Rebecca Hinds

Rebecca Hinds

Head of The Work Innovation Lab

Rebecca Hinds is the Head of The Work Innovation Lab by Asana, a first-of-its-kind think tank that conducts actionable research to assist businesses in adapting to the ever-changing challenges of work, both today and in the future. She earned her Ph.D. at Stanford University, focusing her research on the transformation of organizations through emergent technologies like AI and non-traditional work forms such as hybrid and remote work. Rebecca was the recipient of the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship, considered one of the highest honors given to doctoral students at Stanford pursuing interdisciplinary research. Her research and insights have appeared in publications including Harvard Business Review, New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch, and Inc.

Passionate about a data-driven future of work, Rebecca frequently advises companies on developing remote work, hybrid work, and technology strategies, emphasizing a data-first and human-centric approach. As a multi-time founder, she has created award-winning businesses that have raised millions in funding. Rebecca's diverse background also includes being a member of Stanford's varsity swim team and a semifinalist at the Canadian Olympic Trials.

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Rebecca Hinds

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