101 Employee Recognition Ideas to Show Appreciation to Your Teams

Running out of employee recognition ideas? We have plenty for you to choose from, with 101 Employee Appreciation Ideas – and most are completely free!
Wendy Nguyen
Wendy Nguyen
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October 30, 2023
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According to Zippia research, recognition is the number one thing you can do to motivate your team members to do great work. 

I'm sure you've experienced this before – either when you received recognition or given it. A well-deserved compliment that shows your work hasn't gone unnoticed is po-wer-ful.

But sometimes, it's not that easy to come up with a way to recognize your team without it feeling too cliche or boring. We feel your pain. Good news then, that we've gathered 101 ways to recognize people at work.

What Is Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition acknowledges the hard work of people and teams. It's a super effective way to create or deepen bonds with your people, drive employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

To become a pro at employee recognition, remember to be regular, timely, and specific:

  • Regular: a pat on the back once a year does not sufficiently make people feel appreciate. Provide recognition frequently (but don't overdo it.)
  • Timely: getting a shout-out at a town hall months after you finished a big project isn't enough. Share recognition when the work is done.
  • Specific: "well done" doesn't make anyone feel good. Provide specific feedback about why you recognize someone, highlighting what they should do more of in the future.

Employee Recognition versus Employee Appreciation

You may have heard these terms being used interchangeably. But there is a difference!

Appreciation focuses on general benefits like compensation and perks, while recognition involves specific work-related achievements.

Both boost morale and retention, with leadership ensuring employees receive deserved acknowledgment.

101 Employee Recognition Ideas that Work in 2024

Now that we have the theory out of the way, it's time to get into the ideas we've collected for you.

Below, we've highlighted ideas for:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • The whole company

Recognition Ideas For Individual Employees

1. Congratulate an employee in front of their peers

This will show that you value their work and think highly of them as individuals. Additionally, it will make them feel good about themselves and their work and inspire them to continue doing their best.

2. Give them a handwritten thank-you note

This shows that you took the time to sit down and write a personal message, which will mean a lot to them.

3. Tell them you appreciate them in person

If you have the opportunity, tell the person you appreciate them in person. This will make them feel good and let them know you mean what you say.

4. Endorse them on LinkedIn

Everyone loves polishing their LinkedIn profile here and there. Take your time and write an endorsement that would mean a lot to your employees.

5. Send them an email thanking them for their contribution

If your employees like it formal, email them to explain how their contributions are essential to the company.

6. Give them a raise or bonus

If financially possible, giving a raise or bonus is a great way to make your employees feel good instantly.

7. Feature them in the company newsletter or website

If you have a company newsletter or website, write a post featuring them and their work. Your employees will feel that they are a valuable asset to the team. 

8. Highlight employees on social media

If showcasing your employees in a newsletter or website reinforces your engaging workplace culture from the inside, it's just as important to let the world know on the outside how proud your company is to have these talented individuals share a common vision.

9. Create a video to celebrate an employee

If you're feeling creative, make a short video tribute featuring the employees and their work. It will be something they can keep and cherish forever.

10. Give them a day off

Everyone loves a day off, and it's a great way to show appreciation for a well-done job. Give them a day or two off so they can take a break and return to work recharged.

11. How about a Starbucks gift card?

Or any other type of gift card more personalized to their interest. For instance, if they don't drink Starbucks but do a lot of shopping, get them shopping vouchers or membership cards. It doesn't have to be costly, but it will surely be appreciated since it shows you have been observing and caring about them.

12. Free movie tickets

By providing a non-cash incentive in the form of a cinema ticket that can be used in an employee's own leisure time, you're showing them that you value the work that they're doing. You give them a fun day or night out without denting the bank balance.

Movie Tickets

13. A restaurant gift card also works

Again, it's all about personalization, and buying a gift card from their favorite restaurant is a great way to show you value their contribution.

14. Take them out to lunch

Treat your employees to lunch and strengthen your connection with them. Connecting with your employees is an extensive process that takes effort from both sides. Sustain that relationship through casual dining occasions and ignite their flame of productivity.

15. Put together a surprising breakfast treat for them

Imagine walking into the office and being welcomed by a well-presented breakfast with unique notes of gratitude such as "The Well Done Donut" and "Coffee For The Win" With just a tiny amount of attention to detail, you already vastly improve their concentration and help they start the day with some sustenance.

16. Give them a gift basket of gourmet food

A gift basket is always a pleasant surprise. Remember that quality, packaging, and usage longevity are essential to creating a perfect gift basket for employee recognition.

17. Buy a bouquet 

Flowers can brighten the mood while adorning their workspace with more colors of life. Extra efforts such as writing a thank-you note with a message conveyed through the meaning of the chosen flowers will make their day.

18. Give them a plant

They can take care of it and watch it grow. It's a living reminder of your appreciation for them and benefits your employees' mental health on hectic days, too.

19. Give them a framed picture of the team or department

A picture says a thousand words! Our work can sometimes stress out even the best of us. Surrounding them with the warmth of constant support from their best mates at the office and keeping those good memories in a photograph are sources of motivation to help them keep up the excellent work.

20. Give them a mug with the company's logo

Making coffee while chatting at the water cooler breaks down social barriers at work. To enhance this experience, what is better than giving them a mug they can use daily and incorporating their appreciation story in those conversations?

21. Give them a book related to their job or interests

Knowledge is power. By introducing them to a book, you also present a set of perspectives that inspire them to think differently and stay updated with significant changes. All are critical to maintaining a competent and progressive workforce.

22. Afternoon at a local spa

Refreshing your body and mind goes hand in hand. One of the best ways to decrease stress, avoid burnout and increase employees' job satisfaction is to grant them a spa treatment day, which they deserve.

23. Give them tickets to a concert or sporting event

Entertainment activities make up a large portion of "life" in the work-life balance concept of an employee. Utilizing this perk to enrich the lives of your employees outside of the office on your behalf, in turn, can make them more motivated and excited to get back to work.

24. Give them a gift card for a manicure/pedicure

A mani-pedi treatment is another luscious expression of gratitude towards your hard-working employees. It's suitable for social employer branding, too, if they decide to post about the experience on social media.

Gift Cards

25. Give them a subscription to a magazine related to their job or interests

Subscriptions to one's favorite sources of inspiration can become another bill to add to the existing ones. Therefore, it is more than enough to make them happy and focused if they can now enjoy their favorite information channels without hassle or worry about a monthly fee for a particular period.

26. Netflix/Spotify/Apple Music/Apple TV subscriptions

The frequency of incorporating music and movies into our life is enormous. Why isn't employee engagement also a part of that frequent exposure? So now, they would genuinely appreciate the company's offering whenever they put on a film or their favorite song.

27. Pay for them to attend a professional development seminar or workshop

Developing one's professional competence through relevant seminars is never understated. It benefits your employees individually as an elevated step towards their professional goals. On the other hand, it helps your company have such a robust set of knowledgeable employees willing to grow with you.

28. Give them a gift voucher to a local hotel for a weekend stay

A weekend stay indicates an extensive incentive your employees will need after several tough grinds they have overcome at work. Remember to cater the experience to their highest interest for the best result.

29. Give them tickets to a play, musical, or other live performance

Some surveys have shown that deploying theatrical arts intervention can act as a catalyst to providing comprehensive means to increase self-efficacy and build resilience to behavioral change at work. This also means they can break out of their comfort zone and try out something they may have never done before.

30. Give them a gift certificate for a day at a theme park

Of all the offers employees wish to receive, they have one trait in common: an experience they get to share with others. With an outing gift certificate at an amusement park, they are bound to share goofy experiences with their families, friends, and loved ones while returning to work fully charged with motivation.

31. Give them passes for a day of bowling

Another worth-giving reward in the city is to give out passes for bowling. If playing intensive sports is not suitable for some employees' physical health, bowling is a simple way to get them out of their desks and exercise a little.

32. Give them a bottle of fine wine

Whatever the occasion, you can't go far wrong with a good bottle of wine as an office gift. A good bottle of wine carries an air of sophistication about it that most other gifts are simply not capable of providing. It is truly a gift for adults, which makes it the perfect gift for an environment that is generally going to be full of adults.

33. Give them tickets to a local museum or art gallery

Some employees are extremely keen on the historical and artistic side no matter what job and position they are in, which hands you a perfect opportunity to improve their loyalty to the company by sponsoring their trip to a local museum or an art exhibition. 

34. Name a company event or product after them

It does not have to be a permanent name, but it should be notified to the whole company as an official recognition. This gift champs the gift selection if your exemplary employees value leaving behind a legacy for the next generation to follow. Not to mention, this gift has celebrity materials written all over it.

35. Buy a new chair

Workspace setup has a profound impact on employees' attitudes and performance at work. Gifting them a new, possibly customized, desk chair they pick out for themselves is a way to assure them your company cares about their general health and daily comfort. 

36. Allow them to have a compressed work schedule

A compressed work schedule offers your employees additional hours off without loss of income, benefits or productivity. A compressed work schedule is a flexible option that allows employees to work more efficiently and gain a better work-life balance without sacrificing a full-time salary. There are various ways to set up a compressed work schedule, with one of the most common being the 4/10 work schedule. In the 4/10 schedule, employees work 10 hours per day, Monday through Thursday, to earn the day off each Friday. 

37. Offer paid time off

Under the law, you are not required to offer paid time off. But taking time off work is critical for employees to manage their lives. You can encourage morale, engagement, and productivity by offering paid time off. Some businesses choose to offer a lump sum of days employees can use for time off from work to ensure the company's business-as-usual outputs.

38. Buy the tools they want

Besides a laptop, phone, desk, keyboard, monitor, wi-fi, etc., your employees sometimes need more than that to accomplish. Tools here can be anything, such as a fast, free, stable connection to one cloud storage. Or wellness tools such as a wearable device or a meditation or therapy app. Stay insightful and be creative!

39. Work from elsewhere

The covid-19 pandemic may have changed a lot of companies' perceptions about where their employees should work. Companies have seen for themselves that remote working can produce similar results to working from the office. There are immense benefits tied to it as well since employees are more empowered to be aware of their responsibilities and their priorities.

40. Conduct one-on-one meetings

Hit it home with 1:1 meetings where the employees get to voice their constructive feedback to the company and dive into their career plans. One-on-ones can be a great opportunity to help your employees be more thoughtful about their careers and lives. Don't forget to give them a heads-up since those conversations require reflection and thought.

Recognition Ideas For Teams

41. Track your team's wins

Keeping tabs on a team's win is crucial to maintain further success in the future. It is a simple strategy to assure collectively consistent outcomes in the long run.

42. Create a creative award

Who doesn't like a mini Oscar award at the office? It's a big morale booster that can reward your hardest-working employees when they most need a lift of spirits. Some of the awards you can consider applying to your organization include: Recognition master award, Most recognized employee award; Exceptional listener award; Excellent feedback award; Coaching champion award; Living by our values award; Keeping us safe award; Always growing award…

43. Set up a brag board in the office

A brag board is where team members get to recognize other members. Putting up a brag board means constructing a positive space where they can interact with each other, even unanimously, and saving their funny and meaningful memories when the team wins a project or dress up in costume for Halloween.

44. Post pictures of the team in action on social media

It's a fantastic way to turn your team into social media advocates since team participation is the quickest way to engage your audience, build customer trust, and attract more sales. Taking down-to-earth pictures without staging celebrates the true benefit of working as a team: We can do this together!

45. Create a Slack/Teams channel for employee appreciation

Communication channels such as Slack and Teams can also be leveraged to make more sense in team bonding than be merely an information funnel. You can post about a team's success in a story-telling way that highlights their meaningful contribution to the company.

46. Create a team trophy

As a team, your employees like to compete and, above all, to win. Awarding them a trophy stimulates a sense of collective achievement that only hard work and effective communication can bring about.

47. Serve coffee and refreshments to your team

Small surprises such as coffee, tea, and refreshments can surprisingly strengthen your team's morale and engagement. Ordering coffee to the office may be an insignificant cost in comparison to the overall productivity employers stand to lose by not providing it.

48. Host a pizza party

Or any other type of food that meets the crowd-pleasing and tasty requirement. Sharing food has always been a part of the human story, and the workplace should be no exception. Have a short break right at the office to help team members rediscover the benefit of taking time out and socializing with their mates other than work.

49. Invite members to a karaoke party

Any activity organized outside the office promises to result in fun memories and engaging conversations the day after. Members may probably appear quiet at work, but you have no idea how vibrant they can be outside the boundary of work.


50. Organize exciting field trips

One of the best benefits of a field trip is to build a network and create more meaningful and deeper relationships within the group. They can also offer companies a chance to discover side talents team members acquire but do not have the right environment to show yet.

51. Reserve a team game day

There are many games for employee engagement that you can plan yourself — or leave it to play professionals. Whatever you plan, it's important to keep a few things in mind: personality inclusive, timing-effective, and recurring.

52. Have team lunch

If having a 1:1 lunch helps you understand your employees on a personal level, having a team lunch combines those goodies of each individual and establishes connections within a broader scale. A team lunch can also bring you closer to your team by eliminating potential barriers that might make it difficult for them to approach you.

53. Organize a team wellness day.

Pick a day that your team's workload is less intensive. Invite an expert, if possible, to design a time-off that an employee can use to recharge themselves, putting them in the right headspace for their jobs.

54. Volunteer together

Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. When your team members volunteer together, they learn to understand each other's way of working, how they can collaborate, and the most effective way of communication to deploy in a specific context.

55. Bring in a guest speaker

Just as introducing your team to a new book, inviting them to a guest talk led by a subject expert can do good for your team's performance. It is because the provided knowledge can either confirm their presumed judgment or equip them with a new set of skills that enhance their working experience in the future.

56. Bring in entertainment

Have designated quiet and game areas; Start happy-boosting traditions with your colleagues; Wear clothing that makes you happy; Let the records play; Celebrate birthdays and milestones etc. Take all sorts to have fun at work and still get things done.

57. Send a thank you video

Speak from your pure heart and get straight to the point. If humor is in your personality, throw it in there, too. It certainly makes the team day when they gather around a screen and watch it with thrilling excitement because their hard work does pay off.

58. Send a nice gift to their home

Door delivery is no longer an uncommon scene these days. Opt for this alternative if the gifts are too bulky for them to take home from the office or if they are personalized to each member.

59. Give the team an afternoon off

There is no better way to celebrate a team's hard work than spare them an afternoon off duty. It also sets an excellent example for other teams to aspire to win the same auspicious position.

60. Theme day: Everyone dresses up to work

Being so goofy and invested in a team's engagement activity requires mutual trust among members. Therefore, a dress-up is a lowkey yet impressionable way to express their personality and go the extra mile to prove that they are committed to sustaining this amazing group of people.

61. Secret Santa

Christmas is an occasion of unity and gifting. Giving one another presents is also a subtle way to mark the milestone of a successful year and show appreciation towards each other in the most joyful way.

62. Decorate the office together

Besides your house, to an extent, your office is your second home. How about characterizing our shared home in a way that speaks highly to ourselves by coming up with a theme and joining hands to beautify it?

63. Set up a learning fund

There are multiple ways to set up a learning fund: offer compensation packages with tuition reimbursement, have partnerships with local colleges and universities, etc. Regardless of the form, remember to sign off with the HR department first to seek their advice and address their concern.

64. Nominate the team for an industry award

An industry award is the culmination of a lot of hard work and the great efforts made to meet the market's needs that any team would always wish to achieve. Just the fact of being nominated by your boss or your peers brings a huge array of benefits not just to the team but also the wider organization, and in these challenging times where the world seems a little gloomy, any little act of kindness goes a long, long way.

Recognition Ideas For Companies

65. Flexible work hours

Offering flexible working to employees can boost morale and improve their physical and mental well-being. When staff members work from home, they are likely to be less tired and better rested, reducing the risks of fatigue, burnout, and stress that can be the result of a toxic workplace culture.

66. Work from home

Remote work is on the rise right now, and it makes both business and human sense to give employees their occasional days of remote work. However, a virtual basis does not equal disassociation. One of the essential steps a manager can take is to structure ways for employees to interact socially (that is, have informal conversations about non-work topics) while working remotely.

67. Company-wide outings

Team outings are fun ways to facilitate team bonding and reduce workplace stress. They are great at encouraging employee engagement and participation. If you opt for puzzle solving, make it enjoyable by making the things related to your company with clues only your employees will understand.

68. Complimentary breakfast or lunch

Think about it: free breakfast or lunch syncs the schedules of your workers. Starting the work day or mid-day with a shared meal is a fabulous way for employees to synergize before starting work. It ticks all the right boxes for people to feel connected, appreciated and energized.

69. Have a family day at the office.

This a beautiful social occasion where colleagues will get to know each other better than in the everyday office routine. A corporate family day can be any type of activity that the company wants it to be, as long as they decide on a move that will bring people together and create memories for everyone involved.

70. Bring in a masseuse once a month to offer neck and back rubs.

In addition to the numerous physical benefits of massage in general, office massage has these additional benefits: Increased productivity, increased employee retention, reduction in health care costs, fewer repetitive strain injuries, and improved employee morale.

71. Invite food trucks

The most crucial engagement planning element is to decide what to eat. Food trucks provide catering options that are no-stress, no-mess, and perfect for a break room breakfast or office lunch.

72. Bring your pet to work day

If you are seeking a cost-effective way to encourage staff attendance at work, making pets a part of the workplace is your go-to idea! They are natural stress relievers, and they actually have the perks of promoting creativity, improving employee relationships, and enhancing work-life balance - which is a decisive factor that almost all employees consider regarding their company's corporate culture.

73. Stock the kitchen

Having instant beverages, crockery, and utensils in place means you create a safe and stress-free work setting for your best-performing employees. When employees make fewer decisions on their daily trivial tasks, such as where to buy their coffee, whether they should bring their own cup to work or whether they should order food to the office, etc., their energy remains uplifting, and their performance is significantly consistent.

74. Gasoline gift card

Some companies already include gasoline bills in the total benefit package of eligible staff. However, if incentives are called for, a gift card to be used at the gas station seems to be not a bad idea at all, especially when you know your employees will sooner or later put the gift card into use.

75. Cell phone allowance

There are some departments where employees simply cannot do without a cell phone to carry out their work on a daily basis. The cost undertaken by each individual can sometimes take a toll on their monthly income. On the other hand, companies can minimize this stress and enhance their staff's capability by providing monthly cell phone stipends.

76. Guess the baby

Employees bring in a photo from when they were 12 months or younger and post it on a bulletin board. Employees try to guess which photo goes with which staff member, writing their answers down on paper. This game encourages fun, positive conversation – and opens up opportunities for colleagues to learn new things about each other's childhoods. This game can also be implemented on virtual meetings.

Guess the Baby

77. Innovation Day

Innovation in the workplace is a critical employee engagement approach. It helps firms stay competitive, save money, and provide value to customers. It also leads to happier, more creative, and more engaged employees. Therefore, it is beneficial for both the company and employees to set aside a day where people come together, collaborate, bounce ideas off each other, and create huge impacts in a highly concentrated environment. 

78. Casual Friday flip-flop day

Flip-flop day is an excellent way to add a little fun to the workday. It will allow your employees to show their personality and have some fun.

79. Install a foosball table in the break room

Foosball is a team sport, and playing it can help employees learn to work together and cooperate. This can translate into better teamwork in the workplace overall. Additionally, playing foosball can help employees bond with each other and build relationships. These relationships can make the workplace more enjoyable and productive.

80. Give employees a day off on their birthday

If you are looking for a way to show your employees how much you appreciate them, consider giving them a day off on their birthday. It is a small gesture that can make a big impact in expressing the company's care. Also, a day off on employees' special day allows them to fully relax and recharge, which can improve their productivity when they return to work.

81. History Tour

If you're looking for a unique and meaningful way to show your employees how much you appreciate them, consider giving them a history tour. Firstly, extracurricular activity is an excellent bonding time through exploring and learning. Also, it shows employees that the company cares about their interests and that you're willing to go the extra mile to show your appreciation.

82. Name meeting room after top employees

This works the same way as naming streets to publicly honor a person's achievements. It is especially true respect for top performers, as showing that their work is truly valued by the company. Additionally, it can be a great way to boost morale and create a sense of camaraderie among employees.

83. Company stock

Share incentives are an affordable and effective way to boost employee engagement and secure future business growth. Employees involved in tax-advantaged employee share schemes feel an improved sense of engagement and loyalty to their employer. Employees reported feeling like "more than just an employee," along with an increased sense of job security because of their involvement in the scheme. 

84. Lunch with CEO

The 'Lunch with the CEO' initiative gives everyone a (rare) opportunity to establish relationships with co-workers across different departments. It's a relaxing 2-3 hours where anyone can share ideas, provide feedback and ask anything.

85. A Thank You video

When it comes to employee appreciation, the verdict is simple: They just want to hear "thanks" a little more often. While some may feel highly regarded by a quick thank-you email, others might feel the gesture is better made with a video. 

86. Give a shoutout on social media

Taking advantage of your company's social media platforms to recognize employees is a fantastic and affordable way to give the shoutout you want to share. If they agree to it, you can post a picture and explain what makes them so unique. Your attention should be focused on their job title, accomplishments, and most recent contributions.

87. A trip

Through a carefully designed travel incentive program, your employees can be encouraged to go the extra mile, making them more invested in not only their own careers but in the success of their employer. After all, who wouldn't be prepared to push themselves to grow the company if it resulted in an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic locale?

88. A pool party

A poolside party can be a great way to help your employees let their hair down once in a while. If you make it fascinating enough, employees may patiently wait all year long for a signature pool party event.

89. Reward employees with live office entertainment

Depending on the individual tastes of your employees and your office space, consider bringing in live entertainment to create a memorable experience for your employees. You could go all out with a big celebrity that's hard to book or a local star. The options for live entertainment are endless and include a live band, comedian, magician, dance, or drama performance. If your budget limits your options, consider reaching out to a local amateur club or college department to bring in someone who's a rising star.

90. A music video day

Music can keep your company connected. Be creative in how you implement a music video to maximize staff's connection to the organization. You can either welcome employees as guest singers, put together a video with a photo montage of employees, or ask your staff to dance to a choreographed piece of a chosen song and then put those videos together to create a larger display of everyone.

91. A learning library

Your learning library is a central repository for what your employees need to succeed. A learning library can allow you to easily get coverage for a vast number of topics to reach more learners. With a comprehensive list of available courses, you can ensure a higher level of engagement with your employees who may be actively searching for the learning they need.

92. Include "kudos" as an agenda item at a staff meeting

Giving kudos for good work, whether it be manager-to-employee or peer-to-peer, can make the difference between an engaged and disengaged employee. Giving kudos shouldn't just be reserved for massive wins but should be given for smaller wins as well. That's why staff meetings are the ideal place to kickstart the 'kudos' culture in your organization.

93. Allow employees to wear jeans to work

According to a 1995 study conducted by private firm Evans Research Associates on behalf of the Levi Strauss Company and the Society for Human Resource Management, 45 percent of respondents experienced heightened productivity as a direct result of being allowed to wear jeans at work. Respondents felt that the implementation of a casual dress code signaled a progressive approach to human resource management.

94. Set up a nap room

Inadequate sleep may be dramatically reducing your employee productivity, performance, and even attendance. Therefore, the nap room concept is not new and is gaining traction in many corporate and small business settings. It's important for senior leadership to communicate the purpose, proposed benefits, and safety factors while encouraging employee engagement in the adoption process.

95. Create a break room

Establishing a dedicated area where employees enjoy some downtime during the workday is a strategic move that can improve productivity, creativity, and interaction. Remember to make your room stand out within your office and provide furnishings that promote comfort.

96. Transportation reimbursement

By offering employees benefits that help limit out-of-pocket costs and encourage healthy lifestyles, you are investing in the well-being of both your teams and your companies. Travel expenses can include lodging, personal car mileage reimbursement, flights, ground transportation, tips to bellhops, meals, tips to waiters, room service, and other incidental expenses an employee might experience while on the road.

97. Parental leave

Maternity and paternity leave granted to employees offer a sense of security for parents while raising their children. The absence of such employee-friendly policies might deprive people of tension-free parenthood.

98. Fitness center membership

Offering employees gym memberships rewards them with the flexibility of choice that allows each employee to choose a gym that is convenient and offers them the programs and classes they choose. With some reimbursement programs, employees might also be able to take the money and put it towards pursuing a sport or unusual fitness activity.

99. Paid time off for employees to volunteer

You can give employees free rein to pick a nonprofit they believe in for their day(s) of service. Conversely, some companies might choose to limit where employees can volunteer. For instance, if your company has tight-knit relationships with a handful of nonprofits in your area, it might make sense to limit employees to those organizations for their volunteering so that your company can continue to build on its support for those nonprofits and their goals. 

100. Educational assistance

Educational assistance benefits are a win-win. An educational assistance program can help recruit, develop, engage, and retain high-quality employees. When workers enroll in a training program and see a path to advancement, they are more likely to stay.

101. Cross Training Opportunities

Allowing employees to occasionally shadow another team member or receive training on different roles within the organization will help them feel engaged and better understand how the different moving parts of the company work together. This cohesion can improve healthy lines of communication throughout the company and increase productivity along the way.

Employee Recognition

In Conclusion

Recognizing your people is one of the strongest tools you have, especially when managing remote teams.

Let's have fun and make people feel rewarded for the hard work they put in. If you have an idea that we didn't catch yet, contact us!

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