Best Free 2024 Digital Planner (with Goodnotes, Etsy, iPad Templates)

Start 2024 off right with the best FREE digital planners for Notion, Etsy, Goodnotes, iPad, or PDF. I've collected the best free templates + created ours.
Grace Nguyen
Grace Nguyen
Senior People Operations, FlexOS
Leveraging five years in HR and a keen eye for innovation, I help people-centric leaders choose HR tech that boosts employee experience and aligns with organizational goals.
October 24, 2023
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As a manager, your life is nonstop. Endless emails, meetings, projects, and people demanding your time and attention. Just thinking about your overflowing plate is exhausting.

But with the right digital planner, you can transform the chaos into clarity. A planner tailored for busy managers helps you effortlessly organize, prioritize, and schedule each day and week so you can make time for what is truly important.

The key is finding a planner that understands your role and needs. One with features that enable you to:

  • Visualize and maintain a big picture overview of goals and resolutions.
  • Prioritize your most critical tasks and projects so urgent issues don't crowd out important goals.
  • Keep you organized and effective by planning out to-dos and delegate them to the right people (including you) on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Check in and reflect regularly to keep yourself motivated and on track while balancing personal and professional commitments (or any burner that you're turning on at the time!)

With an optimized planner, you'll work smarter, not longer. Your time will align to your biggest priorities, both individual and team. You'll gain control of your calendar while empowering your team with clear direction.

In our guide, I'll show you how to start your digital planner that way with free ready-to-do templates, plus many tips and tricks.

The Best Free Digital Planners

With so many options, how do you select the right digital planner as a busy manager?

After researching the top digital planners on the market, I highlighted the best choices for managers looking to optimize their productivity and time. Whether you need a basic calendar, an all-in-one task manager, or a vision board planner, there is a (free) option that  meets your needs and keeps your life "on track."

Read on to find the best free digital planner for you and take control of your schedule in 2024:

Goodnotes 6

If you’ve been a digital planner user for a long time, you may have heard about Goodnotes. 

Goodnotes digital planner
Click here to download Goodnotes 6

As one of the best note-taking apps on the market, Goodnotes is a digital whiteboard for you to capture handwritten notes and compile detailed documents.

Originally created for Apple devices, it's now on Android, Windows, and even the web.

Generally, the Goodnotes interface is quite cartoony!

You can customize colors and icons with your folders. Whatever you can do with a white paper or planner book –write, draw, highlight, erase and decorate with stickers– you can do it easily with Goodnotes and even more.

Went over many versions, outstandingly, the recently released Goodnotes 6 has some nifty AI-powered features that make note-taking and digital planning quicker and smarter. 

Why I like this digital planner:

  • Many shortcuts and quick gestures make it convenient! You can circle text and move it around the page or scribble to delete instead of using an eraser button on the toolbar. 
  • You can make use of AI support to auto-complete sentences and correct words as you write. (Much like Grammarly!)
  • Audio recording is fully supported while taking notes.
  • Easy customization with your personal planner covers, paper preferences, or whatever of your styles. 
FlexOS Digital Planner Template on Goodnotes
FlexOS Digital Planner Template on Goodnotes

How to import your digital planner to Goodnotes:

  • Download your PDF digital planner.
  • Tap the Share icone, then select the “Copy to GoodNotes” option.
  • In Goodnotes, import your digital planner to your slected folder.

(You'll receive our weekly tips & research to thrive in the future of work after downloading.)

2024 Notion Planner Template (Designed by Us 😊)

For those who are likely to think outside the box, Notion provides a digital planning canvas limited only by your imagination. It lets you build daily, weekly, and monthly schedule templates from scratch and customize them to the smallest details.

But in case you don't have time to design a whole new system, no worries! I have designed a free Notion digital planner template for organizing and tracking your goals.

Our 2024 Notion planner comes with:

  • A yearly planning page to map out your 2024 major goals and objectives for the whole year that you want to achieve.
  • Monthly templates with daily and weekly views to plan and manage each day with ease.
  • Monthly self-reflection and gratitude log at the end to reflect on accomplishments and progress. Keep growing!
Notion Planner Template 2024
We designed a beautiful 2024 Notion Template for you!

(You'll receive our weekly tips & research to thrive in the future of work after downloading.)


Todoist is more than just a basic to-do list app.

Even the free version of Todoist provides access to all the core planning and task management features needed for a digital planner.

With its combination of an easy-to-use interface, flexibility, and ready-made templates, Todoist can be considered a top choice for organizing your plan and tracking to-dos at no cost.

Todoist Free Digital Planner
Todoist as a digital planner - Simple and user-friendly design

For managers who want to get started quickly with a pre-made planner template, Todoist offers several free options to choose from. I suggest going with the 2024 Annual Review Template to set out your top priorities, then adding other pages for your habit trackers and project management.

I like this because of:

  • Various pre-made templates for different contexts include work, personal, education, creative projects, etc.
  • An easy way to add and manage detailed tasks with due dates and reminders.
  • The ability to access our planner anytime, anywhere via mobile apps, web apps, and integration with digital calendars like Google.
Todoist has a template gallery for digital planners
Todoist has a template gallery for digital planners

Overworked and Overloaded?

You don't need a planner, you need a Time Management App! Schedule your work and save time.


While best known as an all-in-one team project management tool, ClickUp can also double as a helpful digital planner for busy managers - and it can be completely free!

With its flexible custom views, ClickUp allows you to plan your days, weeks, or months in various visual formats like calendar, timeline, Kanban board, and list. You can create tasks, reminders, recurring events, and more to organize your personal and professional goals and schedules. Besides, you might find the bold color-code tags helpful to categorize activities into different domains.

ClickUp monthly planner

ClickUp offers templates like their free daily planner to help you get started quickly. With real-time sync across devices, ClickUp provides managers a free and fully-featured option to bring order to unwieldy schedules. The same tool you use to manage team projects can also help optimize your personal productivity.

I like this because of:

  • A gallery of free templates for managing personal tasks and daily/weekly activities, but designed to fit different styles.
  • Customizable views.
  • The ability to access our planner on both desktop and mobile apps.
ClickUp free templates
Click here to choose from ClickUp digital planner templates

2024 Canva Digital Planner 

Want to design a planner that fits your style perfectly? Go to Canva. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily personalize layouts by tweaking fonts, colors, and images to match your style. I recommend using Canva Docs for your digital planners, which makes inputting details like tasks, events, and notes simple.

There is also a wide choice of daily, weekly, and monthly planner templates that you can customize and make your 2024 planner as unique as you are in minutes.

Canva planner templates‍
Click here to choose from Canva planner templates

Feeling Stuck With Work?

You need more clarity. Put your to do's in a Project Planner and get the help you need.

Etsy Digital Planners

Etsy planner templates‍
Click here to choose from Etsy planner templates

Talking about digital planners and not mentioning Etsy is like having a cake with no frosting – something's definitely missing!

For planner enthusiasts who love colorful templates or prefer designing your own planner, Etsy is a treasure trove of digital planners with hundreds of templates tailored to your needs and aesthetics. It could be minimalist designs, fun themes, or professional planner templates.

Once purchased, you will receive the PDF files with editable text fields and design elements to import into note-taking platforms or print them out.

For example, the shop Happydownloads is a most-buy destination on Etsy that offers a huge bundle of planner templates for tracking productivity, wellness, fitness, finance, and more.

Etsy bestseller planner template

They also provide many stylish planner covers and thousands of decorative stickers to customize your planner. Check it out here!

Overworked and Overloaded?

You don't need a planner, you need a Time Management App! Schedule your work and save time.

Discover More Free printable PDF Planner Templates Below:

World of Printables Planner Template 

Colorful Daily To-do List Templates
Colorful Daily To-do List Templates

Kdigital Studio 2024 PDF Digital Planners

 Everything Planner - Cool, Warm, and Neutral color palette
 Everything Planner - Cool, Warm, and Neutral color palette

Passion Planner PDF Templates 

Weekly and Monthly Planner Templates
Weekly and Monthly Planner Templates

DayDesigner Free 2024 Planner Printables

Free Planner Printables from DayDesigner
Free Planner Printables from DayDesigner

My Daily Planner PDF Template with Reminders

Lots of us enjoy the zen of handwriting but still want the benefits of going digital. If that sounds like you, MyDailyPlanners is a must-try resource. Though not free, their awesome digital planner PDF templates library allows you to schedule meetings and events in Google and Apple Calendar straight from handwritten notes.

These thoughtful templates have hyperlinks embedded in activity sections. Slowly craft your days, writing by hand on your device, then seamlessly integrate into your online calendars. With MyDailyPlanners, you can have the tranquility of classic planning combined with the convenience of digitization.

MydailyPlanners digital planner templates
Click to choose from MydailyPlanners digital planner templates with reminders

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Explore the 19 free and best Employee Engagement Survey Providers in 2024 to successfully conduct and manage surveys. We reviewed them unbiasedly.

Finding Digital Planning Nirvana

When adopting a digital planner, the most important step is choosing a platform that fits your personal planning style.

With the sea of options out there, it can be overwhelming to identify which works best for you. Generally, digital planners fall into three main camps: task management, reflection-oriented, or creativity-focused.

For those who want to maximize task organization, productivity apps like Todoist and ClickUp are ideal. Their specialized features for reminders, priorities, due dates, notifications, and calendars allow you to track all your to-do’s seamlessly. 

For goal-oriented users who value reflection, digital journals like GoodNotes or OneNote mirror classic paper planners with daily, weekly, and monthly spreads perfect for self-growth. Customize them with trackers and inspirational elements. 

Finally, for creative folks, flexible platforms like Notion and Airtable empower you to let your creativity run wild when designing layouts, color schemes, and visual components.

The key is not getting swayed by all the options, but honestly assessing your planning personality.

Are you driven by task completion and organization? Self-development through introspection? Artistic expression? Once your primary motivator is clear, find the digital planner suited to your needs. When your planner aligns with your instincts, you’ll reach a flow state of planning nirvana.

Customize Your 2024 Planner for Maximum Productivity

When adopting a new digital planner, would you rather have something generic, or something personalized?

Small customizations can make digital planner feel like your own. Simple tweaks tailored to your needs go a long way.

Here are shortcuts to customize templates for busy managers:

  • Change covers and themes to reflect your priorities and motivations.
  • Highlight key dates, milestones, and deadlines in bold colors.
  • Resize columns for tasks, notes and appointments to fit your activities.
  • Create templates for recurring meetings to auto-populate.
  • Set visual cues like icons or colors to flag priorities and statuses.
  • Add inspiring quotes or images to start your day motivated.
  • Organize projects and client work into separate sections.
  • Build your ideal daily and weekly layouts then duplicate.

Don't overthink design details. Focus customizations on what makes you most productive. Let your planner reflect your management style and priorities. With these simple adjustments, any template transforms into your ideal planning anchor.

For more options, discover our comprehensive review of the top planning tools and task tracker tools in the market.

Tips to Make Digital Planning a Habit

Planning consistently can help you live a more organized and purposeful life. Chaos can be replaced by confidence and employee productivity. Don't wait for the right moment to start. Begin today with a simple planning habit and use your digital planner to help you achieve your goals.

Here are some tips to develop a planning habit even if you’re lazy:

  • Set a designated planning time - Block off 15 minutes at the same time each week to review your planner. For instance, every Sunday night from 8 - 8:15 PM. This makes planning a routine habit.
  • Tie to a daily habit - Attach your planner review to an existing habit like drinking your morning coffee. While you sip, spend 5 minutes going over your day's schedule and priorities. Linking it to a consistent activity makes it easier to remember.
  • Schedule it - Put your planning time on your actual calendar! This "officializes" it so you commit. Also, schedule reminders 15 minutes before so you don't forget.
  • Start small - If planning out your life months ahead seems impossible, just focus on 1 week at a time. You can still capture key future dates, but only detail the current week. As the habit builds, you can gradually expand your planning horizon.
Bonus: Save your planning time with our free AI Action Plan Generator to create your to-do action items for your goals: 
Free AI Action Plan Generator
Click here to try out our free AI Action Plan Generator
  • Focus on priorities - For beginning planners, highlight just your very top 1-2 priorities for the week rather than overwhelming yourself by planning every detail. As it becomes a habit, you can increase what you plan out.
  • Batch plan - For weekly planning, set aside time to batch simpler tasks like setting up your template, writing in key dates, etc. Getting the structure in place first speeds up the process.
  • Reward yourself - After you finish planning, treat yourself to something small but enjoyable like a piece of chocolate, a relaxing bath, or watching your favorite show. This incentivizes sticking to it.
Bonus: Put your to-do list into Daily Quests and get a game plan for your day – including ChatGPT-suggested rewards for a job well done!
Turn your tasks into a fun adventure with AI-suggested rewards
Click here to turn your tasks into a fun adventure with AI-suggested rewards
  • Make it social - Coordinate planning time with an organized friend for mutual motivation and accountability. Do your own planning individually but connect afterward. Having someone else counting on you increases follow-through.

Wrapping it Up

With an abundance of amazing free digital planner templates available, your ideal planning system is just a few clicks away.

Choose a template that speaks to you, personalize it to match your style, and start mapping out your days, months, and even years. 

Once you become organized and efficient, you'll see the difference it makes - being more focused, less stressed, and more accomplished each day. Don't put off your goals another day - create the life you want with a digital planner that turns chaos into clarity.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Even More Productive

Digital planners aren't the only way to improve your productivity. Check out the following tools to work smarter, not harder:

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