Stop Meeting Overload with
Calendar Cleaner


Less Time in Meetings. More Time to get Things Done.

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Add Calendar Cleaner to your Chrome + Google Calendar browers.

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Get reminders to have purposeful meetings, and suggestions on meetings to decline.

Meeting Overload - Calendar Cleaner for Less Meetings

Less Time in Meetings

We waste up to a third of our workweeks on unproductive meetings. Cut them today with FlexOS Calendar Cleaner.

Meeting Overload – Calendar Cleaner – Improve Productivity

More time to get work done

Give yourself some breathing room! Work requires time not spent in meeting rooms.

Meeting Overload – Calendar Cleaner – Improve Engagement

Improved enjoyment

You'll enjoy work a lot more when you're not stuck in pointless meetings.

Meeting Overload, meet Calendar Cleaner

Get more things done with less meetings.

Meetings are the #1 productivity killer. Install Calendar Cleaner, a free Chrome plugin that checks your Google Calendar and helps you cut meetings.

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Auto-fill new calendar invites with your P.O.P. What is the Purpose and Outcome for this meeting?

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Highlight meetings that don't have a defined P.O.P. or have too many people on the attendee list.