24 Best Leadership Conferences to Have on Your Radar in 2024

Level up your leadership skills with the key leadership conferences in 2024. We've done the research for you and have the complete list of potential events.

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You’re a great leader.

But you want to get better. 

Good news: 2024 has a lot of great leadership conferences waiting for you.

Leadership conferences are dynamic gatherings focused on how to lead better, overcome workplace challenges, and succeed in our ever-evolving world. 

By attending, you'll gain invaluable insights from top industry experts and forge connections with fellow leaders, enriching your leadership journey.

In this article, I collected the top 24 leadership conferences of 2024, each offering unique opportunities to enhance your leadership skills.

The 24 Best Leadership Conferences in 2024

Arranged in chronological order to help you plan your year effectively, here are our recommendations for the most enriching leadership conferences in 2024.  

1. Traffic & Conversion Summit (January 9-11, 2024, Las Vegas, NV) 

Focus: Marketing & Sales

The Traffic & Conversion Summit is the ultimate event for AI-driven marketers in the US.

It's three days jam-packed with practical tips and tricks that you can put into action. 

With over 5,000 attendees and a lineup of 45+ expert speakers covering eight content tracks, this summit is the place to be come January next year.

Speaker Lineup of Traffic & Conversion Summit

Price: $1,995 until December 14, 2023

Click here to learn more and buy a Traffic & Conversion Summit ticket.

2. Gartner Digital Workplace Summit (March 18-19, 2024, Grapevine, TX)

Focus: Technology and Business

Gartner is a research and consulting firm that analyses the IT industry. In 40+ years, 75+ reports, and 2.200 experts, Gartner has a serious voice in the buying decisions of all kinds of organizations. 

And the Gartner community is top-notch, too! 

Concentrating on digital transformation in the workplace, the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit is pivotal for leaders in the digital space. 

This summit allows you to connect in person with top experts and over 1,000 digital workplace leaders and get early access to Gartner's latest research.

Price: $3,475 for early registration until January 19, 2024

Click here to learn more and buy a ticket for the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit.

3. Day to Grow, with John Maxwell (March 9, 2024, Orlando, FL)

Hosted by renowned leadership expert John Maxwell, this event focuses on personal development and effective leadership strategies​​.

Price: $129 for the General Admission ticket 

Click here to buy a ticket for the Day to Grow Conference.

4. Lead Dev New York (March 19-20, 2024)

Focus: Technology and Leadership

Tailored for leaders in the development and technology sectors, the Lead Dev New York conference offers insights into leading tech teams and managing innovation​​. 

This year’s themes include:

  • Navigating the non-boom market 
  • Developing your reports and performance management 
  • Maintaining reliability 
  • Tackling build vs buy

5. EntreLeadership Summit (April 21–24, 2024, Dallas, TX)

Focus: Leadership and Business

Hosted by Dave Ramsey, the EntreLeadership Summit is a comprehensive leadership and business conference. It offers practical takeaways for business transformation, covering topics like leading through hard times, building a winning culture, and managing time effectively​​.

Speakers include Ramsey himself alongside Atomic Habits bestselling author James Clear, U.S. Navy pilot Carey Lohrenz, and Vanessa van Edwards, Founder of Science of People and Bestselling Author.

Speaker Lineup of EntreLeadership Summit

Click here to reserve your seat for the EntreLeadership Summit.

6. Great Place to Work For All Summit (May 7-9, 2024, New Orleans, LA)

Focus: Workplace and Culture

Want to create a workplace of joy in which every member loves what they do and bonds over a great sense of shared purpose? Then, the Great Place to Work for All Summit 2024 is the place to be. 

Centers on creating inclusive and effective workplace cultures, the Great Place to Work for All Summit 2024 is essential for leaders striving to build engaging and productive work environments​​.

For three days, you'll be able to listen to award-winning workplace leaders, Great Place to Work culture experts, and HR thought leaders from various industries.

They've all been there, done that, and are ready to share their insights with you. 

Get ready for real-world stories, all the latest statistics and trends, and inspiring best practices that will urge you to make some changes tomorrow and become a more inspired leader!

Price: Until Dec 31, early-bird prices are $1595 for All Summit Tickets and $1,690 for an additional Social Supper Club Ticket (limited seat).

Click here to learn more and buy a ticket for the Great Place to Work.

7. The Future of Everything Festival (May 21-23, 2024, NYC)

Focus: Technology and Innovation

The Future of Everything Festival by Wall Street Journal is a top event for people who are always thinking ahead. 

This broad-based conference covers various future-oriented topics, providing a platform for leaders to discuss emerging trends and innovations​​. 

The 2024 agenda is not announced yet.

Price: $699 until November 24, then $1,099

Click here to stay updated about The Future of Everything.

8. Social Innovation Summit (June 4-5, 2024, Chicago, IL)

Focus: Innovation and Social Impact

Are you always dreaming big and keen on making a positive impact in the world? If so, the Social Innovation Summit is right up your alley.

Here, you'll get to meet more than 1,200 leaders, funders, and social entrepreneurs who are driven by a purpose just like you and ready to share their hands-on experience in balancing missions and profits. 

Although the speakers for the 2024 summit have not yet been announced, many prominent names from previous seasons have taken the stage, including the United Nations Former Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and Van Jones, CNN Political Commentator and Founder and president of Dream Corps. 

Click here to stay updated about the Social Innovation Summit.

9. Women Lead Festival (June 13-14, 2024, Brooklyn, NY)

Focus: Leadership and Diversity

Women Lead Festival

Celebrating and empowering women in leadership roles, the Women Lead Festival is a key event for women leaders across various sectors​​.

The festival is named a gathering of top female leaders from various sectors, focusing on collaboration in areas like allyship, leadership authenticity, workforce innovation, and creating inclusive workplaces.

It's targeted at senior-level professionals, both women and men, committed to advancing women's roles in the workplace. Ideal attendees include those in high-level HR, diversity, learning and development roles, and women's employee resource group leaders.

Price: $1,695 for membership / $1,995 for regular purchase

Click here to learn more and buy a ticket for the Women Lead Festival.

10. Collision (June 17-20, 2024, Enercare Centre, Toronto, ON)

Focus: Technology and Innovation

Known for its focus on technology and leadership, Collision is a massive tech conference that brings together tech entrepreneurs and leaders. 

As called “The Olympics of Tech,” the 2024 edition “continues to be the most frequent answer when I ask others about the conference they most want to attend this year” to discover more than 30 topics divided among 15+ tracks exploring every industry affected by tech.

According to the organizers, the event will see 40,000+ attendees from 130+ countries, 800+ speakers, 2,000+ startups, 1,000+ investors, 300+ global partners, and 1,400+ journalists.

Price: CA$446 for pre-registration

Collision Conference

Click here to learn more and buy a ticket for Collision.

11. SHRM Annual Conference (June 23-26, 2024, Chicago, IL)

Focus: Human Resources and Talent Management

If you're working in HR and want to take your career to the next level, you shouldn't miss the SHRM24 conference.

This is the top HR community event that HR professionals from all over the world look forward to every year.

The 2024 edition concludes more than 275 sessions, covering various HR-related topics at all levels - from building equitable systems to supporting individual wellbeing.

Whether you're just starting in HR or are a C-suite leader, SHRM24 has something for everyone, helping you stay abreast of the latest developments in the world of work.

When signing up for SHRM24, you'll get to re-listen to some of the best virtual sessions 30 days after the conference.

Price: $1,495 non-member virtual pass / $2,195 non-member in-person pass

Click here to learn more and buy a ticket for SHRM Annual Conference.

12. The World Diversity In Leadership Conference (July 3-5, 2024, Calgary, AB, Canada) 

Focus: Leadership and Diversity

Tesla, Timberland, and The Body Shop. 

What do these brands have in common besides starting with the letter "T"? 

They are all sustainable brands!

Sustainability is not just a passing trend; it's an undeniable truth that you'll be left behind if you don't embrace it. 

The 2024 World Diversity in Leadership Conference, with its theme "Advancing ESG through Sustainable I.D.E.A Initiative," is the perfect opportunity for you to join this sustainable movement and stay ahead of the curve.

The conference highlights the significance of diversity and inclusion in leadership, offering a platform for discussing best practices in diverse workplaces​​.

Price:  CA$950 for full conference registration until January 30, 2024

Click here for the latest updates and buy a World Diversity In Leadership Conference ticket.

13. World Business Forum (July 10-11, 2024, Singapore)

Focus: Leadership and Business

A significant event for global business leaders, the World Business Forum is renowned for its focus on innovative business strategies and leadership insights.

The World Business Forum started back in 1988 and has now become a series of two-day events held in major business centers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. 

They will get all the top experts in different fields coming over to share their latest thoughts and findings on leadership, management, strategies, and what the future holds for the business world.

World Business Forum Map

The World Business Forum Singapore is the latest addition to their map and is scheduled to happen first in 2024 on July 10-11 at Marina Bay Sands. The speaker lineup includes: 

  • Andre Agassi (High Performance) - Author, Philanthropist, Education Advocate, and Former #1 Ranked Tennis Player and Multi Grand Slam Champion
  • Gary Hamel (Strategy) - World-renowned business thinker and management innovator
  • Carly Fiorina (Leadership) - Former Chairman and CEO, Hewlett-Packard Company and Bestselling Author 
  • Charlene Li (Generative AI) - Leading expert on Digital Transformation
  • and disruptive growth strategies
  • Peter Weill (Digital Strategy) - Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Marcus Collins (Brand Strategy) - Chief Strategy Officer at Wieden+Kennedy New York and Professor of Marketing at the Ross School of Business
  • Tal Ben-Shahar (Self-Management) - Global thought leader on Positive Psychology and Leadership

Price: $4,800 SGD for early registration until December 15.

Click here to learn more and buy the World Business Forum Singapore ticket.

14. eWN ICON (August 7-10, 2024, Dallas, TX)

Focus: Leadership and Entrepreneurship

eWN ICON Conference

Dance with wonderful ladies. Be loved by the loved women. Hear the affirmation from talented women in their leadership roles. The eWN ICON 2023 has finished like that. 

This is a community for ambitious women entrepreneurs and major supporters of the women's success movement, who are dedicated to achieving success and helping others do the same.

You'll connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for bold ideas and turning them into reality.

The eWN ICON 2024 covers topics like financial empowerment, influencer dynamics, YouTube mastery, and Google growth. It's a must-attend for those seeking fresh perspectives and practical insights for professional growth. 

Price: $1,074

Click here to learn more and buy a ticket for the eWN ICON!

15. Global Leadership Summit (August 8–9, 2024, South Barrington, IL)

Focus: Leadership and Professional Development

Format: In-person, Online & Hybrid

This two-day, multisite event is one of the top leadership events globally, offering leadership insights and inspiration​​.

It gathers 5,000+ leaders from around the globe, all coming together to chat about boosting their leadership skills.

"The content is practical. The content is inspirational. And as leaders, we need to go to places to be inspired. We need to maintain hope and inspiration. Then there’s the stretch. When I leave the Summit, I’m always thinking about where I can stretch." – Annette Cutino, Director of Advance, LEAD.NYC who attended previous Global Leadership Summit

The speaker lineup of Global Leadership Summit 2024 includes all the best leadership experts from various fields, including Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School and bestselling author.

Price: $179 for a local host site or online experience / $249 for an in-person experience

Click here to learn more and buy a ticket for the Global Leadership Summit.

16. The Evolve Technology Conference (September 11-13, 2024, The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV)

Focus: Technology

If you’re a tech enthusiast and want to stay ahead in the IT industry, you don’t want to miss the Evolve Technology Conference by Trace3.  

As a hub for the latest IT innovations and strategies, Evolve has been the go-to event for IT professionals like you, offering an unbeatable blend of knowledge and networking since 2008.

Joining Evolve Technology Conference 2024, you'll get to attend world-class keynotes and engaging breakout sessions led by industry experts and thought leaders, soaking in real-world insights that can revolutionize your approach to tech and leadership. 

The best part? It's not just about listening; it's about connecting. 

You'll have countless opportunities to network, exchange ideas, and form lasting partnerships with peers and visionaries. And the highlight – the Outlier Awards Gala in the heart of Vegas, is where you can meet in person those awarded innovators and exceptional leaders in the field of information technology.

Price: $550

Click here to learn more about The Evolve Technology Conference.

17. INBOUND by HubSpot (September 18-20, 2024, Boston, MA)

Focus: Marketing & Sales

Format: In-person & Online

Inbound Conference by Hubspot

The INBOUND conference by HubSpot is a notable event in the marketing and sales industry. 

This annual conference is designed for professionals in marketing, sales, customer success, and revenue operations to learn, share, and grow together. 

It will guide you through all the best insights from 95+ industry experts and create a perfect platform to network with industry insiders and fellow practitioners.

The best part? You can listen to emerging trend discussions and debatable topics from afar.

They host the event in person and livestream selected sessions, with the promise from Laura Moran, HubSpot’s Director of Global Events Programming & Revenue, “At INBOUND, we've designed the digital event experience with the at-home attendee in mind.”

Price: $899 for General Admission (Tier 2/4 pricing) and $1,699 for VIP (Tier 1/2 pricing)

Click here to learn more and buy a ticket for INBOUND.

18. Digital Transformation Week Europe (October 1-2, 2024, Rai, Amsterdam)

Focus: Technology and Business

We all want to transform digitally in today's fast-paced environment to stay competitive, right? 

Digital transformation is reshaping the workplace and increasing productivity through the use of new technologies such as AI, Edge Computing, Analytics Architecture, and Cloud Computing. 

Digital Transformation Week Europe is the perfect platform for those who want to learn more about the opportunities and strategies to overcome the challenges of digital transformation, all from prominent leaders from Netflix, IKEA, Lenovo, WordPress, and many others.

As a part of TechEx Europe, a wide range of tech topics such as IoT, AI & Big Data, Blockchain, and Cyber Security & Cloud are all covered here.

Price: Free for Content Library Hub Pass and Free Expo Pass to €599 for the Ultimate Pass

Click here to learn more and buy a ticket for Digital Transformation Week Europe.

More Leadership Conferences Will Take Place in 2024

These are great leadership conferences that will be held annually and give you tons of knowledge and networking opportunities. But their dates and locations for 2024 are TBD.

Have them on your radar and I'll keep you posted with all the latest updates.

19. Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit

Focus: Business and Innovation

Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit

Celebrating young leaders and innovators, the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit is a key event for upcoming entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

You may come across the world's youngest billionaires every two steps in this event. 

It makes this summit an ideal place for young leaders like you to seek advice from the most talented and brightest minds in business and, of course, the opportunity to network and make meaningful connections.

Dates are not announced yet. Click here for the latest updates on the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

20. Wonder Women Tech

Dedicated to women in tech and leadership, this conference focuses on innovation, diversity, and empowerment. The specific dates and location for the 2024 conference are not announced yet.

21. Forbes Power Of Women Summit

This summit, organized by Forbes, is dedicated to empowering women in leadership. It brings together influential women leaders to discuss and address key issues. The dates and location for the 2024 summit are yet to be announced.

22. Industry Of Things World

Focusing on the industrial aspect of leadership, this conference is ideal for leaders in the manufacturing and technology sectors. The 2024 dates and location for this event are not provided yet.

23. National Diversity & Leadership Conference

This conference highlights the importance of diversity in leadership, offering insights into inclusive leadership practices. The dates and location for the 2024 conference are not announced yet.

24. Ernst and Young's Strategic Growth Forum

A forum for strategic business growth and leadership, this event is key for leaders looking to scale their businesses. The 2024 dates and location for this forum are not announced yet.

How to Choose Which Conference to go to?

Best Leadership Conference 2024

Selecting the right leadership conference can be pivotal for your growth and networking. Here are five tips to guide your choice:

  1. Relevance to Your Goals: Ensure the conference aligns with your specific leadership goals and interests. Look for themes or tracks that resonate with your current challenges or future aspirations.
  2. Quality of Speakers: Research the speakers and their backgrounds. Renowned experts or experienced leaders can provide valuable insights and new perspectives.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Consider the potential for networking. Conferences that attract a diverse, high-caliber audience offer great opportunities to connect with peers and mentors.
  4. Workshop and Session Formats: Look for a mix of formats like workshops, panels, and interactive sessions. This variety can enhance learning and engagement.
  5. Feedback and Reviews: Check reviews or feedback from past attendees to gauge the conference's impact and value. Personal testimonials can be very insightful.

Mark Your Calendar Now! 

At the end of the day, staying current and being connected with the right people can be your superpowers, especially when it comes to leading the company and leading others.

I’ve researched and highlighted the 24 best leadership conferences for 2024 that are worth your time and spending.

Did you know that networking is responsible for 78% of startup success? That's what the Economist Intelligence Unit found in their published research titled "Informal Innovation: Entrepreneurship and Informal Communities." 

Attending these conferences gives you a ticket to connect with real and successful leaders, engage with ongoing innovation, gain inspiration, and learn valuable wisdom. 

Ready to take your knowledge and expertise to the next level and become a better, more impactful leader? Choose the ones that best suit your needs and mark them on your 2024 calendar now.

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