for employee engagement and performance. […]

Spotify, Google, Hubspot: How are the Leaders handling hybrid policies?

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As the world is moving towards hybrid work, there are a lot of issues to sort out. Especially when it comes to writing and executing the hybrid work strategy, guidelines, or policy. However, there are already great examples of regional and local leaders you can follow. Spotify: Work from Anywhere Spotify was one of the […]