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Hybrid Work Best Practices – Free eBook from FlexOS

Master your hybrid work best practices with this comprehensive free eBook. Ideal for launching or refining your Hybrid Work Model. Download now!

FlexOS surveyed HR and Workplace leaders and hybrid employees at top innovative companies to gain an insightful lens on the future of work.

Our Hybrid Work Best Practices Guide 2023 offers a deep dive into best strategies and practices, as well as employees' wants and needs to create a hybrid work excellence experience in the workplace.

In this ebook, we've covered key insights including:

1. Why Hybrid Work Makes Sense:

Hybrid Work combines work from home, office, and 'third places' like cafes and coworking spaces. And it took the world by storm.

More than just a trend, according to McKinsey, over 90% of companies are switching to hybrid work long-term. Why is hybrid work so popular? Research from leading universities and others shows that:

2. What Do Employees Want?

We set out to understand what Singaporean hybrid workers want and need after nearly a year of their experience in this hybrid working model. With the right understanding, it is a starting point for you to shape and develop your hybrid workplace strategy.

Based on our research, conducted in October and November 2022 with a sample size that’s statistically significant for the 4+ million Singaporean labor force, we landed on five key findings: 

  • Hybrid work is a must: one in two employees would quit if they no longer get a flexible work schedule from their employer
  • Employees go to the office for collaboration, focused work, and learning on the job
  • Creative, wellbeing, and other Workshops are the #1 driver for Singaporeans to come to the office more than required
  • Employees want to take an active role in staying connected to their colleagues
  • Office FOMO is real for 6 in 10 Singaporean employees, even more so for older Millennials

3. What the market is doing?

We provide a clear picture of how leading companies in Singapore embrace hybrid work models. You can learn from them and apply your own hybrid work model that works.

4. How to Create Hybrid Work Excellence:

Our team has been researching hybrid work best practices since it started taking off in the region. What do the best hybrid workplaces have in common? Taking a data-centric approach, we noticed the following best practices:

  • Create clear hybrid guidelines, communicate them well, and improve them over time based on data and feedback from your employees.
  • Create great, engaging, intentional office days.
  • Optimize the entire Employee Experience journey for hybrid work, and take Culture, DEI, Wellbeing, and Technology into account at each stage.
  • Create a best-in-class Hybrid Workplace that’s optimized for activities that the office is best placed to fulfill, and then measure and improve that workplace.
  • Use data, personalization, and optimization throughout.

5. Hybrid Work Excellence Checklist

We design a comprehensive checklist for you to get started transforming your hybrid work journey.

Download Hybrid Work Best Practices Guide 2023 to learn from the top organizations and set up your own hybrid work model.

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