Supercharge Your Ideal Holidays With AI + Google’s New AI Tool // Stay Ahead #04

This week, we will help you enjoy your holidays better, and keep you up-to-date with Google and Microsoft's new AI initiatives.
Evelyn Le
Evelyn Le
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December 26, 2023
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🎉 Welcome to Stay Ahead #4 from FlexOS!

Every Tuesday, we share the latest AI tools and news to help you work smarter, not harder. 

In this last week of 2023, we’ll help you enjoy your time off better 🧣and let AI do the rest.

In this week’s edition:

  1. AI tools of the week: Mix your own tunes and plan a perfect trip with AI.
  2. Must-read news: Google and Microsoft’s new AI integrations and OpenAI banning ByteDance’s account.
  3. Job board: Future-forward roles at Airtable, Zapier, Remote, and more.

Let’s dive in!  

Optimize Your Holidays To Recharge With AI

Quality rest time is essential to boost your productivity and “work smarter.”

A meme saying "Shouldn't you do extra tasks to not fall behind post-holiday?"

Vacation time can increase mindfulness, reduce stress, and boost brain power. Increased rest during holidays can even improve your financial decision-making.

These AI tools can help you supercharge the last week of the year to step in 2024 with your best shape. 

Produce Your Music With Cassette AI

Making music, which AI made accessible for all, can improve your mental health

Cassette AI transforms your creative thoughts into music. Just prompt what you imagine your favorite melody would be like, and enjoy the result.

Interface of Cassette AI

You can also play around with the music by mixing and editing.

Price: Freemium. The premium plan is $3.99/month, which includes a Commercial Use License for the music. 



Enjoy your holidays and increase your creative skills with more than 34,000 online courses from Skillshare.

Interface of Skillshare

The platform lets you choose your favorite topic and learn from the best experts to build a powerful edge in your career. 

Get one free month on Skillshare today.

Plan A Perfect Trip With Agenda Hero

Agenda Hero can turn unstructured text into actionable and shareable calendar items, but that is not even the best thing.

Interface of Agenda Hero, saying "Anything is possible if you believe in magic, wonder, and the power of luck dragons."

You can also use the tool’s AI-generated itinerary for a work meeting, a night out, or a road trip with your loved ones. 

Interface of Agenda Hero saying "Finland Trip"

Price: ✨Free✨. 

Need more AI tools to make your work and life 10x easier? Check out our Top AI Websites, How to use AI For Work, 7 Free AI Tools, AI Productivity Tools, and 10 AI Marketing Tools. Want to learn more about AI? Check out our guide to AI in the Workplace, AI in Management , AI in HR, and Women and AI.

In the News 

Every week, we pick must-read articles about the future of work so you can stay ahead. 

This week, Google and Microsoft are introducing their latest AI initiatives:

A mockup of VideoPoet portraying Monalisa yawning
Google VideoPoet: A large language model for zero-shot video generation

Google introduced VideoPoet, a large language model that can generate text-to-video, image-to-video, video stylization, video inpainting and outpainting, and video-to-audio. The model can also generate long videos and adjust camera motions. 

Microsoft Copilot gets a music creation feature via Suno integration

The users of Microsoft Copilot can now use the Suno plug-in to bring their musical ideas to life. Suno can generate a complete song with lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices from a single prompt. 

Google might already be replacing some Ad sales jobs with AI

Due to AI-powered tools that can automate customer sales and generate ads, Google is “consolidating” its ad sales staff. However, it is more likely to be a reassignment than a huge layoff. 

The Top 16 Leadership Podcasts for People-First Managers

Have a bit of time during your holiday? Our team put together a comprehensive list of the best leadership podcasts to follow in 2024 with detailed reviews. From research-focused podcasts on strategy to narrative-driven ones on work-life balance, tune in to elevate your leadership skills today!

OpenAI suspends ByteDance’s account after it allegedly used GPT to build rival AI product: report

OpenAI suspects ByteDance has been using GPT to build its large language model called “Project Seed.” Right away, OpenAI suspended ByteDance’s account for further investigation.

Jobs to Level Up

We want you to make the change we need in this world of work. And do it from wherever is best for you. Here are some jobs that caught our attention:

  1. Airtable: Director, Enterprise Architecture
  2. Zapier: Sr. Product Manager, Go To Market Platforms
  3. Remote: People Programs Manager
  4. Storable: Sr. People Ops Business Partner
  5. Loop: Director, Growth Marketing

Need more options? WeWorkRemotely, FlexJobs, and Remote’s new job board are great places to get vetted remote-friendly roles. 

How to get a remote job. I read hundreds of first-person accounts of how people landed their remote jobs and interviewed someone who did it successfully. Read all the steps in my new article, “How to Get a Remote Job Today.”

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How did we do?

That’s it for the last edition of Stay Ahead in 2023, the newsletter that keeps you ahead in the future of work. Reply and give us your feedback: what could we do better?

We’re here for you, truly.

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