Photo Collage

Get to know the person behind the screen name.

When working in a hybrid team, we don’t always get to know the person behind the screen name. This Photo Collage activity is a perfect way for team members to get to know each other by sharing a personal photo & the story behind it.

What’s inside?

How does it work?

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Research has shown that team cohesion and social support can significantly impact team productivity and effectiveness. 

When team members feel connected and supported by their colleagues, they are more likely to feel motivated, engaged, and invested in the team's success. 

The Photo Collage activity is a great way to foster this sense of connection and support by encouraging team members to share personal stories and get to know each other on a deeper level.

A study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology found that team cohesion positively relates to team performance and innovation. 

Harvard Business Review wrote that social support and positive team member relationships can increase job satisfaction and motivation. 

By incorporating activities like the Photo Collage into team meetings, teams can improve cohesion and social support, leading to better performance and outcomes.

The activity encourages team members to share a personal photo and its story. By sharing these personal stories, team members can learn more about each other's backgrounds, interests, and experiences. 

Sharing personal stories increases team members' empathy, understanding, and appreciation, improving communication and collaboration. 

By creating a more supportive and connected team environment through activities like the Photo Collage, teams can ultimately become more productive, effective, and successful in achieving their goals.

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