Your Best Self

Explore individual strengths and reflect together as a team to improve productivity.

Do you tend to focus on your weaknesses or strengths at work? Unfortunately, many of us tend to dwell on our shortcomings, which can lead to demotivation and decreased productivity. Instead, let's encourage your team to rediscover their strengths and strive to become Your Best Self.

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How does it work?

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The evidence is clear: harnessing our strengths in the workplace is a game-changer. By utilizing our strengths on a daily basis, employees can become six times more engaged, and teams can achieve a remarkable 12.5% increase in productivity.

Firstly, when team members understand their strengths, they are better equipped to maximize their potential and drive for more achievements. Secondly, by sharing their strengths, team members can also gain insight into how others can contribute to the team's success and learn to collaborate effectively. It increases team trust, respect, and appreciation, fostering a more supportive and positive work environment.

In addition to promoting better teamwork, the "Your Best Self" activity can also enhance individual well-being. Research has shown that focusing on one's strengths can increase feelings of engagement, motivation, and overall job satisfaction. By reflecting on their strengths, team members can identify opportunities for personal growth and development, leading to increased confidence and a greater sense of purpose.

Hosting this activity periodically to remind your team members how great they are and encourage your team to work effectively together and achieve tremendous success.

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