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Getting People Together
in the Hybrid World of Work

According to research from McKinsey, 90% of companies will switch to hybrid work, combining work from home and work from the office. And hybrid work has many benefits: employees love it, and companies save on their office.

But we know that hybrid can be challenging as well. Companies need to introduce, measure, and optimize hybrid ‘policies.’ They must redesign their offices and operate them differently to provide on-demand spaces to focus, meet, and collaborate.

Most importantly, they need to be much more intentional about their employee engagement, as a research shows that connection, community, and company culture suffer when people do not work together in person.

FlexOS wants to support those companies. But most importantly, we want to support the employees who say they don’t know when or why to come to the office.

We do that with gamified office check-ins, desk and meeting room bookings, and up to 10 monthly events and activities tailored to employees’ unique interests. These employee-centric features work in unison to get people together again, and to make the office a place people love coming to on the days they choose to do so.

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Meet The Team

The FlexOS founding team of Daan van Rossum (Ogilvy, Dreamplex), Greg Marschall (Knowork), and Jonah Levey (Vietnamworks, Dreamplex) saw the shift of companies moving towards hybrid working.

Having backgrounds in employee experience, coworking, and technology, they decided to build FlexOS – the first platform dedicated to bringing people together in hybrid companies.

All three are happy to chat about how FlexOS can help companies successfully manage hybrid teams and offices, in a data-driven, employee-centric way.

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