10 of The Best Hot Desk Booking Apps to Manage Hybrid Workforce in 2023

The post describes 10 of the best hot desk booking apps you can use in 2023 to manage your hybrid workforce and office.


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10 of The Best Hot Desk Booking Software to Manage Hybrid Workforce in 2023

In the past few years, we have seen an enormous shift in companies' operations. The traditional model of having a fixed office and employees working from that location is no longer the norm. Employers are increasingly looking at increasing productivity while making it easier for their employees to work remotely.

When it comes to managing a hybrid workforce, one of the difficulties is determining how to allocate desk space effectively. The emergence of hot desk booking software has helped facilitate a more fluid and cooperative work environment by letting employees reserve desks, conference rooms, and other resources on demand. You can track their attendance, schedule meetings, and events, and assign tasks and projects. 

This article highlights 10 of the best hot desk booking software to help you manage your hybrid workforce in 2023!

First, let's define "hot desk booking software" so we know what to look for.

What Is A Hot Desk Booking Software?

Hot desk booking software is a service that facilitates the fast scheduling of office resources like desks and conference rooms. Team managers may improve office space management and foster a more flexible and collaborative work environment with the help of hot desk booking software. 

The software often includes real-time availability checking, booking and cancellation management, and reporting and analytics. 

This software allows you to create an environment where employees can sign up for available desks or spaces on demand. This can be especially helpful when you want to accommodate last-minute meetings or events without disrupting your regular workday schedule.

Now, we have learned about what hot desk booking software is. Let's analyze the top 10 booking software below.

Top 10 Hot Desk Booking Software in 2023

If you're looking for a way to manage your hybrid workforce, a hot desk booking software might be your best bet. Hot desk booking software can help you increase employee productivity and engagement while also helping you reduce costs associated with managing office space. 

If you are a manager responsible for a hybrid workforce, you may be interested in learning more about the hot desk booking software options available.

FlexOS Hot Desk Booking App

We're biased, but FlexOS is our top favorite. 

It is a desk booking software designed to enhance the workflow of Gen Z and Millennial remote and hybrid teams. The platform provides a user-friendly booking system that enables employees to conveniently reserve workstations, meeting rooms, and other resources as needed. FlexOS offers a range of practical tools and instructional guides that can assist managers and HR leaders in managing their remote teams effectively. 

FlexOS enables your team to choose their workstations for maximum productivity. The Lexi app facilitates locating and reserving a workstation for employees. Their hybrid work solutions enable the synchronization of team schedules, allowing employees to find colleagues' workstations and book nearby spaces quickly.


  • Easy to use with an intuitive interface designed for young, modern employees.
  • Allows employees to book desks in advance or on the day, improving flexibility.
  • Provides practical tools and how-to guides to support managers in managing remote teams effectively.
  • Offers desk analytics that can help businesses make data-driven decisions to optimize office spaces.
  • Offers QR check-ins, making it easy for employees to reserve and check in at available desks.


  • We have yet to find many drawbacks of FlexOS, as we are a young startup, and some users have reported issues with the mobile app.  


Deskbird is a versatile and intuitive hot desk booking software that facilitates the reservation of desks, meeting rooms, parking spots, and other resources for employees with convenience. Deskbird's notable feature is its ability to seamlessly integrate with various calendar programs, communication tools, and active directory systems, streamlining the integration process into your current workflow.


  • Multiple booking methods, including a web platform, mobile app, and integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack
  • Health policy review and incognito bookings for added privacy and security
  • Real-time analytics and utilization metrics for better workspace optimization
  • Multiple integrations with popular calendar programs and communication tools
  • Dedicated zones and access restriction options for more control over office space


  • Limited customization options compared to some other hot desk booking software
  • Pricing may be more expensive than some other options, starting at $1.80/user/month

Eden Workplace

Eden Workplace is a comprehensive platform that offers various modules for desk booking, room scheduling, visitor management, and more. The user-friendly interface is well-organized, with real-time updates that ensure accurate booking information. Their ticketing system allows easy collaboration and resolution of HR, IT, and facilities requests.


  • Eden Workplace has modular pricing options, allowing businesses to choose only the needed services.
  • Emphasizes safety and compliance with transparent visitor management and automated delivery systems


  • Some employees may require training to use the platform effectively, leading to a potential learning curve


With its intuitive scheduling interface and many available automation rules, Skedda ranks among the top hot desk booking platforms. The flexibility of the booking system allows you to evaluate the studios, conference rooms, and workstations at your disposal and reserve them as needed.

Booking a room alone couldn't be more straightforward, thanks to the intuitive and completely automated user interface. Check availability and make a reservation instantly by using their dynamic floor layouts. One of our favorite UI features is the time-of-day range-slider that informs you of when your preferred option will become available again.


  • The platform's user interface is organized and straightforward, making finding and reserving available desk space simple.
  • Automation tools make client booking and payment processing easier and faster, saving time and effort.
  • The comprehensive analytics data may glean insights into the popularity and frequency of use of the available workspaces.


  • Despite Skedda's extensive personalization options, first-time users may have a learning curve.
  • Skedda's flexible pricing structure might make it more challenging to predict costs compared to predetermined plans from competing software vendors.


Smartway2 is a workplace scheduling application that helps employees be more efficient by allowing them to reserve resources like hot desks, conference rooms, parking places, and other equipment before arriving at the office. The platform can manage the current difficulties of hybrid work, and it has connectors with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, as well as a mobile function for booking on the move.

The Smart Desk Recovery feature of the platform frees up unwanted reservations to boost desk availability for staff.


  • You can easily reserve a room using your Outlook Calendar and see whether your coworkers can meet in person.
  • Robust rules engine and sanitation scheduling help businesses prioritize employee health and safety of employers.


  • Pricing information is only accessible upon request.


Robin is a desk booking software ideal for companies implementing a hybrid workplace policy. The system facilitates employees in booking meeting rooms and desks with ease and also enables them to locate their colleagues promptly. Numerous offices worldwide use Robin, and the platform provides tools and insights to allow organizations to manage the employee experience effectively.


  • Provides real-time data on the availability of resources, allowing for quick bookings and schedule changes.
  • Offers detailed analytics to help businesses understand how their workspace is used.


  • The mobile app can be challenging to work with.


Tactic offers various tools enabling enterprises to administer their hybrid work policies efficiently. Providing on-demand desk booking and meeting room reservations enables employees to effectively plan their preferred work schedule and engage in collaborative activities in a physical setting. The interactive map feature of the office facilitates the employees to view the schedule of their team member's presence in the office, thereby streamlining the coordination of meetings and events.


  • Integration with popular scheduling and communication apps
  • Available on Android and iOS


  • Limited information available about additional features beyond desk booking and meeting room reservations
  • Higher starting price point compared to some competitors


Clearooms is a software solution for scheduling office space like desks and conference rooms. Clearooms puts you in charge of planning meetings and other office requirements, and it's simple to set up and incorporate into your workflow. Single Sign-On (SSO) and integrated access control further streamline the process for your staff. Our straightforward pricing model, which bases fees on the desk rather than the worker, allows us to provide excellent value.


  • Simple to use, with a user interface that is easy to navigate through
  • Integrates easily with Active Directory or G-Suite, making it ideal for businesses who use these systems to manage their users and meeting room resource


  • Some workers may need help adapting to the system and its capabilities.


If you're using Windows and looking for a hot desking solution, go no further than Condeco. It offers complete services and is an excellent fit for new businesses and organizations with a mix of traditional and remote employees. Fixed, flexible, and bookable workspaces are all supported by the system so that employees may select the option that best suits their needs. A graphic map is available on their website, mobile app, and Outlook, making it simple to reserve a room. Users may also reserve parking spots and create collaborative communities for their teams.


  • Compatible with over 15 different applications
  • Allows efficient reservation of available workstations in real time


  • Condeco pricing starts at $45 per user. Larger companies with many staff may, however, incur higher costs.
  • It's designed for older, less tech-savvy users, and the interface reflects this.


Designed to assist organizations in managing their shared spaces, Officely is a cloud-based hot desk booking software with several valuable features and connectors. Officely's interface with Slack is a notable feature that allows customers to see real-time updates on office availability and personnel locations. This is an excellent tool for companies with hybrid workforces who must communicate and collaborate with employees in different places.


  • Provides individualized health questionnaires in reservations 
  • Offer a safe method of recording data and keeping track of workers' activity to track down any stray contracts


  • Officely is more expensive than other hot desk booking software choices, with pricing beginning at $2.50 per user per month.

A Word in the End

While all the hot desk booking software options listed here have advantages, FlexOS is a top recommendation for younger companies. 

Its powerful features and integrations with popular software platforms make it a versatile and flexible solution for managing hybrid and remote workspaces without the outdated UI of most other platforms.

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