5 Ways to Do Employee Engagement on A Budget

Team members having a discussion together

5 Ways to Do Employee Engagement On A Budget Employee engagement is crucial for an organization because of its huge impact on business operations and profitability. It has become more important than ever as the work becomes more fragmented. With more than 50% of employees working from home post-pandemic, employee engagement looks different than in […]

5 Powerful Strategies to Enhance Employee Engagement

Colleagues socializing in the office

Employee engagement refers to the extent to which the employees of an organization are willing to devote their intellectual and behavioral abilities toward successfully achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. In the current era of hybrid work systems being adopted around the globe, there is a need to engage employees in their work now more […]

The Importance of Managers in Driving Company Culture

Managers play an important part in driving company culture.

The Importance of Managers in Driving Company Culture In this new era of hybrid work, where employees have the option to choose where, when, and how they want to work, the role of managers has become even more critical, and we need them more than ever. Hybrid work has offered people the opportunity to own […]