Recent research from Microsoft shows that only 28% of companies have established team agreements to clearly define what’s expected.

Good hybrid guidelines or policies clearly document when and how often employees should come to the office. Additionally, they codify how employees are expected to engage with each other, their managers, and the company. It includes the answers to the key questions around location, working hours, as well as the expected ‘how’ of collaboration, productivity, wellbeing, and absence.

They don’t have to be like a typical “HR Policy,” but can be seen as a way to capture the understanding between employer and employee about how to work together in this digital and hybrid world.

Once written, companies can then measure whether the guidelines are embraced by employees and that requirements around how, when, and where they work are met. It will let companies help teams and individuals who are falling behind, and to improve the guidelines itself over time. 

How to Measure & Increase Hybrid Guidelines Adherence

Write Guidelines

Led by team leaders, put all key considerations into one document that’s easy to understand for employees. FlexOS has created a template that packs all key questions and additionally has examples from leading companies and helpful tips for a more successful hybrid workplace.

Make It Easily Accessible

Since this document has critical information in it, it’s important for employees to know how and where to access it repeatedly. Putting it front and center on a company intranet, or shared drive folder, makes it easier for employees to find the guidelines, understand them, and adhere to them.

Measure Adherence

Use a platform like FlexOS to measure which teams and team members are adhering to the guidelines, and who are not. Allowing employees to schedule office days and check-in when they are there creates critical data for companies.

Kickstart Your Hybrid Office and Team

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