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FlexOS: Getting People Together
in the Hybrid World of Work

Our mission and what gets us up every day is simple: with ten thousands of hours of our lives spent at work, we need to make sure this time is spent meaningfully and enjoyably.

We deeply believe that in a world where we work less and less in the same place, the best things still happen when we’re together. Therefore, it’s our mission to bring people back together to co-work, connect, belong, collaborate, celebrate, learn, and have fun as individuals and communities. 

We built FlexOS and the Lexi app to positively impact people personally and professionally by making time spent at work more rewarding, engaging, meaningful, valuable, and enjoyable. 

We do this by letting people align their hybrid schedules, find a place to work near their favorite colleagues, and join events and activities that get them closer to people they know, and like-minded coworkers they don’t know yet.

If you need more help, we act as an extended Employee Experience team that provides HR and People Teams strategic and creative partnership alongside AI and data-driven tools to deliver personalized employee experiences at scale. 

From hot desk booking to personalized employee experience programs, if you’re interested, let’s chat!

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