OpenAI’s Sora Is A Game Changer + AI Will Dominate Careers In 2024 // Stay Ahead #12

What's with the hype for OpenAI's "Sora"? Are you ready to get along with AI, which will dominate your workplace in 2024?
Evelyn Le
Evelyn Le
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February 19, 2024
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Welcome to Stay Ahead #12 from FlexOS!

Every Tuesday, we share the latest tools and technology news to help you work smarter, not harder. 

In this week’s edition:

  1. Innovation of the Week: OpenAI’s video generation “Sora.”
  2. Must-read News: Google announced Gemini 1.5. Experts say that AI will dominate careers in 2024.
  3. Job Board: Future-forward roles at TheyDo, Remote, Harbor, and more.

Let’s dive in!

Is “Sora” The New Tool Or Threat To Creative Industry?

Last week, OpenAI introduced “Sora,” a text-to-video AI-generated model. The demo results rocked the internet. It has been called “amazing,” “game-changer,” and “the craziest thing.”

Sora is not the first text-to-video AI model. We have Midjourney, Pika, and, most recently, Google’s Lumiere. Yet, based on the demo videos, Sora seems to have unlocked a new level of lifelike quality. 

Sora can do:

  • Text-to-video generation (up to 60 seconds)
  • Video extension
  • Video edit to a different style

With the current capability for the first version, Sora raises a concern for the future of the videography, filmmaking, and creative industry. But that’s not all. 

OpenAI has not made Sora publicly available because the company believes that “bad actors could misuse a model like Sora in myriad ways.” Creating fake videos of a real person can be an immediate example. They are building a tool to detect Sora-generated videos to address this concern. 

Let’s take a look at some of Sora’s products from @sama and OpenAI (the video quality was compressed to fit in the newsletter):

Prompt: Animated scene features a close-up of a short fluffy monster kneeling beside a melting red candle. The art style is 3D and realistic, with a focus on lighting and texture. The mood of the painting is one of wonder and curiosity, as the monster gazes at the flame with wide eyes and open mouth. Its pose and expression convey a sense of innocence and playfulness, as if it is exploring the world around it for the first time. The use of warm colors and dramatic lighting further enhances the cozy atmosphere of the image.
Two golden retrievers podcasting on top of a mountain
Prompt: A movie trailer featuring the adventures of the 30 year old space man wearing a red wool knitted motorcycle helmet, blue sky, salt desert, cinematic style, shot on 35mm film, vivid colors.
A game scene created by Sora.


The 20 Best Employee Management Software for Thriving Teams in 2024

The right software attracts, engages, and retains top talent. We have compiled a list of 20 best Employee Management Software to not only boost productivity but also foster a sense of belonging among team members. 

The interface of CultureAmp.

Check out the best employee management software here. 

Best Integrations To Maximize Your Work Environment

Empower Flexible Teams With Geekbot

Geekbot, a Slack and Teams integration, is the meeting-saver for your team.

Instead of trying to fit in fixed meeting slots with the whole team, Geekbot can ask questions, such as daily updates, project updates, and any challenges or hiccups, to each of your team members, then synchronize them into a single meeting file. 

Price: Free for teams of up to 10 members.

Streamline Meeting Set Up With Calendly

With Calendly integrated into your Gmail, Outlook, Teams, and Slack, your team can effortlessly access your schedule and set up a new meeting without leaving the mailbox and all the back-and-forth emails. 

Price: Freemium

Need more AI tools to make your work and life 10x easier? Check out our Top AI Websites, Top AI Tools,  How to Use AI, Free AI Tools, AI Productivity Tools, AI Recruiting, AI Presentation Generators, and AI Accounting.
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In the News 

Every week, we pick must-read articles about the future of work so you can stay ahead. 

This week, Google continues to storm the industry with the announcement of Gemini 1.5:

An image says "Introducing Gemini 1.5 Pro"
Our next-generation model: Gemini 1.5

Only a week after the launch of Gemini 1.0 Ultra, Google announced Gemini 1.5 model. This model brings a breakthrough feature in long-context understanding, such as a 402-page transcript.  

Slack AI is here, letting you catch up on lengthy threads and unread messages

Slack introduced a suite of AI features for their Slack Enterprise users, such as summarizing threads and letting you ask questions relating to ongoing projects.  

Embrace The Fact That AI Will Dominate Careers In 2024, Experts Say

CEOs and experts predict AI will shape and greatly influence the workplace, including HR, business, and decision-making processes.

Adobe’s Very Cautious Gambit to Inject AI Into Everything

Amidst the race with players like Dall-E or Midjourney, Adobe’s Firefly is reportedly more cautious in training their AI. They pay the stock contributors and ensure no real-life figures are in their database. 

Human Resources: What HR Does in 2024 + Where We're Going

Human resources (HR) is at the heart of any thriving company. We have put together a comprehensive guide on how HR is transforming in the future of remote work and AI. 

Jobs to Level Up

We want you to make the change we need in this world of work. And do it from wherever is best for you. Here are some jobs that caught our attention:

  1. TheyDo: Principal Partnerships Manager
  2. Remote: Regional Event Marketing Manager
  3. Harbor: Director of Talent - Global Total Rewards
  4. OnTrac: VP of Talent Management and Employee Experience
  5. Mindbody: Manager of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Need more options? WeWorkRemotely, FlexJobs, and Remote are great places to get vetted remote-friendly roles. Also, check out our guide on “How to Get a Remote Job Today.”

How did we do?

That’s it for this edition of Stay Ahead, the newsletter that keeps you ahead in the future of work.

We’re here for you, truly.

Daan and the team at FlexOS​

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