Llama Life

Llama Life

For those who struggle to concentrate


Llama Life has an interesting backstory. Marie - the founder created Llama Life after she was diagnosed with ADHD. She wanted to build a time tracking app that could truly help users work through their to-do list with “a feeling of calmness and control.” We think she did it. This is a time management app that speaks to your soul.

Best for: Individuals who struggle to concentrate for an extended amount of time

Device: Desktop web

Salient features:

  • Task Timers & End Time: With Llama Life, you start by entering the amount of time you aim to use to complete your task. The app will notify you when you exceed the expected End Time. This will give you a bit more pressure to focus.
  • Random Task: When you're overwhelmed and don't know where to start, you can ask Llama Life to give you a random task.
  • Tasks Breakdown: You can easily turn your big scary task into smaller and manageable tasks with just one click.


  • For individual use only
  • Limited integrations (only Notion and Todoist)


  • Free plan: Not include Random Task and integrations
  • Paid plan: $6/month if billed monthly or $39/year if billed annually
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