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What is Dexa?

Dexa is a forward-thinking AI chatbot that acts like a smart search tool within the world of podcasts. It's tailored for those who have specific questions and are seeking targeted information from podcast episodes. 

Dexa resolves burning questions by providing the most relevant podcast episodes, topics, and guests. The unique selling point of Dexa is its ability to not only find relevant podcast content but also provide direct timestamps to YouTube videos, pinpointing the exact location of the content within an episode.

Key Dexa features:

  • AI Q&A: Ask questions and receive answers that are directly sourced from podcast episodes.
  • Search Feature: Easily find podcasts by keywords, topics, or guests.
  • AI podcast creators: Interact with the AI creators of popular podcasts like Huberman Lab, The Knowledge Project, FoundMyFitness and the Lex Fridman Podcast.
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