Million Dollar Script

Get creative and collaborate on a million-dollar script with your team members.

Learning to build on each other's ideas helps us collaborate better. So, we've designed a fun activity for you and your team: creating a Million Dollar Script for a (supposedly) blockbuster movie. The game involves each person contributing a single sentence to the story, and the result will undoubtedly surprise you! Let's collaborate and see where our collective creativity takes us.

What’s inside?

How does it work?

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Research has shown that team collaboration can lead to increased productivity, and the "Million Dollar Script" icebreaker is a great way to facilitate this. The activity involves the team working together to build on a storyline, with each person contributing a sentence or two to the overall narrative.

As the team works together to develop the storyline, they must communicate effectively, listen to each other's ideas, and build on them. This promotes active listening and collaboration, two essential skills in any productive team.

In addition to promoting collaboration, the "Million Dollar Script" icebreaker can also help improve creativity. The activity requires the team to think outside the box and come up with clever ideas that provoke their imagination in the game and other areas of their work.

Finally, the "Million Dollar Script" icebreaker can also help build stronger relationships among team members. As they collaborate toward the shared purpose of making the story, team members are given the opportunity to learn more about each other's personalities and working styles. This can help build trust, foster camaraderie, and create a more positive and productive work environment.

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