Unbiased Reviews: 5 Employee Engagement Tools to Maximize Team Success

Explore the top 5 employee engagement tools on the market. Discover features of each software to find what works best.

Explore the top 5 employee engagement tools on the market. Discover features of each software to find what works best.

You probably know it. Modern employees don’t just work for a paycheck anymore. 

Instead of just finding a job that pays the bills, many people look for a position in a bigger community that provides a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and achievement.

You may have heard about employee engagement, the idea of keeping your employees motivated, involved, and productive. It's important nowadays because if you don't active any employee engagement strategies, you risk losing your most talented employees to competitors who offer a more engaging work environment. 

Fortunately, several software solutions and tools are available to help you foster employee engagement. From features that boost collaboration to tools that track performance, here are our top five employee engagement software tools for 2023 and beyond.

What To Look For In An Employee Engagement Tool?

First, let's consider the top features that you should look for when choosing an employee engagement solution:

  • Collaboration features allow employees to communicate in real time and brainstorm ideas, enabling more efficient decision-making.
  • Gamification elements encourage employees to reach milestones and reward them for keeping them motivated and happy.
  • Performance tracking helps you identify areas for improvement and set goals, ensuring employees stay on task.
  • Social integration allows employees to communicate with one another beyond their workplace environment.

With that in mind, let's explore the five best employee engagement solutions available in 2023.

1. WorkTango: The Top Solution for Building Work Culture

Building a healthy culture is critical - and part of that is creating an environment where employees feel motivated and engaged. 

WorkTango helps you to measure employee engagement, identify areas for improvement, and align departments and teams around common goals. It also provides customizable surveys, making it easy to solicit employee feedback regularly.

WorkTango is an innovative platform that helps companies optimize employee engagement and productivity. With the help of this software, employers can easily access actionable insights from employee surveys and use predictive analytics to suggest the best changes for their organizational operations. The platform gives employees a voice through its recognition, reward system, and goal-setting tools.

Integration with HRIS and HCM systems and popular productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook and Slack make WorkTango an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. With a highly customizable pricing plan, you can request your own free demo to find out if WorkTango is right for your team.

Remote Employee Engagement Tools: Tango
Remote Employee Engagement Tools: Tango

2. TrakStar: An Overall Solution with Tons of Integrations

If you're implementing a system into an already-existing company framework, you'll want to ensure it can keep up. 

Trakstar is a comprehensive HR performance software that helps you track, measure, and improve employee engagement across various integrations within your team or company.

This software provides a wide array of features to help you identify engaged employees, assess factors influencing employee engagement, and take action to improve engagement levels. 

It also offers a suite of HR analytics to gain insights into the impact of employee engagement on key business outcomes like productivity, retention, and profitability.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to track, measure, and boost employee engagement levels, Trakstar is worth considering. TrakStar offers integration features with many of the most popular software systems and a free demo upon request.

Remote Employee Engagement Tools: Trakstar
Remote Employee Engagement Tools: Trakstar

3. Pingboard: Deliver a Better Employee Experience  While Remote

With so many companies moving to a full or hybrid remote model, busy HR leaders have a hard time keeping a handle on their employee experience.  Pingboard is a powerful employee engagement software designed to help people-first companies optimize their HR processes and improve engagement at the same time.
Team members stay up-to-date with relevant information like who’s who, who does what, announcements, birthdays, work anniversaries, and peer recognition, all of which help drive a greater connection and purpose with one another and the company.

With Pingboard, HR can automate and gamify the onboarding process, gather valuable employee feedback with surveys, ensure 1:1s are happening between managers and their teams, and celebrate those who go above and beyond all from one platform. Pingboard offers a free demo period to learn more about this software to see the positive difference it can make in your employee experience.

Employee Engagement Tools: Pingboard
Employee Engagement Tools: Pingboard

4. Motivosity: Excellent for Improving Team Morale

Motivosity is an engaging solution if you’re looking to invest in your team dynamic and bond team members meaningfully. With its simple setup, comprehensive list of features, and flexible pricing plans, Motivosity offers an all-in-one platform that helps to build strong teams with increased productivity and better employee engagement.

The Motivosity system is built on four core components: connect, recognize, lead, and listen. These four components are designed to help build a thriving employee community and foster collaboration. They also have access to transparent reporting, personality widgets, and gift card libraries, making it easy to recognize achievements and reward employees.

The popular pricing model starts at just $5 per person per month and can be adjusted based on your team's needs.

Remote Employee Engagement Tools: Motivosity
Remote Employee Engagement Tools: Motivosity

5. Nectar: Employee Engagement On A Budget

Nectar is a user-friendly, cost-effective employee engagement and recognition platform that helps companies foster strong relationships among their employees, driving productivity and motivation.

With Nectar, businesses can easily reward their staff with digital gift cards or on-demand swag for job performance, service excellence, and more. No contracts are required, and you only pay when their employees actually use the software—making it an excellent option for companies with 50-1500 employees.

Three features that make Nectar stand out include peer-to-peer recognition, wellness challenges, and on-demand swag. With peer-to-peer recognition, staff members can reward each other for their hard work, fostering a sense of camaraderie and appreciation. 

Wellness challenges encourage employees to stay motivated even during periods of low engagement or stress, while the on-demand swag storefront makes shipping branded items effortless.

Employee Engagement Tools: Nectar
Employee Engagement Tools: Nectar

Start Creating a Better Culture with Employee Engagement Software

Employee engagement is essential for any successful business; the right software can make a huge difference in your team’s engagement. Our list of the top five employee engagement software tools provides the information you need to decide which fits your team’s needs best.

With these tools, you can start creating a culture of recognition, collaboration, and motivation among your team. So get started today and see how easy it is to get your employees engaged and productive!

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