Streamlining and automating your calendar with its meeting scheduling tool.


Believe us, you will fall in love with Clockwise if you give it a try. Too many of us know too well the pain of being caught up in meetings during the workday and can’t concentrate on completing whatever tasks are at hand. Being powered by AI, Clockwise will automatically reschedule meetings for you so that you have big blocks of focus time to work on things that matter.

Best for: Streamlining and automating your calendar

Device: Works on Google Calendar | Microsoft 365 coming soon

Salient features:

  • Focus Time: Tell Clockwise how many hours of focus time you need in a week, and it will make them come true!
  • Flexible Meetings: To create blocks of focus time, Clockwise will reschedule some of the meetings you mark as Flexible. So there’s no risk that it will automatically change your meeting with the CEO!
  • Gather insights: Besides the detailed analytics, Clockwise’s home tab provides a quick summary of how much meetings and focus time you spent last week.


  • Only allow signups from work emails: If you have a small team and haven’t got your work domain yet, Clockwise is not the best choice.


  • Free plan: You will get the auto schedule and all integrations in Slack, Zoom and Asana
  • Paid plan: From $6.75 user/month (billed annually)
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