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Improve your team’s skills and create a continuous learning and growth culture.

Learning & development can take little time! If you want to improve your team's skills and create a continuous learning and growth culture, organizing a 15-minute TED video session is excellent for sparking conversations and sharing ideas. You can choose a TED video relevant to a challenge you face with your team, something your team is working on, or something they're otherwise interested in.

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Investing in team learning and development can significantly impact employee engagement, job satisfaction, and overall team performance. Gallup found that companies prioritizing employee development are 11% more profitable and twice as likely to retain their employees.

Firstly, spending just 15 minutes per day watching a TED video and discussing the key takeaways can help team members adopt a learning mindset and pick up new skills that can be applied to personal and professional growth.

Secondly, team bonding and communication can be strengthened by watching the videos together and sharing thoughts and ideas. This can lead to more open and collaborative communication in the future, which is vital for any team to work effectively. Plus, getting to know each other better can result in a stronger sense of team identity and increased motivation to work together towards common goals.

One of the best things about TED Together is that it exposes team members to new ideas and perspectives. The videos cover various topics, from collaboration, productivity, and well-being to science or art, which can spark new ways of thinking and inspire creativity. This can lead to innovative ideas and solutions for work-related problems and challenges.

In short, icebreakers like TED together can have a significant impact on team productivity and morale. By taking a break from work, promoting team bonding and communication, and exposing team members to new ideas, TED Together can help teams become more productive and effective in their work. So why not give it a try and see the positive impact it can have on your team?

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