TED Together Ice breaker
To Boost Development

Ice Breaker - TED Together

Learning & development doesn’t have to take long! If you want to improve your team’s skills and create a continuous learning and growth culture, organizing a 15-minute TED video session is excellent for sparking conversations and sharing ideas. 

You can choose a TED video relevant to a specific challenge you face with your team, something your team is working on, or something they’re otherwise interested in.

Investing in team learning and development can significantly impact employee engagement, job satisfaction, and overall team performance. Gallup found that companies prioritizing employee development are 11% more profitable and twice as likely to retain their employees.  

What’s inside?

  • Detailed instructions
  • A TED Together template 
  • Messages to send your team

How does it work?

  • Prepare the activity by copying our TED Together template
  • Brief your team on the activity  
  • Run the activity and encourage everyone to take turns sharing their learnings

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