Supercharge Your Ideal Holidays With AI + Google’s New AI Tool // Stay Ahead #04

This week, we will help you enjoy your holidays better, and keep you up-to-date with Google and Microsoft's new AI initiatives.
December 26, 2023
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21 Most Engaging Work Christmas Party Ideas For Hybrid And Remote Teams

Discover 21 engaging work Christmas party ideas for hybrid and remote teams. From virtual trivia to baking challenges, see more ideas here!
November 17, 2023
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100 Mindfulness Quotes to go from Stress to Blessed at Work

We’re more stressed than ever, but we don’t have to. Here are 100 mindfulness quotes to keep you sane at work – no matter how crazy the day gets.
November 10, 2023
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Gen Z and Millennials are Stressed to Death. They're Looking to Companies to Turn Around this Wellbeing Crisis

New research shows that Gen Z and Millennials are stressed to death at work. Financial stress is a big contributor, but other factors play a role too.
October 12, 2023
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10 Insights Unlocked In The First Season Of Future Work

In the first season of Future Work, we had the pleasure of meeting 10 experts. From Workplace Happiness to AI, this is what big thinkers have to say.
July 26, 2023
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20 Must-Dos for Managing Remote Teams in 2024 [Expert Leaders Sharing]

Guide to managing remote teams in 2024: Focus on safety, communication, AI integration, and continuous learning for improved productivity.
June 2, 2023
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100+ Hybrid and Remote Work Statistics and Trends in 2024

Hybrid and remote working models are more popular than ever. What does the research say about remote work statistics and hybrid work statistics?
May 1, 2023
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A Wellbeing Strategy that Works (with Alyssa Than-Stark, Group Wellbeing and Reward Manager at Singtel)

Building A Sustainable Wellbeing Strategy that Works (with Alyssa Than-Stark, Group Wellbeing and Reward Manager at Singtel)
April 26, 2023
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Happiness at Work (with Tracy Brower, best-selling author, Steelcase VP, Forbes writer)

On this episode of Future Work, I discuss Happiness at Work with Tracy Brower, a best-selling author, Steelcase VP, Forbes, and FastCompany writer.
April 12, 2023
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2023 HR Trends: Side Jobs

The article discusses the growing trend of side jobs among Gen Z and millennials for extra income and the pursuit of personal passions.
December 14, 2022
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Office Design, Wellbeing, and more: Your Real Questions about Hybrid Work – Answered

Explore key strategies to tackle the challenges of hybrid work, by focusing on office design, community, well-being, and more.
September 6, 2022
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