True of False

Onboarding new team members? This is a must-have game to build bonds quickly!

Onboarding new employees successfully is essential for creating a comfortable and collaborative work environment. With this True or False exercise, you’ll get the new employees and the existing team to get to know each other better. By actively engaging and providing feedback, this game offers a fun and interactive way for colleagues to learn something new about each other.

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How does it work?

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Studies show that employees who feel their colleagues understand them are more likely to feel comfortable and supported in the workplace. Learning facts about each other allows the team to develop trust and rapport. This can lead to improved communication and collaboration, as team members feel more comfortable working together. It also enables team members to break down barriers and build deeper connections, increasing motivation and job satisfaction.

The more team members understand each other, the better collaboration they can carry on, to drive better outcomes and success for the organization. This quick and old-school icebreaker is promised to turn strangers into genial co-workers, and colleagues into work buddies.

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