Find Data Faster With AI + ChatGPT’s “Winter Break” // Stay Ahead #03

This week, we will eliminate the wasted data browsing time with AI. And just like us, ChatGPT might be in its Winter Break.
Evelyn Le
Evelyn Le
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December 19, 2023
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🎉 Welcome to Stay Ahead #3 from FlexOS!

Every Tuesday, we share the latest AI tools and news to help you work smarter, not harder. 

In this week’s edition:

  1. AI tools of the week: Browse external and internal data effectively.
  2. Must-read news: ChatGPT’s “winter break hypothesis” and mind-reading AI.
  3. Job board: Future-forward roles at Webflow, Topsort, Wrapbook, and more.

Let’s dive in!  

Effectively Browse Information With AI

The time-consuming search for information can be truly frustrating.

a meme saying "I just need to find some data for the article's opening...and it's 6pm."

On average, a person spends 25% of their workweek searching for information, yet likely not to have found what they were looking for. Even data workers waste 14 hours weekly due to inefficient data retrieval for analysis.

The good news? AI can help you save significant research time. 

Find relevant research quickly with Consensus 

Whether you’re writing an article, a proposal, or a LinkedIn post, trusted research makes your work more credible. 

Consensus is an AI search engine for scientific research papers. Type in your question or topic, and voilà, Consensus provides the data you’re looking for in seconds.  

The interface of Consensus, saying "Ask a question, get conclusions from research papers."

Price: Freemium. The premium account, at $6.99/ per Month, has uncredited AI credits for GPT-4 summaries and study snapshots.



Imagine: You only need to focus on getting your ideas across and fully engage in meetings while MeetGeek takes care of everything else.

Interface of MeetGeek, saying "Maximize the value of your team meetings."

From taking notes, highlighting main topics, and noting the next steps, MeetGeek ensures everyone is on the same page after the meeting, while measuring and improving meeting effectiveness.

Try MeetGeek today.

Browse your internal information with Klu

Information can easily get lost in the huge amount of conversations we have across different platforms. Klu helps you find data quickly across your internal work apps. 

Interface of Klu, saying "AI search engine for your work apps."

The best thing is that Klu integrates with all the common working apps like Slack, MS Teams, and Gmail.

Applications that can be intergrated with Klu.

Price: Freemium. The premium plan provides unlimited features like Integration or Chat with File. 

Note: Please be mindful to assess privacy concerns before giving tools like this access to your data. For enterprise settings, tools from Microsoft and Google deliver similar functionality without compromising security.

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In the News 

Every week, we pick must-read articles about the future of work so you can stay ahead. 

This week's discussion is about the new advancements in AI and its impact on the workforce.

A graph compares ChatGPT's answer length when being fed a May versus a December date.

arsTechnical: As ChatGPT gets “lazy,” people test “winter break hypothesis” 

Benj Edwards reports on a hypothesis that ChatGPT tends to be “lazier” in December by giving shorter answers and refusing certain tasks. People on X compared answer length when feeding ChatGPT a December and a May date, without a definite conclusion. 

(Update: OpenAI is getting ready to release ChatGPT 5. Check out our guide to its new features)
New Scientist: Mind-reading AI can translate brainwaves into written text

Researchers from the University of Technology Sydney have developed a non-invasive and transportable AI model named DeWave that can translate silent thoughts into texts. The accuracy now is approximately 40% - 60%.

Alexandra Samuel (WSJ, HBR, Book: Remote Inc.)): The AI-Driven 10-Hour Workweek

In this podcast with Alexandra Samuel, we dive into the possibilities of a 10-hour workweek and the way we can rethink productivity thanks to AI. 

Business Insider: AI drive-thru tech firm relies on human workers 70% of the time

Presto Automations, a drive-thru technology adopted by major fast food chains, previously claimed that its chatbots were taking over 95% of orders without human intervention. However, in its most recent filing, the company reported that 70% of orders taken by the chatbots rely on human agents. 

TechCrunch: Spotify confirms test of prompt-based AI playlists feature

A Tiktok user spotted “Spotify’s ChatGPT,” which “turns your ideas into playlists using AI.” Users just need to type a prompt of music ideas in the AI chatbot, and they will receive a customized playlist.

Jobs to Level Up

We want you to make the change we need in this world of work. And do it from wherever is best for you. Here are some jobs that caught our attention:

  1. Webflow: Senior Product Manager
  2. Topsort: Head of People
  3. Plus One Group: Remote Marketing Strategy Director / Team Lead
  4. Loop: People Business Partner
  5. Ancient Gaming: Chief HR Officer

Need more options? WeWorkRemotely, FlexJobs, and Remote’s new job board are great places to get vetted remote-friendly roles. 

How to get a remote job. I read through hundreds of first-person accounts of how people landed their remote jobs and interviewed someone who did it successfully. Read about all the steps to take in my new article, “How to Get a Remote Job Today.”

How did we do?

That’s it for this week’s edition of Stay Ahead, the newsletter that keeps you ahead in the future of work. Reply and give us your feedback: what could we do better?

We’re here for you, truly.

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