Know where your team
is working with FlexOS


Default schedule

Set a default schedule to minimize manual work. Make weekly changes to reflect reality.


Automatic Reminders

Team members get automatic notifications to update their schedule for the upcoming week.


Team schedule

See all of your team's schedules to propose their best office days.

When should we meet in the office?

Working from home is great, until it isn't. Arranging your team day is a breeze with the FlexOS Office Day Scheduler. Online or in MS Teams, use Office Day Scheduler to quick align on when you're in the office together.

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Set your intended schedule for the week.

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See where others will be working that day.

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Make changes based on your team's plans.


Boost collaboration and productivity.

Nothing beats getting together in person. With the FlexOS Office Day Scheduler, you plan team office days with ease and get to collaboration quickly.

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Increase productivity with face-to-face meetings.

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Build stronger bonds between team members.

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Clarify blockers and resolve them together.