Hybrid Team Onboarding – Top 5 Best Practices for Managers

Onboarding for Hybrid Teams

Onboarding in Hybrid Teams – Top 5 Best Practices for Managers Remote or hybrid work makes onboarding challenging as your teams aren’t required in-office anymore. But onboarding was an issue long before. A third of companies lack structured programs. Additionally, a Workable survey conducted in 2020 found that remote onboarding or training was the biggest hiring challenge during […]

APAC: Essential Hybrid Work Statistics

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APAC: Essential Hybrid Work Statistics Asia is the region that dominates the world’s economy and has the potential to fuel and reshape the next normal. During the pandemic, organizations and employees in Asia realized the advantages of remote work. Most companies moved towards a hybrid work model, working partially in the office and partially remotely. […]

Nudges in Hybrid Work: How Organizations Can Nudge People Back to the Offices?

Nudges In Hybrid Work

During and post-COVID-19, workplaces all around the world have gone through an incredible transformation. With more and more companies recognizing that the future of work is hybrid, this new model enjoys widespread acceptance. As life returns to normal and feels like before the pandemic, organizations try to entice workers back to offices. However, employees’ relationships […]

5 Powerful Strategies to Enhance Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement refers to the extent to which the employees of an organization are willing to devote their intellectual and behavioral abilities toward successfully achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. In the current era of hybrid work systems being adopted around the globe, there is a need to engage employees in their work now more […]

Hybrid Work in Singapore – What Do The Experts Say?

What are the reasons they embrace hybrid work, and what are their challenges? We set out to discover this during a roundtable discussion with three key experts and over 20 C-Suite stakeholders. Are companies in Singapore moving to hybrid work? According to research from McKinsey, 90% of companies globally are switching to hybrid work for […]

9 Tips for Successful Hybrid Workplaces

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Hybrid work is a very new phenomenon for most companies, and getting started isn’t easy. Writing clear hybrid guidelines is definitely the first step. What’s next? The following tips will help you on your way. 1. Shift from attendance-focused to output-focused Companies can no longer use attendance as the measure for employee engagement and performance. […]

What is Hybrid Work? And how should companies get started?

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Hybrid work is a working model that brings together work in the office and work from home. Are you adding third spaces such as cafes or a coworking space? Then we’re speaking of a Work from Anywhere model. After the long lockdown, more companies are considering implementing hybrid work. So what is it? And how […]