Body Scan Ice breaker
To Boost Wellbeing

Ice Breakers Body Scan

This fun and interactive exercise encourages your team members to express their emotions and connect with each other in a meaningful way. By starting your team meetings with the Body Scan activity, you can create a positive and supportive work environment that promotes well-being and team bonding. 

Studies have found that workplace mindfulness training can lead to significant improvements in productivity and team cooperation. One of the key positive outcomes came from simply incorporating one minute of mindfulness before a group meeting.

What’s inside?

  • Detailed instructions
  • A Body Scan template 
  • Messages to send your team

How does it work?

  • Prepare the activity by copying our Body Scan template
  • Brief your team on the activity  
  • Run the activity and encourage everyone to take turns sharing their reflections

Download this FREE toolkit now, take a mindful moment, and boost your team’s wellbeing and understanding!