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Daily Quest - Level Up Your To-Do List

Turn your to-do list into a series of epic quests with AI.

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Stay on Task and Level Up Your Life with Daily Quest

Do you struggle with distraction, procrastination, and forgetfulness? Are you looking for ways to stay focused, motivated, and productive throughout your day? Introducing Daily Quest - the fun and engaging to-do list app designed specifically for the ADHD brain.

Transform your everyday tasks into epic adventures and immerse yourself into a roleplaying game experience. Earn experience points, acquire skills, defeat bosses, and complete quests as you progress through your daily real-life objectives. The highly visual and rewarding format provides the dopamine rush your ADHD brain craves.

Daily Quest makes it easy to:

  • Break down big tasks into smaller, more manageable steps
  • Add fun themes, characters, loot, and storylines to mundane chores
  • Get reminds, alerts, and notifications to stay on track
  • Track experience points and level up as you complete tasks
  • Unlock new avatars, titles, skins, pets, and upgrades as rewards

Studies show gamifying productivity and introducing elements of surprise, novelty, and anticipation can improve focus, organization, and motivation in people with ADHD. Daily Quest takes advantage of these psychological effects to help you defeat distraction, procrastination, and forgetfulness.

With Daily Quest, you’ll look forward to crossing items off your to-do list and making real progress everyday. Level up your life and tap into the superpower focus of your ADHD brain today!

If you want to boost your remote management skills, then combining icebreaker questions with Daily Quests is the perfect way to get started.

Daily Quest - Level Up Your To-Do List
Quang Nguyen
Design Manager, FlexOS

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