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Break Into AI: Stop Wasting Time in Meetings and Mailbox

Unlock AI insights for management success! Join our beginner-friendly webinar tailored for managers seeking to leverage AI effectively.

The pace of work is outpacing our ability to keep up.”

🕐 If you find yourself drowning in back-to-back meetings and 100+ unread emails, you are not alone. According to the latest Microsoft Work Trend Index, we spend more time communicating than creating value at work.

🚀 In order to progress in your career, you need to invest time and effort in the work that matters. How can you gain back control of your time at work?

🛠️ Leveraging the power of AI is the answer!

💁🏻 Join our July manager meetup to learn practical tips about using AI productivity tools from:

  • Arslan Ihsan, Senior Vice President at ADDO - Data and AI consulting firm, advising clients such as Pfizer, Singtel, Visa, UOB, etc.
  • Tra To, Product Manager at Zapier - Workflow automation application
  • Dan Van Rossum, CEO & Founder of FlexOS - Remote work management platform
  • Projjal Ghatak, CEO & Co-Founder of OnLoop - Feedback and goal-sharing platform for modern teams

🔥 After the event, you will get a complete guide on how to use 5+ simple AI tools to defeat communication overload + real use cases!

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