Favorite Emojis

Foster mutual understanding for better collaboration with this quick energizer.

Online communication is great until a coworker sends the 🙂 emoji. Does she mean what it means? What does it mean anyway? You will never know until you play Favorite Emojis and give everyone a chance to share what they try to express with their emojis.

What’s inside?

How does it work?

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Research shows that emoji is among the most common causes of digital miscommunication. Improving team communication can help reduce employees’ stress, failure to complete projects, and even the company’s loss of sales. The "Favorite Emojis" icebreaker is a fun and effective way to mitigate this issue by promoting better communication and building stronger connections among team members.

Sharing favorite emojis and their meanings can provide valuable insight into each other's personalities and communication styles. Knowing the true meaning behind each emoji sent can help team members avoid misunderstandings and improve communication flow.

By fostering mutual understanding, team members feel a stronger sense of belonging and are better equipped to collaborate and work together. This quick and easy icebreaker is a great way to add some fun to your team's workday while also leaving a lasting impact on team communication and productivity.

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