FlexOS Releases Report on "The World's 40 Most Popular HR AI Tools"

Today, FlexOS released a report highlighting the top 40 most popular AI tools in HR. From recruiting to employee self-service, these are the leaders.
Daan van Rossum
Daan van Rossum
Founder & CEO, FlexOS
I founded FlexOS because I believe in a happier future of work. I write and host "Future Work," I'm a 2024 LinkedIn Top Voice, and was featured in the NYT, HBR, Economist, CNBC, Insider, and FastCo.
March 12, 2024
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Following our AI Top 150, featured in Forbes, PC Mag, and WorkLife, we're diving deeper into one area where AI can make a huge impact: the Employee Experience and HR.

In the new report, "The World's 40 Most Popular HR AI Tools," we found that:

Recruiting AI Leads with 3 out of the Top 5 and almost 40% of all tools.

This is partially because HR teams need AI tools to combat the massive inflow from candidate applications, ironically driven by "auto-apply AI" (AI fighting AI!)

We are likely just months away from interviewing fully with AI for certain roles.

Platforms like Hirevue, Paradox, and Sapia all offer text and video chatbots to alleviate human interviewers for companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Amazon.

AI HR Platforms Are Popular

AI HR Platforms Are Popular with over 16 million monthly visitors and $12 billion in valuation.

Leading the charge is Unicorn Eightfold AI, which taps over 1 million skills to match people and jobs better.

It's followed by HireVue, Paradox, Axonify, and Beamery.

The Future of Work is Highly Personal.

The tools in this list show that we can expect a highly personalized world of work, from recruiting bots that deeply understand us, to company chatbots that can answer any question, and learning and development that's fully tailored to our role, stage, and preferences.

About the Report, Methodology, and FlexOS

We compiled a list of AI tools for HR by reviewing tens of tools.

We excluded HR software that existed before AI unless they were significantly transformed.

To estimate usage, we took the average relative ranking on Similarweb and Ahrefs Organic Search Traffic.


For the full report with all 40 Top Global AI HR Tools, further analysis, and details on the methodology, visit: https://www.flexos.work/learn/top40-ai-hr

FlexOS is a Future of Work platform launched in 2022 when it raised 1 million dollars to positively change the future of work.

It has since been featured in Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, CNBC, Business Insider, FastCompany, and The Economist for its data and insights on AI, Remote Work, and the Future of Leadership.

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