Favorite Emoji Ice breaker
Improve Team Communication

Ice Breakers – Favorite Emoji

Online communication is great until a coworker sends the 🙂 emoji. Does she mean what it means? What does it mean anyway? You will never know until you play Favorite Emojis and give everyone a chance to share what they try to express with their emojis.

Research shows that emoji is among the most common causes of digital miscommunication. Improving team communication can help reduce employees’ stress, failure to complete projects, and even the company’s loss of sales.


What’s inside?

  • Detailed instructions
  • A “Favorite Emoji” template 
  • Messages to send your team

How does it work?

  • Copy our template, share the link with your team
  • Ask your team to share their favorite emoji and what it means
  • Run the activity and share the stories
  • After the meeting, share our emoji collage to your Teams channel/Slack/Email as a recap

Download this FREE toolkit now, understand each other better, and improve team communications.