Why Is Hot Desk Booking Likely to Stay?

Hot desking saves money, boosts innovation, and improves employee satisfaction. Learn more with FlexOS.

Hybrid Office

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During the pandemic, governments have been forced to limit the movement of their citizens, which promoted many businesses to opt for the hybrid work model More and more companies are embracing hybrid work arrangements to adapt to changing work trends and improve efficiency and productivity.

A Report from Ernst & Young says that employees in Southeast Asia want flexibility in when they and where they work, and around 60% would consider switching the job for flexible work.

A Cisco Study highlighted that in Singapore, 71% of the companies preferred the hybrid work model, even after the safety measures were lifted.

According to a report from the Straits Times, hot desking rose to popularity during the pandemic, and the trend of hot desking will likely stay in Singapore soon.

The Singapore government even issued a guide to help people transition and adapt to the hybrid work model. In this blog post, we'll discuss why hot desking is so popular and why it is likely to stay. Let's dive right in!

Examples of Companies Hot Desking

Hot desking refers to the practice of sharing office space and workstations among employees on a rotational basis. Employees exchange desks rather than working permanently in fixed workstations.

Contrary to the traditional work environment, this model allows employees to work from anywhere and break out of their silos.Hot desking helps companies reduce their office costs by freeing up dedicated workstations, improving cross-departmental communication, and eliminating the productivity paranoia of decision-makers.

Hot Desk Booking - Office
Hot Desk Booking - Office

In addition, it makes employees feel more connected with each other by pulling them away from fixed workstations.The multinational pharmaceutical company Takeda has removed fixed workstations to create more meeting rooms and community spaces and introduced 40 hot-desking workstations.

At the same time, law firm Dentons Rodyk is shifted from individual workstations to work cubicles and open workspaces to allow employees to work from different locations within the office.

Reasons Why Hot Desking is Likely to Continue?

Coming to work is no longer about the physical amenities and work environment but the employee experience. As we discussed earlier, hybrid gained massive popularity during the lockdown.

However, even after the safety measures have been lifted since April 2022, workers still want to continue working from home, and hot desking is helping Singaporean companies to make workers return to work.

For instance, SAP, a famous tech firm in Singapore, implemented a full-fledged hot-desking approach when it renovated its office in 2021. They aimed to maximize the collaboration among employees while providing employees the flexibility to choose their desirable workspace.Here are some reasons why host desking is likely to continue in Singapore:

Cost Saving

Singapore is a highly developed economy with a high cost of living, and desk booking can help organizations reduce costs associated with unused office space. Businesses can reduce their real estate footprint by optimizing space utilization, leading to significant cost savings.


Hot desking can also promote innovation and creativity, as employees are exposed to new ideas and perspectives from working alongside colleagues from different backgrounds and departments.


Hot desking allows companies to be more agile and adaptable in their office space usage. It enables them to scale up or down quickly to meet changing business needs.

Hot Desk Booking - Dedicated Desk
Hot Desk Booking - Dedicated Desk


Desk booking systems can facilitate collaboration and communication among employees. By allowing employees to work in different areas of the office, they can interact with colleagues from various departments, leading to increased knowledge sharing and collaboration.


Hot desking can also contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing the environmental impact of office spaces through reduced energy consumption and resources.

Employee Satisfaction

Hot desking can improve employee satisfaction by offering greater flexibility and control over their work environment.

How to Implement Hot Desking?

Implementing hot desking can be a relatively straightforward process. Companies successfully implement hot desking in their offices and reap the benefits of this flexible and cost-effective approach to office space management.

Suppose you are considering adopting hot desking for your workplace. In that case, FlexOS is one of the best desk booking and scheduling platforms that enable organizations to establish hybrid workplaces and ensure employees' safe return to work.

It allows your employees to choose the suitable workspace for their needs while helping you manage your workspace more efficiently. The key features of Flex OS include the following:

  • The ability to pre-book a desk from anywhere via a few touches on the screen
  • Users instantly check the availability across the floor plans and see which spots are available
  • Check the amenities and other necessary information about a given space
  • Users can book desks close to their teammates to ensure seamless collaboration and optimal productivity
  • Employees can check and quickly reserve the available desks by scanning the QR codes
  • Desk analytics to make data-driven decisions to optimize workspaces and resources

FlexOS is a smart office management system that can help you quickly implement an agile desk booking and optimize your workspace. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best desk booking tool in the market and revolutionize your hybrid office!

Workplace Analytics
FlexOS provides real-time workspace usage analytics to help you optimize your office resources.

Bottom Line

Hot desking is a cost-effective and flexible solution for office space management that offers many benefits to companies and employees. As a result, more and more companies are adopting hot desking to improve productivity, foster collaboration among employees, and reduce costs.

These benefits can be particularly valuable, where real estate is a precious commodity, and businesses are looking for ways to optimize their workspace and make the most of it.

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