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Booking System

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Your Meeting Room Booking System.

Let employees book meeting rooms and manage them with ease. Get your meeting room booking system for free from FlexOS, leaders in hybrid team and office management.

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Upload your meeting rooms to our platform.

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Let users book meeting rooms from MS Teams, Web, or iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Monitor bookings, accept, deny, and cancel.

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Easy Meeting Room
Booking App

Give your team the freedom to select their meeting rooms for optimal hybrid collaboration.

Add Unlimited Meeting Room Amenities

Let people filter rooms by floor, neighborhood, and amenities like projectors and whiteboards.

Release unused rooms back into the system

Employees confirm usage by QR code scanning. If not, the room is made available again.

Start meeting room booking today. Enter your name and email to start. It's free!

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Integrates with MS Teams and Google Calendar

Bookings on FlexOS automatically get reflected on MS Teams and Google Calendar. It works where you do.

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