Alyssa Than

Alyssa Than

Championing Well-Being at Singtel, Behavioural Health & Neuropsychiatry Specialist.

Alyssa leads well-being at Singtel Group and is responsible for designing and implementing the organisation’s health & well-being strategy and framework. By training, she is a clinician with specialisations in neuropsychiatry and behavioural health, with experience in developing mental health programs for Singapore’s public health sector and digital mental health interventions.

Prior to joining Singtel, she spent the last 5 years working at various government hospitals in Singapore building and managing proactive psychiatric services to aid post-stroke and traumatic brain injury patients. Alyssa is passionate about bringing evidence-based research and experiences to workplace health and promoting a “holistic well-being first” culture that can be practiced at the office and beyond.

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Alyssa Than

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